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Reluctant Master (Doms of Napa Valley Book 4) by [Dakota Trace]

Hurricane Lauren has struck once again, but this time her victim isn’t going to let her off so easy.

Carefree and adventurous, Lauren Haskell loves her life. Not only does she have a great job as a gearhead, but she’s also content to go from Dom to Dom, playing but never risking her heart, until it’s gotten her nicknamed Hurricane Lauren. Not that it has stopped Doms from trying to tame her – especially Davis Clayton, half owner of New Beginnings. In desperation to keep him from getting too close, she agrees to scene with another Dom. While she’s had fun with the man, it’s time to move on. Too bad the Dom in question doesn’t think so and is willing to break the rules to keep her.

Davis Clayton has hungered for Lauren to the point of desperation. When he sees Lauren with her latest victim, he’s had enough of chasing the little blonde submissive. He’s done playing the fool over her. But keeping his distance is proving a test for even as one of the strongest of Masters, until Lauren comes to him for protection from her stalker. When she asks him to pose as her Dom to keep the other man at bay, he agrees but on his terms. He may be one of the most Reluctant Masters in New Beginnings, but he will have her submission in exchange.


Review by WotRMomma Julia with permission from her daughter Madi

Davis has always had an interest in Lauren, but as the most difficult Sub at the club, she’s hard to pin down. They both have their play partners, but no one that is theirs. No one can claim Lauren, until she needs help. Davis will help her but on his terms, and she has to do what he tells her, or all bets are off. Pretty tall order for Hurricane Lauren who doesn’t follow rules! But she does need Davis’s protection, And in the process, they also save another. I loved this story, and would recommend the whole series that get’s you to this point!

Hello, and welcome to my site. I’m Dakota, an author of erotic romance (think 50 Shades of Gray – but better) and paranormal erotica. And what exactly does that mean? Well, since I’ve always marched to the beat of different drum: it means that I get to take my unique life experiences – like putting around in the garage with my dad, or driving a train when I was ten, to create worlds where the heroines aren’t necessarily June Clever, but are strong independent women who may stand on their own two feet, but long to submit to the right man. Whether it’s two friends who realize there is more than friendship between them or the sexy alien who captures his unwilling slave’s heart, sparks fly between them. My imagination has no bounds or at least none I’ve found yet!

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