#Review #Horror – It Waits In The Woods by Josh Malerman

Some chilling campfire tales ring too true to ignore. For one young woman, an urban legend calls her into the woods in a spine-tingling short story by the bestselling author of Bird Box.

The dense Michigan forest. Haunting wails. The clip-clop of demon hooves on a bridge to nowhere. It’s more than a tall tale to Brenda Jennings, whose sister disappeared in those woods one fateful night. Three years later, on a solo stakeout in the dark, Brenda goes in after her. She’s desperate for answers, and terrified to find what lies waiting on the other side of that bridge.

Josh Malerman’s It Waits in the Woods is part of Creature Feature, a collection of devilishly creepy stories that tingle the spine and twist the mind. They can be read or listened to in one petrifying sitting.

This one was my favourite so far of the Creature Feature Collection. 

Opso is the thing in the woods but like most legends, you get people who believe it’s real and those who don’t.

Brenda’s sister Amanda went missing years before and Brenda is determined to figure out what happened to her. She doesn’t tell anyone and goes off on her own to try and find her sister but what she finds, goes far beyond her worst nightmare.

While this story is short, it packs a spine tingling punch.

I always enjoy stories with a creature, monster, something that isn’t “normal” and this one is no different. 

Available in Kindle Unlimited – https://amzn.to/4bMhJnR

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