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#NewRelease #Military – Razor, Veterans of Valhalla by RJ Gray

Razor: A Military Romance (Veterans of Valhalla Book 8) by [RJ Gray, Golden Czeremack]

Now is not the time for a relationship!

My son’s hot football coach is driving me to distraction. Terrorists killed my husband five years ago, now I’m focused on raising our two boys and giving innocent people a voice. I am not looking for a relationship, but wouldn’t mind a good roll in the hay with the sexy giant of a man my boys call coach.

I don’t have time for any distractions right now, especially not the beautiful, curvy mother of my son’s best friend. My best friend Grif was tortured and killed before being dropped off on Valhalla. Now, I bide my time until I can avenge my brother’s death. Running my barber shop and coaching my son’s high school football team, pretending everything is fine… as I gather resources, put together a plan of vengeance.

Could a distraction be exactly what they both need?


RJ Gray is a USA TODAY, Amazon & International Bestselling author of Explosively Hot Romance. She specializes in writing dominant military men and the feisty women they fall in love with.

Writing military romance comes second nature to RJ. A military veteran herself, she married her very own hero, an active duty EOD technician. In the last seventeen years of marriage, they’ve lived in Illinois, DC, Missouri, Alabama, Florida, Washington State, Colorado, Virginia and Hawaii. In 2022, the couple moved to the great state of South Carolina with their two young sons, two rescue dogs, and two adopted kittens.

When not writing, RJ’s hobbies include whipping up delicious meals, capturing life’s beauty with her camera and attending her children’s multiple sporting events.

Find out more about RJ by visiting her website www.AuthorRJGray.com or dropping her an email at AuthorRJGray@gmail.com.