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#REVIEW – Out of the Shadows: A Memoir by Timea Nagy & Shannon Moroney


An unforgettable story of an ordinary woman in astonishing circumstances who defies the odds.

Timea Nagy was twenty years old when she answered a newspaper ad in Budapest, Hungary, calling for young women to work as babysitters and housekeepers in Canada. Hired by what seemed like a legitimate recruitment agency, Timea left her home believing she would earn good money to send back to her family. What she didn’t know was that she’d been lured by a ring of international human traffickers–and her life would never again be the same.

Upon her arrival in Toronto, she was forced into sex labour in some of the city’s seediest nightclubs, starved and controlled by her agents, and brainwashed to believe she was to blame for her situation. The only way she’d be free was when her debt was paid–but, no matter how hard she worked, that debt seemed only to go up, not down.

Out of the Shadows is a gripping, heartbreaking and eye-opening journey deep into the underworld of human trafficking and the sex trade, told in riveting detail by one brave survivor. At once tragic and powerfully redemptive, Timea Nagy’s story will stay with you long after you’ve read the last page.
I seriously have no words. Living in Ontario, I knew a lot of the streets mentioned, having been to Toronto more times than I count. I knew about the trafficking issues but I had no idea just how bad it was. Timea’s story was beyond brave. She’s fearless and strong even though I’m sure at times, she probably doesn’t feel that way. Even now. What she went through was heartbreaking but how she came out on top at the end, had me emotional. This story, Timea’s story, will forever be burned into my heart as one of the most powerful stories I’ve ever read. Timea, I know you’ll never read this but thank you for telling your story. I’m not a victim/survivor of any sort of trauma but I felt for these girls and boys. All different ages, it just shows that it doesn’t matter what sex you are. And really, age doesn’t matter either. Timea answered a babysitting ad to leave Hungary and come to Toronto, thinking she would be safe and she wasn’t. At all. Just a warning, there are triggers in this book, so please read with caution. While reading, every time something bad happened to Timea, I kept thinking that she couldn’t catch a break. I’m happy she was able to mend some past relationships and that she was able to find happiness of her ownself after years and years of living in darkness. If you’re working with human trafficking victims or going to school having to do with scary and very real issue, I highly recommend reading this book.

#REVIEW – The Hospital by Barbara O’Hare

A shocking expose of the appalling abuse and experimentation carried out on vulnerable children at Aston Hall Hospital, Derbyshire, in the 60s and 70s.
These books based on true events are way scarier than the horror movies I watch. Knowing the evil vile things that happened in these books, actually happened to someone in real life, is bothersome to say the least. So when 2020 happened, I went through a kick of reading non-fiction books. While they’re well written, I feel almost weird saying that they’re “good” because honestly, what part of the story is even remotely considered to be perceived as “good”? These stories hit me in a different spot somewhere deep inside me, than romance does. Knowing that some poor child/teen/adult went through these awful things, makes me want to befriend them and tuck them safely into my arms. The Hospital is no different. Barbara wasn’t wanted. You see that right away. Which is horrible by the way. She ends up being sent to “The Hospital” and spends months going through “treatment”. I tried understanding what exactly happened during these treatment sessions as it wasn’t exactly clear at first. But with all the books I’ve read and movies I’ve seen, my assumptions were unfortunately correct. Barbara eventually makes it out of The Hospital but every time I thought something good was about to happen and she finally had her freedom, something worse came about. If you like non-fiction books and need a change, definitely pick this one up.