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Anything for Her by Katherine Rhodes


Anything for Her by Katherine Rhodes

Completely naked.

Austin Pepperdine took an instant shine to the pretty little maid who busted in on his nap. Temporarily taking over security at The Club for his ex-military buddy, he was exhausted most nights and often crashed in one of the empty rooms.

Which was how he wound up naked and pointing a gun at Dana.

Dana Dellaney had just been trying to do her job–and pulling the gun on her was a bit over the top. Granted, she may have overreacted as well, screaming bloody murder, but once Austin covered his shame (his rather impressive shame), she realized he meant no harm. The attraction was instant, and in a place like The Club, it was only time until they were both in that bed, naked.

Austin wasn’t the man she had started out looking for. But, with his kind disposition, disarming good looks and his witty intelligence, Austin might be the best thing for her and Lola.

After all, she was completely done with Ryan Dellaney.
Problem was–no one was sure that Ryan was done with his ex-wife.