#ReleaseDay – Controlling Darkness by Anna Edwards

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It is Sonia Anderson’s first day on a new job; one that will change her life. The twenty-five-year-old bodyguard is well trained and highly recommended for the role of guarding Amy North. What her physiological evaluations don’t show though is the secrets she hides about her life growing up. The scars she bears representative of a world out of her control.

Matthew Carter is James North’s long-standing bodyguard, he is sharp and a master as his trade. However, the ex MI5 agent was responsible for the death of a colleague, not just a colleague but also his wife.

The revelations in Misguided Control are explored in Controlling Darkness. This is the fourth book from ‘The Control Series’, it tells the story of Matthew and Sonia and how the pain they both hold within them can become love.

The story features; fights, suspense, whips, and lots of love. You have been warned.

Step into the world of Control!


Author Comment:

Matthew has been one of my favourite characters since I started writing the Control Series. I’m so happy that I’ve finally got to tell his story. I knew that this story would be darker than the rest and I so glad with the way it has turned it. It is a story of how darkness cannot be allowed to shape you, instead you must use it to allow you to find the light. I really hope you enjoy it.


“Too soon. But earlier you said you were going to take my virginity? What has changed?” There was an angry tone to her voice. She couldn’t understand why not more than half an hour ago he wanted to sleep with her but now he didn’t. Maybe she wasn’t what he wanted? But then the tent in his pants? It was probably just the flogging that turned him on, not Sonia herself. Matthew turned away towards the door.

“I’ll wait outside.”

Tears now stung her eyes, so much for trusting him. So much for thinking she was in love with him and he her. He was probably going to go and get sucked off by someone else while she got dressed. The absolute joy of her orgasm had faded and just left her with a sickness in her stomach. She rose from the bed and reached for her knickers.

“Don’t bother. I’ll get a taxi back. You go and get whatever it is you need from someone out there.”

Before she could collect the rest of her clothes, she was thrown back against the wall, one of Matthew’s large hands massaging a naked breast. His erection grinding into her still thigh as he growled.

“Is that what you think? I want to go out there and fuck someone else?”

“Well, you won’t fuck me despite promising. I obviously did something wrong.” She turned her head away as he tried to kiss her. She wanted nothing more than to kick him in that hard swelling inching closer to the cleft between her legs but her stupid body betrayed her as the moisture of her arousal started to flow again. He twisted her around and landed a hard smack on her inflamed skin.

“I told you never to doubt yourself. Doubt again, and I’ll tan this rosy rear so that you really won’t be able to sit tomorrow. I want you so much, but I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t make love. I fuck. I can’t guarantee that I won’t hurt you and that scares the shit out of me!”

She didn’t know where it came from, but she let out a little laugh. He smacked her arse again.

“I don’t think that’s funny.”

“I don’t either.” She tried to shift in his arms, but he was holding her too tight. “I don’t want tender love making Matthew. I want you to fuck me till I am raw and marked as only yours.”


Teaser 2:

Sonia was escorted up to the top floor of the building and into the expansive office of Mr. James North. She had researched the billionaire as part of her preparation, he was very intimidating. Behind him stood the man who had interviewed her, Mr. Carter. Mr. North stood and held his hand out to her.

“Miss Anderson, a pleasure to meet you. Please take a seat. Matthew has told you of the job specifications?”

Sonia sat on the offered seat, her legs to the side and hands folded neatly in her lap. She so wanted to make the right impression to her new boss at this first meeting.

“He has Mr. North, I am to ensure Miss Jones safety at all times but at present I am to stay back and not allow her to know that she has a bodyguard. Mr. Carter will accompany her when you do not need him, and I will report back to him for all instructions. Under no circumstances am I to acknowledge you. I will maintain this cover unless I feel it necessary to break it, in order to protect Miss Jones from either physical or emotional harm.”

“Superb!” Mr. North looked up at his bodyguard. “I have a meeting but after that, I will be taking Amy shopping. Matthew do you want to provide Sonia with everything she needs. Please give her the keys to the Lexus, I believe it is still stored in the garage below from the last time we used it.” Matthew nodded at Mr. North as the latter left the room, he hadn’t spoken once the entire time she had been in the office.  She had learnt this about him though during the training phase. He was often silent; it gave him an allure of mystery and also of power. Sonia had first met him when he had just finished a workout. He was wearing only a pair of shorts, he was muscular in all the right places, and even his shorts looked they could barely contain his statuesque thighs. His hair had been messed up by the towel he had been drying himself with. Sonia was confident she must have looked like one of those cartoon characters whose long tongue rolled out and along the floor when they saw something that sexy! Matthew had just given her a pleasant smile and gone into business mode.



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