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#WOTR24 #MM #AgeGap #BDSM #Daddy #HisBoy #ForcedProximity #audio – Temptation, Leather and Chrome book 2 by Kiki Clark, narration by John Solo

Ride hard. Love harder. Give in to temptation.

Living a hard life has turned Six into a hard man. One who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to keep his club, or those they protect, safe.

He’s ready for more though. More than one night with hookups who don’t see anything other than his club patch. He’s ready to use his hands to caress and discipline a boy of his own. But the night he meets Ollie, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to have him, even if it’s only for a single night.

Nothing goes to plan and the boy ends up under his protection. Untouchable.


And if he thought Ollie was gorgeous in his tight jeans, he’s absolutely breathtaking in his skirts.

Six has to have him.

He may never be good enough for a boy as dazzlingly perfect as Ollie, but he’ll never let him go. He’s the only one who can give him exactly what he needs.

A home.

Temptation is the second book in the Leather & Chrome series but can be enjoyed on its own. The story features an age gap, forced proximity, an inclusive motorcycle club, a quiet biker with a firm hand, a hairstylist with more sass than caution, a well-negotiated TPE, and an avid appreciation for watching.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this audio book.

I fell in LOVE with Six in book 1.  I needed this man to find a boy of his own.  Seeing the longing he has while watching Tank and CJ I just knew he would be a good Daddy to someone!!  When Ollie was first introduced, I was GIDDY!!  Knowing the man Six is and seeing the boy Ollie is *smiling and shaking my head* these two were going to be a combustible fireball of chemistry and sexy times.

I was not let down at all.  I mean from the second they met it was on like donkey Kong.  Six and Ollie were headed to a storage room when *POOF* Ollie disappears.  Six was confused and a little butthurt that sexy little thing escaped.  When he sees him later that night with a black eye, his inner protector was full front and center.  When he must take Ollie to the clubhouse to protect him, other parts of him were upfront and center. *snickers*

I was in heaven listening to their relationship develop.  Seeing Ollie be jealous of CJ and worried he was also after Six.  Watching Tank give grief to Six about his sassy Boy has me giggling.  Karma Six Karma.  Six and Ollie stole my heart.  They both want so badly to be loved, cherished, and wanted even with all their hang ups and kinks.  I tell ya, I cant wait to see what happens in the rest of the books but knowing I will get more CJ/Tank and Six/ Ollie makes me a happy reader.

A small-town Michigan girl, Kiki has enjoyed reading since she first picked up a YA fantasy as a child. After that, she devoured everything she could get her hands on and dreamed of one day writing her own books that touched people’s hearts.

In 2020, she proudly joined the ranks of authors releasing character-driven, emotionally satisfying books showcasing that everyone deserves to find love.

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#WOTR24 #NewRelease #ReleaseDay #Toxic #Rockstar #AgeGap – Verses book 1 of Rocky Mountain Rockstars by Jade C. Jamison

Kyle and I…we always seemed inevitable.

After getting kicked out of my house at sixteen, my boyfriend Kyle’s family took me in. And the two of us, with his brother at the helm and two other friends, formed Intent to Murder, a hard rock band with dreams of a bright future. We play local bars and gain a small following but never get off the ground.

When one of our band members dies of an overdose, everything changes.

I’ve been ignoring the fact that Kyle and I aren’t yin and yang, meant to complement and fulfill each other; we’re oil and water, destined to never mix. Together, we’re volatile.

So when we finally recruit Wolf, an older man who plays guitar, to replace our deceased friend, the band starts to heal. We become better than before.

Meanwhile, I figure out Kyle’s not right for me.

That doesn’t mean Wolf is, either…but he seems to get me, to understand what makes me tick.

And I find myself dreaming about his chiseled body. Thinking about him all the time. Finding ways to share stolen moments with him.

It doesn’t matter that he’s probably not the right guy, either.

And when we finally kiss, he tells me he’s too old for me. He’s not boyfriend material. He wouldn’t treat me right.

But I don’t believe him.

Maybe I should.

Because I might have to make a choice between the fame I want and the love I think I need…because I probably don’t deserve to have either.



Review by Twinsie Angie

Verses book 1 of Rocky Mountain Rockstars by Jade C. Jamison

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.

