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Dirty Doctor X2

“I never dreamed my boss would find the dirty email that I sent, much less share it!”

When I started my new job at a medical clinic, I had no clue that I’d be working with two of the hottest doctors I’ve ever laid eyes on. I also never imagined that one of them would find an embarrassing email that I wrote about them.

But one of them saw it.
He even printed it!

The day that I was called into their office, I couldn’t imagine what I’d done wrong. Confronted with the shameful evidence, I never thought that my wildest fantasy might come true.

I was worried at first but doctors know how to make everything better––that is until their boss finds out about our MFM relationship and threatens all three of us. A decision has to be made but no matter what happens, I’m following doctor’s orders.

Warning: this schmexy MFM romance may melt your reading device!

The Flirt Club presents True Love X2! A series of MFM romances with double the heat, double the heart, and double the happily-ever-afters! Guaranteed!


I purchased this book.

A couple authors I enjoy reading put out books for the Flirt Club through the year and when I saw this one I had to grab it.  I have been reading some looooong books and wanted something light and sexy.  This book hit the bill totally.

Leah started a new job when she meets Dr. Hottie #1 named Chris and Dr. Hottie #2 Brendan.  She is lusting over the guys when she sends her friend an email about said hotties.  Needless to say when the guys find this email she is floored.  Now Leah is thinking she is about to hit the unemployment line buuuut ……errrr….wait they are totally down with the fantasy playing out.  Holy hot mamma.

Now obviously there is some office drama happenings after things HAPPEN but the trio does a great job of setting everything and giving a great little happy ending for the reader.

Vivian Ward is a romance author from St. Louis, Missouri. She pens dark and dirty stories about alpha heroes and strong heroines with emotional HEAs. Vivian is happily married to her real-life Prince Charming who is also her best friend. One of her guilty pleasures is reading and writing smut while indulging in chocolate caramel candies.

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