#WOTR24 #Novella #Shifter #seriesStarter – The Wolf’s Darling, The Wolfe City Pack Book 1 by Sophie Stern

When Amy’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she’s not exactly thrilled to have to stay the night in a small, creepy town. Wolfe City isn’t exactly “on the map,” and everyone sort of freaks her out. The way people are looking at her is like they want to devour her, and not in the physical way.


Amy’s never felt as much sexual tension as she has since she arrived in Wolfe City and she’s not exactly sure what to do about it.

Adam Hart has been looking for his life mate since the day he turned 18, and now he’s scented her. Amy might not be a shifter and she might not be anything like he expected, but she’s his mate. He’s positive.

He just has to convince the little human that he’s worth her time, that he’s worth her love.

*This romance takes place in the fictional town of Wolfe City and features sexy shifters and the humans who love them. HEA.*


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this book based on the blurb and because I love the author.

I love a good novella.  I love the insta love that generally happens with them.  I love a good shifter story too.  So this book has all the Checks I needed to download and buy.

Adam and Amy are a fun insta love/True Mate story that all shifter readers will enjoy for a quick read one afternoon.

Amy’s car breaks down and she walks to the city motel all the while feeling like she is being watched, which of course she is!!  Adam is off on a run when he scented his true mate and is stunned when its a human woman.

The story is Amy learning to understand the shifter world and Adam trying to not to claim his mate on the street before she understands what is happening with them.

I loved the short read and see there are 2 more books I will grab for another quick read one day.

Sophie Stern writes contemporary and paranormal romance <3 Visit her on Facebook for frequent updates!


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