I love the rockstar worlds Jade writes.  Her Bullet series is one of my favorites of all time.  When she sent the ARC for this book, the blurb made my heartbeat.  I mean it sounded like a great toxic love story for sure.  Toxic for sure it was….sigh a good old rip your heart out story.  LOL

Hayley and Kyle….man these two.  They were high school sweethearts who grew up, used drugs together, and loved but they loved in a not so great way.  She was kinda terrible and he was just the same.  When the story starts out, we see the toxic relationship from the jump.  The couple seem to be together just because they have always been together and is expected to be together???  Anywho, they are also dealing with the loss of the leader of their band.  They are left with 2 others struggling to figure out what to do.  Hayley starts to chat with the bartender and *Gasp* does he flirt with her???  As time moves on and he joins the band, GASP he is still flirting with the newly SINGLE Hayley.

Wolf/Miles is a good guy.  I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. He says he isn’t a but he sure the crap is as far as I was concerned.  He was everything Hayley needed. She was everything he needed too. The age gap was his “push” away but once they got all the cards on the table, It was GO TIME!!!

I really enjoyed the couple. He stood up for her LOTS of time and let her see she is worth more then she gives herself credit for.  He also helps her see things for what they are and to accept that sometimes it just is what it is.  Hayley showed Miles that not all women are like his past relationships and she is the genuine person he has always claimed her to be.

THEN right when I couldn’t love him anymore, Wolf was an asshat and then Kyle starts to sniff around.  I was like hella no.  I am with my girl Hayle and gonna stay single and heart guarded forever…..and then Wolf is back…and again I am swooning because damn it Miles I love you!!!!

I cannot wait for the next book….best friends sister…oooof Pedro is gonna have some issues!!

1. Dream 2. Play some music 3. Write 4. Blow readers away 5. Repeat

Jade C. Jamison is a steamy romance author, heavy metal fangirl, wife and mom, coffee connoisseur, cat lover, and vegan foodie–not necessarily in that order. She loves life and believes we learn our wisest lessons when reading, especially fiction. Her heroines are fierce, her heroes all but broken, both seeking redemption together. Whether those books are set in a small Colorado town or big city, she strives to take her readers’ breath away…one story at a time.

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#Review – The Fall of Us: A Grumpy Sunshine, Fake Dating, Age Gap Romance (Love in Isolation Book 5) by Kennedy Fox

What happens when you travel across the country for your dream job and end up sharing a bed with an older man who volunteers you to be his fake girlfriend? You hope you don’t fall in love when it’s time to say goodbye.

The Fall of Us is an age gap, fake dating, grumpy/sunshine, forced proximity romance.




Review by Twinsie Kelly

Wit and banter… check!

Super steamy scenes (wags eyebrows)… check!

Crazy exes… check!

All wrapped up in the most adorable happily ever after Hallmark movie… CHECK!!!

First, I have to say that when I picked this book up, I didn’t realize it was part of a series. Second, you don’t have to read the others in the series. This is a complete stand alone. There were some areas that I figured there was another backstory but in no way shape or form did it impact this story at all. This story has just about a little bit of everything.

Oakley and Finn are absolute opposites, including their age. Oakley has been commissioned to paint for Finn’s family celebration. Finn fights everything when it comes to Oakley, small talk, ogling each other, thinking about her, and the list goes on and on. Oakley tries to hate Finn for the way he is treating her. However, they these two end up crawling under each other’s skin and when Finn uses Oakley to try and get his ex off his back, Finn and Oakley are forced into positions that they can no longer fight.

I don’t usually care for a lot of books that are super sweet and sugary. In fact, when I first started reading this, it immediately felt Hallmark-esque. However, that did not last long at all. Finn and Oakley keep each other on their toes and became an incredible love story that I could NOT PUT DOWN! I am so in love with them that I am ready to go back and read the entire series.

Kennedy Fox is a new author for me but I am here to stay! You, my friend, have a new fan!

Author Logo

Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish are a duo of romance authors under the USA Today pseudonym, Kennedy Fox. Their characters will make you blush and your heart melt. Cowboys in tight jeans are their kryptonite. They always guarantee a happily ever after! View our full reading order here:


#WOTR24 #AgeGap #MM #MC #Kinky #KU #Audio – Reckless, Leather & Chrome book 1 by Kiki Clark, narrated by John Solo

Ride hard. Love harder. Live recklessly.

Tank is done with his old life. All it’s brought him is trouble and misery in the form of a four-year prison term. Though he did find one good thing while behind bars: Charles “CJ” Crane, pen pal extraordinaire.

After months of exchanging increasingly personal letters, Tank knows exactly where he’s headed as soon as the prison gates open. CJ doesn’t know he’s coming, and he’s not sure what he’ll say when he gets there, but he knows one thing for certain.

