#WOTR24 #MM #KU #2ndChance #AgeGap – Daybreak by Kate Hawthorne, narrated by Kirt Graves and Kale Williams

When a sunny young musician gets stranded with a grumpy mechanic during a snowstorm, a lack of heat is the least of their problems…

Liam Luckett is on an adventure. He’s dropped out of his Master’s program without telling his overbearing parents and set off on a road trip across the country. Armed with little more than his guitar, he’s looking for his best life. He never expected his car to break down in the middle of nowhere Vermont with a huge storm pending, leaving him stranded and at the mercy of a hunky local mechanic.

Jasper Cunningham is in a holding pattern. Three years after the death of his husband, he still hasn’t moved on. A hot, younger stranded tourist is exactly the sort of complication this mechanic has been avoiding. But he also can’t leave him in the snow. He brings Liam home and lets him sleep on the couch. The air is heavy with more than snow, and when the power goes out, the two men become closer than either of them expects.

Every silken note Liam sings on that guitar thaws Jasper’s heart a little. Suddenly, Liam’s itchy feet aren’t so eager to move on. When their feelings get too big to ignore, the bond they’ve formed is tested. Will daybreak leave them going their separate ways?

This opposites attract, hurt/comfort romance features a grumpy widower who is only soft for one specific blue-eyed musician, a remote farmhouse, a friendly dog, and enough snow to knock the power out until love catches fire.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this audio book from Audible through my monthly subscription for free.

I haven’t read an MM in AGES!!  I read so many that I burned out a few years ago.  I met Kate at an author event and absolutely love her. SO I was like I’m gonna read a dirty book by Kate.  I looked through her catalogue.  Jasper and Laim just kinda called to me…so here we are.

Jasper, man did he hurt my heart.  From the first chapter you feel his hurt and his pain is still evident 3 years after the loss of his husband.  They had been together for YEARS so I can only imagine how difficult it would be to pick up and move on.

Liam is just a lot of fun.  He is a flirt but also feels the pain and hurt Jasper has.  He is a fun light that Jasper did not know he needed in his life.  Good thing his friends Ty and Emmet knew it.

The story of these two is a great slow burn.  We see the attraction building between them.  We can see the sight touches and once Jasper commits to moving forward with his life, Liam is there to see him though his desires…on the couch *wink wink*

I loved the couple and how they grew but also feared the skeletons in their closets. I mean Liam has no clue where Jasper’s husband is and Jasper has no clue WHO Liam is.    Woof the chapter where everything shakes out, I wanted to nut punch Jasper but loved the ending chapters.

With over two dozen published romances to her name, Kate Hawthorne has built a recognizable brand around telling emotional stories that pack a figurative (and sometimes literal) punch.

Existing on a steady diet of wine and coffee, Kate spends her days dreaming up angsty stories full of heat, kink, and heart. Kate now lives in Louisville, where she writes romance, reads romance, and hides from the humidity.

Visit her website at http://www.katehawthornebooks.com

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