#review #ya #thriller —You Won’t Believe Me by: Cyn Balog

Brace yourself for the unexpected in this chilling novel that will thrill suspense and horror readers alike! Willow can’t remember what landed her in captivity, but she’ll do anything to survive. For fans of Natasha Preston and Stephen King.

Willow is alone, confined to a bed with restraints. She can’t remember how she got there…or how long she’s been there.

An old lady appears in her room to feed her twice a day. Granny doesn’t talk, but Willow can hear thumping from somewhere beyond her door. It’s not Granny’s shuffling steps. It’s too loud to be Granny’s cat. Is it someone? Something?

Then Granny’s cat dies in Willow’s room. And Granny follows a few days later. Willow will do anything to survive. But freeing herself from her bed is only the beginning… Because there is someone else in the house. Who is this mysterious teen who calls himself Elijah? And is he the reason she’s hostage or the key to her escape?

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Review by Twinsie Tenise

I received this book from a secret Santa exchange. I’ve never read this author before but the cover alone drew me in and the magic between the pages kept me engaged and guessing until the very end.
The plot was nuts. I couldn’t keep up. My mind was reeling with all of the possibilities of what was happening to this poor girl. Then when I found out the actual truth, all of the pieces clicked into place, and it left me speechless.

Cyn is an author of 9 YA novels and ghostwriter of hundreds of novels for many popular authors. She lives outside Allentown, PA, with her husband and daughters. Visit her online at www.cynbalog.com.

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