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#WOTR21 #AuthorSpotlight – Jennifer Daniels

Jennifer  Daniels

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

Jennifer Daniels, I’m from Upstate, NY were I live with my husband and son. I write Fantasy/ Romance books but I’m a hug paranormal book junkie and Hallmark channel watcher.

When you are writing a book, which is harder? The first book in the series or the others after it?

For me it all depends on the characters. My first book unusually I have planned. On occasion for a series there can be a problematic character to connect with. In the end, it all works it’s way out.

What comes first? The plot or characters

Each book is different. I have done it both ways before.

What author would you love to meet (Who is your unicorn author)?

Robyn Peterman

If you could ask that author three questions about their writing, writing process, or books, what would they be?

What do you do for writer’s block, how do you gain inspiration and what made you start writing.

What is harder? The blurb writing, naming the book, or naming the series.

Blurbs… I hate writing them.

What is your favorite memory so far as an author?

I received a letter from a reader and when I had a reader bring her own books of mine to WOTR that she purchased online for me to sign.

What is your definition of success?

When it comes to writing, it’s when you have done your very best. And have touched at least one person with your writing.

What are your social links?







What are your buy links?

#WOTR21 #NewRelease #FairyTales – Who’s the Fairest?:A Sister’s Grimm Anthology by Andi Lawrencovna, Rochelle Bradley, Isobelle Cate, Hope Daniels & Alicia Dawn, Jennifer Daniels, SE Winters, Genevieve Gornichec, Shaunna Rodriguez, & Kali Willows 

Rochelle Bradley and Jennifer Daniels

Who's the Fairest?: A Sister's Grimm Anthology

Once upon a time…

There were two brothers who collected tales from their homeland and put them in a book. Stories of magical creatures and horrible fates. Princesses who fell under enchantment and princes who came from the countryside to save them.

These are not those stories.

And we are not those brothers.

This time, it’s the Sisters turn to spin nine tales that will delight and terrify you. If you were looking for those classic stories you heard in your childhood, look again, because these stories aren’t like any you’ve heard before.

Maidens turning into flowers, and soldiers brought back to life by a snake’s whim, these stories are filled with a dark romance that you can only get when you reimagine those classic Fairy Tales.

Here’s your chance to find out if all Fairy Tales end in: Happily Ever After…
Or if their fates are sometimes a little bit Grimm…

Andi Lawrencovna, Rochelle Bradley, Isobelle Cate, Hope Daniels & Alicia Dawn, Jennifer Daniels, SE Winters, Genevieve Gornichec, Shaunna Rodriguez, Kali Willows


Rochelle Bradley

Rochelle puts an artistic spin on everything she does but there are two things she fails at miserably:
1. Cooking (seriously, she can burn water)
2. Sewing (buttons immediately fall back off)

She loves baking and makes a mean BTS (Better than Sex) cake. When in observation mode she is quiet, however, her mouth is usually open with an encouraging glass-is-half-full pun or, quite possibly, her foot.

She is a Bearcat, a Buckeye, an interior decorator, and fluent in sarcasm.

In 2008, when her youngest entered Kindergarten, she decided to get the stories out of her head. Midway through her first novel, hurricane Ike (yes, a hurricane in Ohio) rendered the laptop useless with a nine-day power outage. She didn’t give up, but continued to pursue her dream.

Every November Rochelle takes on the challenge of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo.org) where she endeavors to write 50,000 words in thirty days. You can often hear her cheering the Dayton area Wrimos (those who join her in this crazy pursuit).

Rochelle shares her home with a big black cat, an itty-bitty orange tiger kitty, her daughter, her son, and her Prince.

She loves to connect with readers. You can find her on Facebook (search for Author Rochelle Bradley), Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Visit Rochelle’s website to sign up for her newsletter to keep up to date about future novels and book signings (RochelleBradley.com).