The promises he and his boy made to each other in their letters may have been reckless, but he’s willing to risk everything he’s got on finding out if what they have could be real.

Reckless is the first book in the Leather & Chrome series and features a motorcycle club’s annual charity ride, a possessive biker whose new favorite color is pink, a twenty-four-year-old overly eager to experience his first time, and an excessive appreciation for perfectly lined tattoos.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this audio book and a signed book when I saw the author at a book event.

I have to admit.  I haven’t read an MM in a long time.  I have read several but seemed to get burned out so I have been passing over them.  Anyway, when I saw the cover and her little synopsis that was on the book I jumped: MC, Age Gap, Kinky…yes please.

I have to say I enjoyed the way the story was told.  I loved listening to the letters that CJ and Tank would write to each other.  I loved how we see them writing basic things and then slowly start to develop an attraction to one another.

Tank and Cj are both 2 broken souls.  They both have had rough lives.  CJ was abandoned by his family who should have loved him unconditionally.  Tank was used and abused by his family and his MC family as well.

When Tank and CJ meet it didn’t go as Tank thought it would go.  CJ had no idea who the man staring at him was but thought about his penpal Tank.

When they finally “Connect” it was a night of naughty exploration and fun between the two characters.  They definitely start to dive into what they like and want.  Tank loves being a daddy for CJ. He loves the power dynamic between the two men and so does CJ.

The story is a great example of two people who find love a bit unconventional but overcome alot to prove to the other they are the right person to be with forever.  Can I just end this with SIX!!!  OMG I need to get my man a boy as well.  His story was so sad to me.  I need the strong broody neighbor to be happy.

Kiki Clark, bestselling author of MM romance, writes fast-paced and scorching hot stories guaranteed to satisfy. Contemporary, paranormal, or fantasy—they all deliver a happy ever after ending.

#WOTR24 #MM #KU #2ndChance #AgeGap – Daybreak by Kate Hawthorne, narrated by Kirt Graves and Kale Williams

When a sunny young musician gets stranded with a grumpy mechanic during a snowstorm, a lack of heat is the least of their problems…

Liam Luckett is on an adventure. He’s dropped out of his Master’s program without telling his overbearing parents and set off on a road trip across the country. Armed with little more than his guitar, he’s looking for his best life. He never expected his car to break down in the middle of nowhere Vermont with a huge storm pending, leaving him stranded and at the mercy of a hunky local mechanic.

Jasper Cunningham is in a holding pattern. Three years after the death of his husband, he still hasn’t moved on. A hot, younger stranded tourist is exactly the sort of complication this mechanic has been avoiding. But he also can’t leave him in the snow. He brings Liam home and lets him sleep on the couch. The air is heavy with more than snow, and when the power goes out, the two men become closer than either of them expects.

Every silken note Liam sings on that guitar thaws Jasper’s heart a little. Suddenly, Liam’s itchy feet aren’t so eager to move on. When their feelings get too big to ignore, the bond they’ve formed is tested. Will daybreak leave them going their separate ways?

This opposites attract, hurt/comfort romance features a grumpy widower who is only soft for one specific blue-eyed musician, a remote farmhouse, a friendly dog, and enough snow to knock the power out until love catches fire.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this audio book from Audible through my monthly subscription for free.

I haven’t read an MM in AGES!!  I read so many that I burned out a few years ago.  I met Kate at an author event and absolutely love her. SO I was like I’m gonna read a dirty book by Kate.  I looked through her catalogue.  Jasper and Laim just kinda called to me…so here we are.

Jasper, man did he hurt my heart.  From the first chapter you feel his hurt and his pain is still evident 3 years after the loss of his husband.  They had been together for YEARS so I can only imagine how difficult it would be to pick up and move on.

Liam is just a lot of fun.  He is a flirt but also feels the pain and hurt Jasper has.  He is a fun light that Jasper did not know he needed in his life.  Good thing his friends Ty and Emmet knew it.

The story of these two is a great slow burn.  We see the attraction building between them.  We can see the sight touches and once Jasper commits to moving forward with his life, Liam is there to see him though his desires…on the couch *wink wink*

I loved the couple and how they grew but also feared the skeletons in their closets. I mean Liam has no clue where Jasper’s husband is and Jasper has no clue WHO Liam is.    Woof the chapter where everything shakes out, I wanted to nut punch Jasper but loved the ending chapters.

With over two dozen published romances to her name, Kate Hawthorne has built a recognizable brand around telling emotional stories that pack a figurative (and sometimes literal) punch.

