#WOTR23 #attendingauthor – Sara Whitney

Sara Whitney

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

Sara Whitney, author of sexy, sunny contemporary romance

When you are writing a book, which is harder? The first book in the series or the others after it?

They’re all hard in their own way! As important as it is to start strong, I often find myself having to sort through a million previously established details by the time I get to the final book in the series. Wait, I said he did WHAT for a job? I described him as being from WHAT state? I’ve sometimes written myself into a current with decisions I made months (or years!) before, and I have to bend the current story to make it match the details in the previous ones.

When writing a series how do you keep things fresh, for both your readers and also yourself?

I also look for new tropes and new character types to play with. If I can surprise myself with a plot twist or dynamic bit of banter, I hope it’ll surprise readers too.

Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit. Any tips for aspiring writers?

Be easy on yourself! If you need a break, take a break. The manuscript will still be there tomorrow (or next week or heck, next month). Sometimes your creative well needs to be refilled with a TV show or a nap or the new release from your favorite author. You’re not Supergirl, so don’t hold yourself to impossible standards.

If any of your books were to be made into a movie, who are the celebrities that would star in it? What book and who?

Tempting Taste, the first book in my Cinnamon Roll Alphas series, would be spectacular with Chris Hemsworth and Emma Stone.

What is your definition of success?

I love leaving a mark on readers. If someone’s day is made a little lighter by one of my books, that’s a success to me.

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