Jennifer Daniels

Hello! I’m Jennifer Daniels, I live in Upstate NY with my husband and son. I’m a nurse by trade but, my arthritis does not allow to do my nursing anymore. My arthritis is called Ankylosing Spondylitis, it is a autoimmune disease with no cure. Anyways, one day I just started to write and then I went to the Writer’s on the River book signing. It was absolutely amazing and inspiring. So, a year later my debut book Opalla was released. My little family loves to be outdoors fishing, camping and going to the lake.

#WOTR21 #CompleteSeries – Opalla Series by Jennifer Daniels

Opalla Scarlette's Reign

Christmas in Opalla

Poppy's Projection (The Opalla Series Book 4) by [Jennifer Daniels]

Opalla –

Sisters, Scarlette and Lyndy Loftin, had a normal childhood and spent every waking hour with their friend, Poppy Heller. Their parents were kind, loving people who treasured their children, but went to their graves because of a secret they refused to share with their young daughters.

Now the girls are grown up and on their own.
Poppy’s bubbly personality is perfect for her job as a real estate agent. She enjoys nature and photography, and spending time with her friends at the clubs or at home.
Scarlette is an ER nurse with the perfect job. She is dating a hunky doctor, living with her sister and best friend, and wanting for nothing. Slight changes in her perception occur that make Scarlette question what is happening with her.

Lyndy’s career as a successful editor allows her to purchase an old silo and renovate it into living space for three on the go women. When an old flame, Luca, comes back to town, sparks literally fly. Tempers flare, causing physical and emotional changes in Lyndy that leave her wondering what is happening.

The women are thrust into danger and transformation when they find out the secret their parents had been keeping from them. A secret that will take them on the journey of their lives…the journey to Opalla.


Scarlette’s Reign-

After sisters Scarlette Loftin and Lyndy Hayes find out they are the heirs apparent of Opalla, a world they had no idea even existed, they have a choice to make. Who will be the next Queen of Opalla? They could rule together, apart, or give up their right to rule at all. With Lyndy not wanting anything to do with the job, Scarlette decides to take on the duties.

Between combat training, learning the Rules and Regulations, and getting to know the people of Opalla, the hardest job for Scarlette was learning these things from her teacher, Opalla’s acting King, Zarn Danno. An immediate attraction to each other meant only one thing, they were bonded mates, bound to each other forever.

Just when things start looking up, the rules change. Rules that Scarlette didn’t make. Someone is after the soon to be Queen, but who and why? Is Scarlette the only one in danger? What if she’s not the only one with a mark on her back?

If Scarlette can’t protect her family, how can she protect an entire Kingdom? Only time will tell, and time was against her.


Christmas in Opalla –

Christmas is Lyndy’s favorite time of year. Luca and Lyndy along with the entire family have more than enough Christmas Spirit to hand out. With Lyndy and Luca’s first baby on the way, everyone is excited to meet this new little bundle.
The baby’s arrival is just one of many changes happening in the lives of this family. Scarlette, Lyndy, and Poppy have their own happy news to share… and secrets surrounding Bailey, who has captured their hearts, are revealed.
Due to her illness, Bailey never enjoyed or even experienced the joys of the Christmas Season. The family is determined to make this Christmas a memorable one for her and all to enjoy.
Join the Hellers, Loftins, Joni, Jon, Brock, and Bailey for a festive frolic in the snow as they gather to celebrate family and the holidays.


Poppy’s Projection –

Poppy is starting a new chapter in her life and it involves one hot guard named Brock Harrison. Their chemistry was undeniable, and together they are ready for the next stage of their life to start. This includes a new ability for Poppy… Projection. She can make people see what she wants them to see.

Things finally seemed settled in Opalla, or so everyone thinks, until the family spends the day at the silo on earth. A day of fun in the sun and a family photo op, and in the blink of an eye things go to hell in a hand basket.

Later that day, Poppy develops the family photos and notices someone who does not belong. Things are starting all over again, just like when the girls found out their real identity. With her wedding just around the corner, strange things begin happening, forcing the girls to live in fear.

Can Poppy identify the mysterious person in the photo before it’s too late? Will her wedding to Brock be interrupted? All will be revealed through Poppy’s Projection.