Existing on a steady diet of wine and coffee, Kate spends her days dreaming up angsty stories full of heat, kink, and heart. Kate now lives in Louisville, where she writes romance, reads romance, and hides from the humidity.

Visit her website at

#Paranormal #FairyTales #Dark #AgeGap #bestfriendsdad #novella #steamy #FriendstoLovers #Nanny #BestFriends #SingleDad #EnemiestoLovers #SmallTown #Audio -Twinsie Angie Top 5 from July – December 2023 – Beastly Tales Trilogy by MJ Haag, Beekeeping Age by Sophie Stern, Confessions of Ti,ber Creek by S.J. Chaynie, Perfect Risk by CA Harms, and Worth the Fall by Bria Quinlan

These are my favorite books the 2nd half of the year.  The first half of the year favorite’s can be found here

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They are available starting November 6th at

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$35 After party – 7-11 After Party with food and cash bar. Dj with a photobooth is also included in the fun.

Here is my top 5 in no order

Beastly Tales Trilogy by MJ Haag

From Book 1: ** Adult Romance **
Benella is concerned with two things–avoiding the two village boys who torment her and scrounging for food to help feed her family. Unfortunately, the best wild fruit and vegetables are near the walls of the estate, a dark misty place inhabited by an unforgiving beast.

When her tormentors lock her behind the massive gates, Benella knows her fate is sealed. Yet, the fate isn’t one she expects. Her encounter with the beast starts a bizarre cycle of bargaining for her freedom, a freedom the beast seems determined to see her lose.

A classic fairy tale with a seductively dark new twist, the Beauty and the Beast saga begins with Depravity.

Intended for mature readers due to sexual situations and moderate language. This book is part 1 of 3.

The completed Beastly Tales
Depravity, Part 1
Deceit, Part 2
Devastation, Part 3

My favorite is book 2 so here is the review –HERE


Beekeeping Age by Sophie Stern

He’s older. Wiser. Hotter.
More mature.
And he’s my best friend’s dad.

Remington West is the kind of guy who can get me into a lot of trouble. He’s twenty years older than me, for one thing. He’s Anna’s dad, for another.
Still, there’s an electric energy between us that I just can’t push away.
My body doesn’t seem to care that he’s all wrong for me.
It only seems to care that he’s of beekeeping age, and I…
Well, I’m ready to be kept.

Beekeeping Age is a standalone age-gap contemporary romance.

My review HERE


Confessions of Timber Creek by SJ Chaynie

Elle Andrews is my best friend. The one I let slip away, and now, she’s my four year old daughter’s new nanny. I may have had ulterior motives when I convinced her to take the job, but she needed work, and I needed a replacement. The plan was easy. Get her into my space, and prove to her that despite the past, I’ve always been hers. But when disturbing news about her parents surfaces, and four years of buried tension comes out, the plan takes an unexpected turn. There are three sides to every story. Yours. Theirs. And the truth.Book 2 of the Timber Creek Series. Series will contain interconnected standalones.

My Review HERE


Perfect Risk by CA Harms

Perfect Risk (Book #1 in a 12 Book Series)

Mason Creek, Montana is my home. It always has been and truth is, there is no place like it.

I can hide away in a big city, pretend as if I’m not drowning. I can ignore the sadness inside my heart that is begging for a change. But if I’m being honest, my sense of belonging has disappeared. I thought I wanted the big city life, the fast track and all the glamorous things. Turns out, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than home.

Coming back to help run my mom’s business gave me the perfect escape.

But there is one problem.

An unresolved past has a way of haunting anyone. Things can sure get complicated when the man that broke your heart all those years ago is now your new landlord.

It may get a little messy, I may regret my decision to stay…
But then again, this might just be the Perfect Risk.

My Review HERE


Worth the Fall by Bria Quinlan

Who could possibly lose her job, apartment, and boyfriend in one day?

This girl.

I won’t lie. When my boyfriend took me out for a fancy-shmancy dinner, I was thinking jewelry not “please return your security deposit” the weekend I was moving in. Which, can we just talk about the fact I was going to move in with a long-term boyfriend who wanted a security deposit?

Instead, I got a lecture about not being able to pull my weight and a breakup. In public.

I’m over it. I’m over the good-paying job that kept me trapped in the wrong spot, the fear of moving on…and men. New rule: World Domination Without Men.


There’s only one thing slowing me down. That cop.

Yeah. Okay, so I may have accidentally broken some laws this weekend. Nothing big. But that hot cop has shown up everywhere. Now he’s living across the street from my new place and doing super hot cop things like cooking and salsa dancing.

