#WOTR #Review – Georgina (Lady Archer’s Creed #2) by #USAT author Amanda Mariel

Georgina (Lady Archer's Creed #2)

A love of archery brings four young girls together to form The Lady Archer’s Creed. Through their mutual love of the sport, they solidify an unbreakable bond, and each woman has a unique quality that adds to their dynamic friendship:

Theodora, Lady Archer’s Creed Series (Book One)
Lady Theodora with her sharp mind and love of academics becomes the perfect archery coach. Despite being the last to join their group, and the obvious outcast, she will risk her future for her friends.

Georgina, Lady Archer’s Creed Series (Book Two)
Lady Georgina makes the perfect financier. The forgotten daughter of a wealthy duke, she seeks to belong to something—or someone—by any means necessary.

Adeline, Lady Archer’s Creed Series (Book Three)
Miss Adeline is a natural leader. Having grown up in a large and often spirited family, she now allows no one to place her in the shadows.
Josephine, Lady Archer’s Creed Series (Book Four)

Lady Josephine, having a sweet and impressionable nature, strives to please everyone—and keep their bond intact, even after they return to London for the Season.

Adeline, Georgie, Theo, and Josie live each day by the Lady Archer’s Creed, which they developed during their school days at Miss Emmeline’s School of Education and Decorum for Ladies of Outstanding Quality. “Friendship, loyalty, and honor above all” is their mantra. Now, as they face the challenges that come with adulthood, the creed is more important than ever.




I received this book from the author for an honest review.

AHHH!!  I love this series!!  The ladies are so not your regular, run of the mill historical heroines and THAT makes them so fun and feisty with a side of sassy!  Hello!! She grabs and kisses him people!!  Ladies most certainly don’t do that!!  LOL

Georgina, like the other ladies, has a story and secrets to tell us.  She has loved Felton all her life but was rebuffed by him before entering boarding school.  We see a brief flashback before the jump into the here and now of the story.

Georgina and the other 2 unmarried ladies are looking to gain some “coin” when she finds herself in front of her lost love.  She is stunned her heart starts to beat so fast for him even though it’s been ages since they have seen each other.  Felton can’t believe she is there in his arms but why is she angry at him???  He is stunned that she can’t stay out of his mind even though he is desperate to get rid of her.

The couple must deal with their past, her awful stepmother, her stern father, his families lost lands and them pushing away from each other at every turn.  I loved the story and wish it had been a little bit longer so we had more of a back story of the couple.   It is a great story to read for all you historical readers like me!!

USA Today Bestselling, Amazon All Star author Amanda Mariel dreams of days gone by when life moved at a slower pace. She enjoys taking pen to paper and exploring historical time periods through her imagination and the written word.


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