#WOTR23 #Aliens #ArrangedMarriages #Paranormal #IDA- Leo: Grimalkin Needs Brides book 3 by Sophie Stern

Leo: Grimalkin Needs Brides #3 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

A planet with more cats than people…
Grimalkin needs brides.

Leo has been dreaming of getting married his entire life and having someone he can love in spite of everything that’s gone wrong. He was never supposed to be a doctor.His plan had been to become a warrior or a fighter, but when he lost his tail in a freak accident, he knew he needed to choose a career path where he could hide. Being a doctor means he gets to focus on everyone else – no one looks twice at him.

Tamara has been worried about her friends ever since they left Earth. Holly and Amena were both supposed to contact her, but they didn’t. Now it’s up to Tamara to make her way to Grimalkin and find out what’s happened to her best friends. She lost her leg years ago, so she knows she’s not going to be eligible for the bridal exchange, but there are other ways of getting to Grimalkin.

When Tamara is caught stowing away on a bridal transport to Grimalkin, she’s given an impossible choice.

Then she sees Leo, and she realizes that all bets are off.

She wants him.

Like, really wants him.

But is Leo ready to love a human like Tamara?

And is she willing to open her heart to the one person who could crush it?



Review by Twinsie Angie

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.

STAHP!!!  Each of the brothers in this series I swore was my favorite but Leo might be my guy…..until

Apollo!!  LOL

Leo and Tamara are a perfect pair with their imperfections.  They both are so insecure but with the other they are complete.

Leo is finally happy to get matched and married but the wedding day his mate is stolen away by Apollo, his cousin.  Leo is ok because he didn’t feel the connection with Kate.  The match maker is freaking out until she remembered a stowaway was on the ship.  She tossed Tamara out the door and BOOM Leo was in love.

Tamara is freaking out her 2 besties are missing.  They left to get married, and she hasn’t heard from them since.  She needs t find out what happened to her besties. When the match maker tosses her out the door, she agrees but only so she can find her friends.  She is stunned at how amazing Leo is.

When the two communicate their issues to the other…..I fell so in love with Leo.  He is just about perfect even if he isn’t perfect in his eyes.

Seeing the best friends all reconnect and the brothers all settled was a great ending until Apollo appears and drops his news!!  I cant wait for more!!

Sophie Stern writes contemporary and paranormal romance <3 Visit her on Facebook for frequent updates!

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