I can’t help but wonder: Can I do the Single Girl Takes on the World thing and let Mr. Hottie Officer in or do I need to put him in the slammer of my big picture plan?

Now I just need to decide: Take over the world solo or risk another heartbreak with Officer Hottie?

My Review HERE

Beastly Tales

Beekeeping Age

Confessions of Timber Creek 

Perfect Risk

Worth the Fall

#WOTR24 #agegap #BestFriendsDad #BDSM – Beekeeping Age by Sophie Stern

He’s older. Wiser. Hotter.
More mature.
And he’s my best friend’s dad.

Remington West is the kind of guy who can get me into a lot of trouble. He’s twenty years older than me, for one thing. He’s Anna’s dad, for another.
Still, there’s an electric energy between us that I just can’t push away.
My body doesn’t seem to care that he’s all wrong for me.
It only seems to care that he’s of beekeeping age, and I…
Well, I’m ready to be kept.

Beekeeping Age is a standalone age-gap contemporary romance.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this book based on the blurb from the author at a book signing.

First up if you don’t know Sophie can write some GOOOD Steamy reads.  I mean the Lumberjacks books is FIRE.  When I saw this blurb Iwas like NEED IT and boy am I glad I grabbed it.  But I am kinda mad it sat for a month due to life getting in the way.

Essentially Lacey sees and lusts after Anna’d dad when they are studying for a college test.  Remington sees the sassy siren but figured he won’t see her again.  When Lacey and Anna have trouble, Remington is who Lacey calls.  Remington pretty much tells Lacey right up front that she is NOT a good girl *gulp* and Lacey runs because HELLO HOTTIE DAD ALERT!!

When the stars align, and Lacey and Remington meet up again, things get alllll kinds of yummy.  Remington is so confused by his emotions and Lacey is as well.  LOL This book is a great read if you want spicey and sexy but also sweet and with an HEA.

Sophie Stern writes contemporary and paranormal romance <3 Visit her on Facebook for frequent updates!

#WOTR24 #BestFriendSister #AgeGap #MC – Concede, Knights of Paradise MC book 1 by S.J. Chaynie

Concede: Knights of Paradise MC by [S.J.  Chaynie ]

I’ve spent the last four years in a Catholic boarding school. A very different world from the one I have found myself being forced into. There is a dangerous game being played, and I haven no choice but to be under his protection. He’s the king, and expects me to bow just like all the others. The more he demands, the more I resist. He’s not just too old for me, or just the president of a motorcycle club. He’s my brother’s best friend, and if he wants me as his queen, he better prove he’s worthy enough for me to put on the crown.

This is an adult novel intended for mature readers.
Book 1 of the Knights of Paradise MC Series. Does end on a cliffhanger, part of a continuing series.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.

First up, I saw a booktok trailer and was like “HEEEEY GIRL” to the authors.  I essentially asked nicely…cough cough begged…..for an ARC of this book.  MC is my JAM and it sounded like something I would love.  It hits all my favs…Best friend’s sibling/age gap/MC.  I was super thrilled when she said YES.  I got the book and downloaded thinking I would get a chapter or two in before I put it down to do housework.  PFT Housework be damned.  Maverick and Tanner had my FULL attention, but I was side eyeing Dom and Dani.  Don’t worry I got questions you two!!

Now I know people are haters for cliffhangers, but I love them.  I really do.  So, I will warn you this is a cliffy but it’s a good one.  Does that make sense?  Prolly not for you cliffy haters.  But for real, I loved it and where it dropped at is a good ending/beginning for the next story.

Ok so Maverick/Zeke and Tanner/Vix.  This book runs you through the gamete.  Tanner starts to story as a wide-eyed boarding school virgin with no idea who her brother is and especially what a MC Club is.  When the story cliffies, we see a strong woman who know what she wants and who she wants.  My favorite scene of the book is when she has had it with Maverick’s shit.  For Real!!  Our girl is over it and she tells him what is up.  It is up to him to make the changes because she is DONZO.  But my next favorite scene is when they are bed shopping for his room…Maverick is a dirty dirty boy!!!  He plays soooo dirty to get what he wants, and that is Tanner!

Maverick is the MC president, and he loves the lifestyle.  He doesn’t think he should settle down and honestly doesn’t really have any intensions.  However, Tanner makes him want more and importantly makes him FEEL more.  The feelings she causes in him are powerful and super confusing to the manwhore.

