#WOTR22 #TwinsieForTheDayPam – My Road Trip Romance by Jennifer Daniels

Author, Cassidy Nixon hides in her stories. It’s much easier than feeling anything real for anyone other than her family.

Interested in attending the Harvest Pick and Read writer’s convention, Cassidy, her brother Darren, and his wife Sam set out on the long drive to the event.

The first stop starts off with a bang, when Cassidy runs headfirst into a handsome stranger. And for the first time in a long while, Cassidy is taken with this hardheaded stranger that she will never see again. Or will she?

She runs into this handsome man a second time and thinks its just coincidence.

When he shows up at the same event in the room next door, Cassidy thinks he’s a stalker. But he convinces her he isn’t.

All Cassidy had to worry about was the safety of her raccoons while she was gone.

Now will she have to worry about her heart?


Review by Pam

4 **** Jennifer Daniels

Such a cute story. I would have liked a bit more details, but I really enjoyed this short story. Cassidy is an author on a road trip to a book event. She is with her brother and SIL. They keep running into Jack on the way. It is a very amusing tale. I really loved the raccoons. Since I go to several book events a year, I was intrigued by this book. I may be watching others to look for more romance now…. Pam James

Hello! I’m Jennifer Daniels, author of Fantasy/Romance novels. I was born and raised in Upstate, NY, and still reside there with my husband and son.

Writing was never on my radar until my son asked me to help him write a book. After helping him I decided to give it a try. That was when Opalla was born.

I love Harry Potter and the Hallmark channel, but I must confess I’m a huge paranormal junkie.

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