#Audio #MC #seriesStarter #99CentsEbook – Reapers and Bastards Anthology, Reapers MC 4.5 by Joanna Wylde

Reapers and Bastards Anthology (Silver Valley #1.5; Reapers MC #4.5)

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Reapers Motorcycle Club and Silver Valley series comes an anthology of extras and never-before-released material, including a new short story featuring fan favorites Horse and Marie.

Charming Bastard: A Novella
I first met Riley Boone when I was four years old. We moved to Callup, Idaho after my dad blew out his back and had to go on disability. Boonie’s family lived next to ours. Every afternoon he’d swagger off the school bus after kindergarten like a conquering king. For the first week he ignored me, until I impressed him by climbing nearly thirty feet up in the tree behind his trailer. They had to call the fire department to get me down, but it was worth it to see the respect in his five-year-old eyes. He gave me a worm in honor of my accomplishment. I fell in love. The next day he made me eat the worm and our relationship has been complicated ever since.

(Until now, this novella has been exclusively available in the paperback edition of Silver Bastard.)

Sticky Sweet: A Short Story
Horse and Marie met for the first time in Reaper’s Property. Now experience this moment through his eyes. (Originally available on the author’s website.)

NEW Skunked: A Short Story
Marie has some BIG news to share with Horse—news that will change both their lives forever….

NEW Sugar and Spice: A Short Story
A prequel to Reaper’s Fall, this story features Painter and Melanie’s first meeting.

PLUS: Becca’s Huckleberry Pie recipe, Marie’s Bread recipe and Emergency Skunk Cleaning recipe.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I was purchased this audio book.

I was doing a reread of this series on audio and realized I hadn’t read it.  When I saw the characters are Boone and Darcy plus Marie and Horse…SOLD!!!

If you are a fan of the series, you know how in LOVE Darcy and Boone are so hearing their beginning was great.  TBH I would have loved a full story.  What we got was wonderful and heartbreaking but this greedy sweet butt wanted more.

Now as a full fledge member of #TeamHorse of course I had to read this POV from the first time he saw Marie annnnd their baby news.  These 2 short stories were the icing on my cake.  To see Horse feeling Marie so hard in the POV and not jut for a quickie but as a “his woman” vibe was delicious.  Such a great read.

Joanna Wylde is a freelance writer and voracious reader. You can visit her website at www.joannawylde.net.

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