Hello! I’m Jennifer Daniels, author of the Opalla Series. I live in Upstate, NY with my husband and son. I grew up in the great Adirondack Mountains. Writing was never on my radar. I always enjoyed writing essay’s in school, but to write a complete book, never! I went on to school and became a nurse. I was also on our local volunteer fire and rescue department. I wish no harm to anyone but I must admit, I’m a bit of a trauma junkie.

Life can be complicated for me as I have an autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis or often referred to as AS. It’s an arthritis that effects your sacroiliac (SI) joints. Your SI joints are located at the base of your spine, in short it causes havoc on your life. It’s a disease that there is no cure for. I was diagnosed in my mid-twenties and it has been an up and down battle.

About five years ago I had my second back surgery (with hardware placement) due to all the nerve damage in my right leg, I no longer work in healthcare. One night I was helping my son with his homework and I was having a hard time spelling words. My son told me he wanted to write a book, so we started his book, (that I promise we will finish). But after that day Opalla was born.

#WOTR20 #AuthorSpotlight – Jennifer Daniels

Jennifer  Daniels

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

Jennifer Daniels. I’m from Upstate, NY and live in the Adirondack Mountains with my husband and son. I write fantasy/romance with a lot quirky moments. I love Harry Potter and could watch it every weekend if allowed to.

When you are writing, what are some go to’s that you needs? IE Foods to eat, noise level, place to sit.

I usually sit in my rocker recliner when I’m writing. I need it to be pretty quiet and need only something to drink nothing specific.

What are you favorite things about attending signings?

Meeting new readers and writer’s.

What author would you love to meet (Who is your unicorn author)?

Katerina Martinez, Yasmine Galenorn, Linda Boulanger, Karpov Kinrade and many, many more.

When you are writing, do you have a consistent schedule where you write every day at the same time or are you a sit and go on different days to get it done kinda person?

Nope, I’m not consistent at all. The mood has to strike me or I just zone out on the screen.

What is your favorite memory so far as an author?

I had a fan bring their own books they purchased of mine to sign last year at WOTR. It was cool.

Do you have a book that is your most prized possession? What is it and why is it so amazing?

Opalla!! It’s my baby, my first born book…lol

What are your social links?





What are your buy links?


#WOTR19 #AuthorSpotlights – Jennifer Daniels

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

I’m Jennifer Daniels, from Upstate, NY were I live with my husband and son. I was a nurse for 20+ years until my last back surgery. My son came home one day and said he wanted to write a book. So, I helped him for a bit then decided to give it a try. We love to go camping, fishing, going to the drive-in. I also love to craft and crochet.

Where is your favorite place to write and what food must be present?

In my rocking chair with only a soda or water to drink.

What are you favorite things about attending signings?

I have never been as an author to a signing this will be my first time. And I have only been to one signing as a reader and it was at WOTR.

What author would you love to meet (Who is your unicorn author)?

When I was there I had dinner with Valerie Twolmbly and Tara Cromer. I like all of the authors who are there but Suzan Tisdale is a pretty cool. My unicorn author is Valerie Twombly.

What author would you love to write with?

All of you

What is your favorite memory so far as an author?

I received a letter from a friend that I had not seen in quite awhile. (She moved away). But she sent me a very inspirational letter and was so proud and excited for me. It was cool.

What are your social links?

email – authorjenniferdaniels@yahoo.com
Facebook – https://m.facebook.com/jenniferdaniels2017
Facebook – httsp://m.facebook.com/jenniferdanielsauthor
Website – https://authorjenniferdani.wixsite.com/authorjendaniels
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Jld0316Jennifer
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17240726.Jennifer Daniels
Linkedin – www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-daniels-4068b4132

What are your buy links?

Amazon – www.amazon.com/Jennifer-Daniels/e/B076HB3XV1
Bookbub – https://www.bookbub.com/author/jennifer-daniels
or directly from Jennifer Daniels  – https://authorjenniferdani.wixsite.com/authorjendaniels