#WOTR24 #MM #AgeGap #BDSM #Daddy #HisBoy #ForcedProximity #audio – Temptation, Leather and Chrome book 2 by Kiki Clark, narration by John Solo

Ride hard. Love harder. Give in to temptation.

Living a hard life has turned Six into a hard man. One who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to keep his club, or those they protect, safe.

He’s ready for more though. More than one night with hookups who don’t see anything other than his club patch. He’s ready to use his hands to caress and discipline a boy of his own. But the night he meets Ollie, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to have him, even if it’s only for a single night.

Nothing goes to plan and the boy ends up under his protection. Untouchable.


And if he thought Ollie was gorgeous in his tight jeans, he’s absolutely breathtaking in his skirts.

Six has to have him.

He may never be good enough for a boy as dazzlingly perfect as Ollie, but he’ll never let him go. He’s the only one who can give him exactly what he needs.

A home.

Temptation is the second book in the Leather & Chrome series but can be enjoyed on its own. The story features an age gap, forced proximity, an inclusive motorcycle club, a quiet biker with a firm hand, a hairstylist with more sass than caution, a well-negotiated TPE, and an avid appreciation for watching.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this audio book.

I fell in LOVE with Six in book 1.  I needed this man to find a boy of his own.  Seeing the longing he has while watching Tank and CJ I just knew he would be a good Daddy to someone!!  When Ollie was first introduced, I was GIDDY!!  Knowing the man Six is and seeing the boy Ollie is *smiling and shaking my head* these two were going to be a combustible fireball of chemistry and sexy times.

I was not let down at all.  I mean from the second they met it was on like donkey Kong.  Six and Ollie were headed to a storage room when *POOF* Ollie disappears.  Six was confused and a little butthurt that sexy little thing escaped.  When he sees him later that night with a black eye, his inner protector was full front and center.  When he must take Ollie to the clubhouse to protect him, other parts of him were upfront and center. *snickers*

I was in heaven listening to their relationship develop.  Seeing Ollie be jealous of CJ and worried he was also after Six.  Watching Tank give grief to Six about his sassy Boy has me giggling.  Karma Six Karma.  Six and Ollie stole my heart.  They both want so badly to be loved, cherished, and wanted even with all their hang ups and kinks.  I tell ya, I cant wait to see what happens in the rest of the books but knowing I will get more CJ/Tank and Six/ Ollie makes me a happy reader.

A small-town Michigan girl, Kiki has enjoyed reading since she first picked up a YA fantasy as a child. After that, she devoured everything she could get her hands on and dreamed of one day writing her own books that touched people’s hearts.

In 2020, she proudly joined the ranks of authors releasing character-driven, emotionally satisfying books showcasing that everyone deserves to find love.

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