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#Review #TwinsieForTheDayJodan – The Beard By: Haylee Thorn

The Beard

How far would you go to make your dreams come true?

Mackenzie Hart’s dreams of opening her very own restaurant are dashed when her dirt bag boyfriend takes her to the cleaners. It’s the final blow leaving her desperate and destitute. Tired of being kicked while she’s down, she knows she needs to do something drastic to change her fate.

But pouring her heart out to a handsome stranger may have just changed her luck for the better. Brock Walker needs a wife. And fast. If she agrees to help him with his problem, he promises to fund her dream of opening a restaurant.

It’s an offer she can’t refuse. All her troubles will be solved. Until she meets his twin brother, Ashton and all her plans go to hell…


Review by Jordan

This rom com is a total hit. It is full of drama and comedy. It’s a cute fun story where a relationship becomes a business deal. Brock and M are all set to have a marriage of convenience, but Brock’s twin brother will throw a wrench into this agreement at every turn. I can’t tell you how many times I giggled while reading about this wild agreement. I loved this book and will definitely be looking for more books by Haylee Thorn.

When Haylee Thorne isn’t writing her stories, she works proudly as a registered nurse in Kentucky. Haylee loves to read and watch TV (she may or may not be slightly obsessed with anime), and there aren’t many movies she has not seen. She’s known to enjoy a good glass of champagne, and can eat an unlimited amount of French fries (seriously, it’s a problem). When she has some free time (as in time not spend working or writing), Haylee loves spending time with her family and friends.
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