#Review #Paranormal #SWAT – Prized by the Polar Bear (SWAT Shifters, Book 4) By: Bella Drake

He thinks she’s perfection. She thinks he’s a dangerous criminal. Can he prove there’s more to him than meets the eye?
FBI SWAT agent Miles Sloane has his polar bear shifter side in careful check. Or he did, until he met his fated mate. Now he’s throwing her over his shoulder, and the word ‘kidnap’ is being bandied about.

Soraya Whitiker has calculated every step of her life. Nothing happens that she doesn’t plan. Successful business? Check. Beautiful home? Check. Until she gets kidnapped by an intoxicating stranger. Sonya knows she should be terrified, but all she can think of is how hot her captor is.

Alone with his mate at least, Sloane is certain he can convince her that their love is meant to be. The only problem? Her jaded heart has heard every story going, and they’re all more believable than his.

Can Sloane overcome all odds to make her his own, or will he lose his mate forever?


Review by Twinsie Melinda

Oh my Sloane, he does not disappoint really he finds his fated mate picks her up and carries her our of the bar away from her date because she is his. Yes that is right the FBI SWAT member kidnaps his mate. I love this big Polar Bear. Now that he has her he has to explain who and what they are to each other without her running for the hills.

Ray is the daughter of a wealthy business man. When Ray is kidnapped she knows her dad will send the best of the vest to find her but can she survive the swamp and crazy man. Imagine her surprise when she realizes Sloane is not crazy and telling her the truth. No matter what trouble Ray finds herself in Ice is there to help her.

I absolutely love Ice and his family they are fun and enjoy tormenting one another. Ray makes a great addition to their family.


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