#wotr #attendingauthor #seriesstarter Doubled Bossed (Taken 1) by K.L. Ramsey

One simple word shouldn’t be so hard to wrap my brain around but it is. They both want me and I can’t be theirs. I was hired to be their personal assistant not their submissive but my bosses have other ideas. My son is depending on me to take care of him—I’m all he has. Jumping into bed between my sexy, twin, alpha bosses will be the biggest mistake of my life. Well, second biggest but who’s counting.
If I let them share me I stand the chance of losing more than just my job. I could lose my heart and I’m not sure that I would ever bounce back from that. I want them both but more than that, I need them—now more than ever. My past is quickly catching up to me and I might never be able to outrun it. Without their help, I could lose everything and I won’t let that happen.
Double Bossed is the first book in the Taken Series, by K.L. Ramsey

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/52473512-double-bossed

Amazon https://amzn.to/41A2DMw

Review by Twinsie Dee

i bought this book here is my honest review

Airiana was a single mom living on her own with the help from her sister and her husbands, she was able to get a job at the same place as one of her brothers in law’s and she was now the personal assistant to not 1 but 2 bosses. Jarrod and Justin are the sexy bosses, and they have their eyes on their assistant, but not only would they have to worry about her heart but also the heart of her 1-year-old son. These 3 are to admit their feelings for each other and the fact that Airiana had feels for 1 of the brothers but she felt something for both of them, it wasn’t new for her to see a woman with 2 men heck her sister was in that lifestyle. Will Airi’s past come back to grab hold of her by the throat and make these Doms run far away from her or will they all be a happy little family, with more babies to come. this was such a great story, and who doesn’t love not only 1 Dom but 2 Doms.

Romance Rebel fighting for Happily Ever After!
K. L. Ramsey currently resides in West Virginia (Go Mountaineers!). In her spare time, she likes to read romance novels, go to WVU football games and attend book club (aka-drink wine) with girlfriends.
K. L. enjoys writing Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, and Sexy Ménage! She loves to write strong, capable women and bossy, hot as hell alphas, who fall ass over tea kettle for them. And of course, her stories always have a happy ending.

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