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Hope is always real—even when we feel lost in the dark.

Have you ever felt afraid, alone, and desperate in the midst of life’s tribulations? Maybe you’ve even been convinced that all hope was lost.

God sometimes allows suffering and hardship to come into our lives. It may be grieving the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, or so many other personal experiences. However, God also promises that He will never leave us nor forsake us. That promise is fulfilled through the power of hope.

Dorris Walker-Taylor is no stranger to adversity. From the time she was a little girl, Dorris endured unspeakable trauma and suffering, ultimately falling into addiction and prostitution that would take so long to overcome. Through every storm she weathered she always had one promise to lean on: HOPE. Now freed from the bondage, Dorris is using the lessons she learned through her own struggles to offer a beacon of hope for others in circumstances where hope is hard to find.

Combining her remarkable journey with powerful insights and inspiration, Hope Is Always Real offers a glimpse at the way God uses hope to heal wounds, mend broken relationships, and transform lives. This book will show you how to:

● Find hope in the midst of darkness
● Harness the power of hope to endure hardship
● Share hope with others in times of suffering
● Discover purpose in difficult seasons

With thought-provoking reflections and insightful references to scripture, this book is for anyone grasping for a glimmer of hope in challenging times.


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Review by Twinsie Tenise

I first met the lovely Dorris Walker Taylor about 6 years ago at a book signing in East Peoria, Illinois, called Writer’s on the River. She was the guest speaker. I remember being incredibly moved by her story of survival.

This year when she arrived, she brought a book she wrote and you better believe I had to have a copy of it. The smile on Dorris’ face when we all asked her to sign a book she wrote! It was fantastic. She is a wonderful human being who definitely lights up a room when she is in it. But life wasn’t always so happy for Dorris you see.
In her book she tells about her family, the never ending love of her mother, her addictions that landed her on the streets of Nashville, homeless, for decades. She tells us about her struggles to survive and her love for God. And how her love for Him, the love of her mother, and an old friend who never forgot about her, may very well be the reasons Dorris is here today, able to tell her story to all who will listen.
Thank you, Dorris, for sharing your story with us. I’m proud of you for all that you have overcome in your life. I’m glad you have reasons now to smile because your smile is too beautiful of a thing to waste.

Dorris Walker-Taylor is a speaker and a light to all those who come to Thistle Farms, a nonprofit organization. She travels across the country speaking to audiences about God’s gift of hope and using her gift of song. Dorris draws on her own experiences to illustrate the transformative power of hope and to offer encouragement to others on their own journeys of healing and recovery.

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