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And Baby Makes 2½ (The Homegrown Café Book Club 5) by [Mellanie Szereto]

The women of The Homegrown Café Book Club are over 40, single, and loving it. Fate, however, has a different plan with a younger man for every last one of them.
Marriage and children aren’t in the cards for family law expert Georgina Swofford, but that didn’t stop her from butting in just enough to ensure her friends from The Homegrown Café Book Club found happily-ever-after. Hers will have to be fake—with the man she almost bankrupted in divorce court five years ago. A pretend engagement to help him gain custody of his nephew will make them even, won’t it?
Hermit Oscar Banyan prefers solitude after the high-profile divorce that nearly cost him everything, including his freedom. But payback backfires when living together with his attorney for appearances’ sake costs him more than his ponytail and shaggy beard. Playing house becomes a little too intimate to deny his feelings, and convincing her to stay will take more than sleepless nights of sharing a bed and parenthood.


Review by WOTRMomma Julia with permission from her daughter Madi

AWWW Georgina and Oscar the final story of the Homegrown Café Book Club. And what an adventure it is! All the other ladies found their Happy Ever After’s, but Georgina absolutely was not looking! In fact she in some way meddled in everyone else’s. Oscar married them all, even though he didn’t believe in marriage. But we find out their story here! Seems Georgina had a part in Oscar’s disastrous divorce, only because she didn’t have all the facts. So when Oscar blackmailed her into a fake engagement to gain custody of his nephew, things started snowballing. Feelings got caught, and in a big way! They both had to reveal their baggage and jump through hoops to make this work, but in the end it all worked out! I loved all these stories but Melanie saved the best for last!

When her fingers aren’t attached to her keyboard, Mellanie Szereto enjoys hiking, Pilates, cooking, gardening, and researching for her stories. Many times, the research partners with her other hobbies, taking her from the Hocking Hills region in Ohio to the Colorado Rockies and the Adirondacks of New York. Sometimes, the trip is no farther than her garden for ingredients and her kitchen to test recipes for her latest steamy tale. Mellanie makes her home in rural Indiana with her husband of thirty-four years and their son.

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