#reread #audio #zombie – Skin, Flesh book 2 by Kylie Scott


Six months since the zombie plague struck, former librarian Roslyn Stewart has been holed up in a school with eight other survivors. But now the shelves in the school canteen are bare. The stranger at the gate has supplies that will ensure the group’s ongoing survival but at a cost. He wants a woman.

Nick is a man with a plan. He’ll treat Roslyn like a Queen, devoting the rest of his life to protecting and providing for her. In exchange, of course, for sexual favors. It’s the deal of the century given the state of the world. But Roslyn doesn’t see it that way. The first chance she gets she attacks the ex-army man and attempts to escape, forcing Nick to contain her. And so begins his awkward courtship of the woman, with her chained to the bed for security reasons.

Chained like a dog and forced to spend her every waking moment with a creep, albeit a good-looking one, Ros is determined to escape. When circumstances force them to band together against a common enemy their very survival depends on their ability to learn to trust each other. An uneasy partnership develops, but can a relationship with such a difficult beginning ever have a future?


Review by Twinsie Angie

I received this book ARC from the author for a truthful review of the book.

OK sooooooo I love Kylie and her novels. I mean Zombies running around trying to eat you and people are falling in love…..perfection!!! Her books are a total episode of The Walking Dead but well…. really naughty!! 🙂 For those of you that don’t know, Kylie soooo graciously let us raffle off her first book Flesh when our blog first opened in October. So she has been with us since the very beginning and watched us grow. We LOVE you for helping us as much as we have helped you!!! MUAH!!!

Ok so this novel….Oh brother Nick…..well IF you read Flesh (If not ya better cuz its a hawt M/F/M story plus scary zombies are everywhere.) you will remember Nick was cast out of the safe community because they deemed him untrustworthy. So he has been alone, hopeless and basically spying on the pockets of people he has found. WELLLLL he sees Ros and BOOM goes the fly of his pants…..Yup thinking with the lower extremities…..SOOOO our hero decides to BUY her from her “friends”…sigh….really Nick? I mean Flowers and a can of Spam since they are starving might have been a better approach but……Well their “relationship” isn’t so happy. WHAT you are shocked? I mean being chained to the bed with a gag ball doesn’t help you form trust you say?? Well needless to say a bond does form along with some very hot sparks. Holy hell their first “joining” shall I say…what girl wouldn’t want it THAT way *gulps ice cold water* cuz I sure wouldn’t complain. Well Ros freaks and escapes because well…she is a typical hot mess of a women. Confused over why in the heck she did that with a man who BOUGHT her and held her as a hostage. (SMH! Dude he is hot and who wouldn’t have given in at some point?? Must be the dang Stockholm Syndrome she was talking about.) Anywho, when Ros realizes she wants to be with Nick all hell breaks out. She gets chased by a herd of zombies and our hero is there in a flash but their little safe haven is now gone. So out on the run they go into the world to try and find someplace to survive.

Well at this point in the novel is when all shit really starts to happen. Nick and Ros run into some Super Big Douche Bags and things happen……Then they run to the safe community Blackstone where If you remember Nick is kinda hated. So when they find out that Ros was “purchased” he wasn’t very well received AGAIN!! The last pat of the book was action packed no doubt. There was a point when I was reading I yelled “NOOOOO” and was soooo saddened. ….haha you sooo now I am gonna leave you hanging right??!!! Anyway, I loved seeing Allie, Finn and Dan from Book 1. They are working well together and help Nick and Ros. I am excited for where book 3 will go and I have zero clue who the hero will be. I THINK I have a clue about the female but EH who knows!!! All I can say is that this book is amazing and maybe even better then the 1st if possible!!!

Kylie is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today best-selling, Audie Award winning Romance author.

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