#Review #Review – Dark Moon Falls: Tucker – By: Susan Griscom

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Welcome to Dark Moon Falls … where everything is not as it seems. It has secrets, shifters, romance, villains and so much more.

There are two ways for a one-night stand to turn sour.

One is not being able to perform.

And the other?

Well, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Tucker was my one-night stand, and he had no problem performing. I’d been on my way to start a new life in the big city when I stopped in the Little Raven Bar to sow some wild oats, or at least have a drink to celebrate the beginning of my new adventure. Tucker was hot as hell and caught my eye the minute I entered the establishment. My night with Tucker was amazing and a huge mistake. But fate had a funny way of turning things around. Now I’m on my way back to Dark Moon Falls and my old room at my aunt’s. My dream job in the big city, now nothing more than a pipe dream.

Josie was a sight for sore eyes after a tough day on the job. Her quick wit and pretty face completely enamored me. After a few drinks and a desire to continue the party somewhere else, I found myself in her hotel room doing shots of tequila into all hours of the morning. There’s an old saying: tequila has a tendency to make your clothes fall off, and we were no exception. Everything was great until I woke up to find her not only gone but so were my keys along with my truck.


Review by Kelly

“Some of the best things that happen are spontaneous.” Perhaps a one night stand? I am not sure if I call this a fast burn or a slow burn type of book. Possibly a little of both. Tucker, a wolf shifter, has a one night stand with Josie, daughter of a witch, and their worlds get turned upside down. Josie leaves early in the morning to move out of town for work and neither of them got the other’s last name. A few months later Josie moves back to Dark Moon Falls with her aunt because she is pregnant and will need help. Guess who is a daddy? TUCKER! Both of them really like each other but Josie has this secret. Things get interesting as they get to know each other more, hence the slow burn. But wait, there’s more! Josie’s about to find out a secret about her family too! Then things really start to get all twisted up but in a very sweet way.

When I started the story I kept waiting to figure out when the bad guy was going to make an appearance and what type of crazy was going to come out. I was pleasantly surprised by Tucker’s story because it ended up being a beautiful love story in more ways than one. Love how this one warmed my heart in multiple ways. A must read for an extremely heartfelt happily ever after!

Susan Griscom, writes paranormal and contemporary romance. She’s hooked on gritty romances and is a huge fan of superheroes and bad boys confronted with extraordinary forces of nature, powers, and abilities beyond the norm mixed with steamy romance, of course.

She loves those days when she gets to sit around in her sweat pants, doing nothing but writing emotionally charged stories about love and violence and drinking coffee.

She lives in Northern California with her romantic husband and together they have five great superhero kids and eight mini-superhero grand kids, so far.

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