#WOTR #KindleWorlds – St. Helena Vineyard Series: Picture This (Kindle Worlds Novella) by T.M. Cromer


St. Helena Vineyard Series: Picture This (Kindle Worlds Novella)


Hope Fiore is happy with her existing life in the small town of St. Helena, CA. Sure, she might be a little lonely, but she doesn’t have time for romance. Even if she did, with the Fiore Curse in play, she recognizes that she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades of ever having a successful relationship.

Enter Royce Anderson. A New Yorker with a charming smile and a playboy attitude. After only one day in town, he’s run afoul of the Fiore family and had nothing but bad luck. However, he’s helpless to resist his attraction to Hope.

Hope and Royce embark on a romance, knowing it can only be temporary. Yet, as things heat up and emotions run high, they start to think it might be possible to be the first to overcome love’s curse in the Fiore family’s history.



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I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I love this authors writing.  The banter that her characters always have cracks me up.  Hope and Royce are no different than her other books.

Hope hires her brother’s ex, Ashley to come and model for the family’s winery.  Little does she know her future would also be tagging along.  Royce is Ashley’s modeling agent.  He sees Hope and is infatuated with her sassy attitude and fierce spirit.  Hope sees Royce and is attracted to his mind annnnd hot body!!

The couple have a misunderstanding or three through the course of the novella which cause Royce to be pummeled by people…again the scenes are super funny.  The couple are falling in love but can they make it after the 2 week time limit is up.

I am looking forward to reading Val and Ashley’s book as well because those two are tripping up a great reunion by being stubborn!!

about the author

Job titles she currently holds: Author, Professional Waster-of-Time, Hammock Mounting Safety Instructor, Margarita Mixologist, and Spoiler of Dogs.

On a serious note: Until now, “a jack of all trades, master of none” best described T.M. Yet, through all her career changes, her husband has been a SAINT. He would always gently encourage T.M. to return to her real love – writing. She’s always felt it is important to be true to yourself, and to feed your soul. So, here she goes on this wonderful new adventure. She hopes you’ll join her.

Visit her website to see what is currently happening in the world of T.M. Cromer:www.tmcromer.com

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