Now Dom is Tanners brother who is all “Hand off” buuuuut dude uhm you don’t seem to be keeping your hands off Mavericks little sister, Dani.  Pot Meet Kettle!!  I can’t wait to see what happens in book 2.  I think Mr. Dom is getting the much-needed eye opener he needs to claim what his heart desires most!

S.J. Chaynie is a new author who had a wild idea while sitting in the ocean under the Texas sky. She decided to write a book. She loves all things mystery, suspense, love, and betrayal, all mixed in with sarcasm and humor. Her first published book is Falcon Point: Deception, which is the first book in the Falcon Point Series. She hopes to bring all the feels through her stories to all those mystery/romance loving hearts!

#WOTR24 #SeriesStarter #AgeGap #GrumpySunshine – Whispers of Timber Creek, Timber Creek Series book 1 by S.J. Chaynie

Being relocated to a small-town PD in Colorado was the last thing I needed. Being assigned to babysit the captain’s daughter didn’t help either. She’s quirky, young, and unfortunately, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Cap only has one rule. Keep my hands to myself. Turns out to be harder than it looks. Now I live in her house, and at night I hear her cries. She’s haunted by her dreams just like I’m haunted by my past. She may be crazy, or she may be the only key to unlocking the dark secrets of this town. The clock is ticking, and the closer we get, the more dangerous it becomes. We both heard the captain’s warning loud and clear……too bad neither of us listened.

Book 1 of the Timber Creek Series. Series will contain interconnected standalones.


I received this book from the authors for an honest review.

I met this author after I saw a TikTok of hers about a different series.  I am so thankful she has allowed me to read that series and is giving me her new series to read as well.

This is a great series starter with some amazing characters we meet.  I admit as much as I LOVED the main H/h in this book, book 2’s couple has me clawing to read their story.  I mean I messaged the author to say NOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW.  She even agreed with me about their story being a great read to come.

Ok so this series starts with Jace in the shrink’s office not wanting to admit how he is feeling about the death of his partner and best friend.  He is reassigned to a small town for 3 months to get his stuff together essentially.  He goes to the town and immediately sees Camille.  He gets the official “Hands off” by her dad…ya know…his new boss the Captain of the force.  Unfortunately, circumstances will force them to be thrown together 24/7 which makes hands off near impossible.

Camille is having a hard time.  She knows what people think of her and she is a broken women thanks to her ex-boyfriend, Stuart.  She is attracted to the new detective until he talks.  Then his mouth makes her remember what a jerk he is.  LOL

This story has a LOT of chemistry. The slow burn of Jace and Camille is HAWT.  LAWD, when they finally crash and combust, loooook out!!!

The side story of the missing girls is a low theme in the story until its not.  Then we are running to figure out who, what, and why of what is happening.  I admit I was so wrapped up in the Jace and Cami when I realized what was happening, I was like RUN FASTER!!! Get going!!!!!

But Easton and Ellie….I cannot wait!!

S.J. Chaynie is a small-town Texas girl who has found a love for writing. She enjoys writing romance, with a sprinkle of suspense, and a little humor. If she is not busy writing her newest ideas, she is spending time with her husband and two beautiful daughters. She believes a good book and a lot of laughs is the best medicine. She brings suspense, love, angst, and sometimes the occasional heartbreak to her stories. Always a HEA, but every character and story she holds close to her heart and hopes they touch yours as well.

#BookPromo – Accidentally August by E.M. Denning

I’m not supposed to have a crush on Crispin Tate. He’s my brother’s best friend, and he’s also gorgeous and perfect in every way… except for his horrible taste in men. And the fact he’s ten years too old for me. Falling for Crispin at sixteen was a surefire way to break my own heart, but I convinced myself one day I’ll get over my unrequited crush. Only, I don’t. I grow up and fall even deeper in love with a man who knows I exist, but won’t ever want me *like that*.

Sometimes I think the only thing I’ve ever done right was rebuff August’s advances, because other than that, my life has been a complete mess. I married the wrong person, which led to a divorce that was the opposite of amicable. Then, one day in the middle of it all, August Shaughnessy grew up and grew into himself, but he didn’t outgrow the way he used to look at me when he was a teenager. It’s hard to not like him because he’s smart and funny and kind—he’s everything I ever wanted.

Now that he’s a grown man, the years between us hardly seem to matter. I can only hope that everyone else in our lives feels the same way because one morning I woke up and realized I’d accidentally fallen in love with August.

Low Angst Gay Romance
Age gap, brother’s best friend, slow burn