#wotr22 #attendingauthor #shortsteamyromance #review #twinsietenise —Loving the Boss- Ronin & Katie by: Dove Daniels

She’d loved him for years, but she didn’t think he saw her as more than an assistant and friend.
He’d been blind to what was right in front of him for all these years.
Katie knows she has a great set-up. Great job, fabulous place to live, and a dream boss. Yeah, somewhere along the line, she let her feelings for her boss morph from employee to friend to love. Unrequited all the same, but still love. She need to accept he’s never seen her that way and move on.
Ronin isn’t looking for a relationship, he’s not made for love. The only reason he’s even considering a marriage of convenience is because it would benefit his business. But every woman he goes out with is severely lacking and he’s punched in the gut when he realizes it’s because they aren’t Katie.
Will Ronin be able to convince Katie he’s in it for more than just a business arrangement? Can Katie risk her heart for the man she’s loved all these years?
*Ronin & Katie is a steamy boss/employee romance featuring an older man and younger woman.*



Review by Twinsie Tenise

Katie and Ronin have been the perfect team in the workplace for 10 years. Half of those years, Katie has been secretly in love with the boss. Things get even more difficult for Katie when she is tasked with finding the perfect woman for Ronin to marry in order to please his grandfather. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

This was another short, sweet, and steamy read by Dove Daniels. I am loving this series!

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