#WOTR #ReleaseDay – Rook (Black Mountain Pack Book 2) by Miranda Lynn

Rook (Black Mountain Pack Book 2)

Rook heads to South America and finds his hands full with bringing the Pride out of the dark ages that Tomas had kept it in for years under his malicious ruling. He reunites with a few old friends and discovers a dark and twisted world he never knew existed behind the closed doors of the Alpha’s house. With the help of old military buddy Jonah he guides the Pride onto the path of a happy and fruitful living.
Fate has other plans when Rook is blindsided with the fact that his true mate had been kept in the clutches of the former Alpha. Locked behind doors and used as an object to be shared rather than respected and revered as all female shifters should be.
Will he be able to cull the evil from the Pride and make it safe enough for Casey to lead without fear? Will he be able to help his mate heal from the hell she has been put through and coax her cat to come out and play?




I was given a copy of the book from the author for an honest review.

*Purrrr* Oh Rook!!  After meeting you in Mack and Casey’s book, I was super excited to read about you.

Rook is the most trusted, elite pack member for Casey, the new female alpha of the Pride in South America.  She sends him to check out the pack and make it safe before she and her mate Mack arrive to fix her pack family…the one her father destroyed.  Rook is stunned at all he sees and hears of the old alpha.  When he meets Jazz, he is fascinated with her as is his cat.

Jazz is a hot mess.  She is scared but hopeful.  She is worried about the cubs and about the other wives from the old alpha.  When she meets Rook she is instantly put at ease as is her cat by him.  He calms her and makes her feel things she never thought she might want.  However, she fears what he will do once he realizes all she did for her sister wives.

Rook shows such great understanding and compassion for Jazz.  He gives her and her cat space to come to terms to the fact she is his and he is hers.  The couple are a great read of determination and resolution that if you want it you can achieve to get it.

I loved the side story of Jonas and Tam.  If you think Rook has it bad for Jazz, Poor Jonas has it ten times worse with his mate.  Their storyline has me full of giggles and smiles.  Love truly can heal is a great message for anyone and a big message from this book.


Mother to two boys, 3 four legged babies, and wife to a loving husband who doesn’t mind the extra voices in her head. Miranda grew up on a dairy farm in Illinois, but calls Portland, TN home now. She is an avid reader, coffee addict, and loves her day job working at the local public library. Though her true passion is in creating her own worlds, characters, and stories for her readers.


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