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#WOTR21 #NewRelease #FairyTales – Who’s the Fairest?:A Sister’s Grimm Anthology by Andi Lawrencovna, Rochelle Bradley, Isobelle Cate, Hope Daniels & Alicia Dawn, Jennifer Daniels, SE Winters, Genevieve Gornichec, Shaunna Rodriguez, & Kali Willows 

Rochelle Bradley and Jennifer Daniels

Who's the Fairest?: A Sister's Grimm Anthology

Once upon a time…

There were two brothers who collected tales from their homeland and put them in a book. Stories of magical creatures and horrible fates. Princesses who fell under enchantment and princes who came from the countryside to save them.

These are not those stories.

And we are not those brothers.

This time, it’s the Sisters turn to spin nine tales that will delight and terrify you. If you were looking for those classic stories you heard in your childhood, look again, because these stories aren’t like any you’ve heard before.

Maidens turning into flowers, and soldiers brought back to life by a snake’s whim, these stories are filled with a dark romance that you can only get when you reimagine those classic Fairy Tales.

Here’s your chance to find out if all Fairy Tales end in: Happily Ever After…
Or if their fates are sometimes a little bit Grimm…

Andi Lawrencovna, Rochelle Bradley, Isobelle Cate, Hope Daniels & Alicia Dawn, Jennifer Daniels, SE Winters, Genevieve Gornichec, Shaunna Rodriguez, Kali Willows


Rochelle Bradley

Rochelle puts an artistic spin on everything she does but there are two things she fails at miserably:
1. Cooking (seriously, she can burn water)
2. Sewing (buttons immediately fall back off)

She loves baking and makes a mean BTS (Better than Sex) cake. When in observation mode she is quiet, however, her mouth is usually open with an encouraging glass-is-half-full pun or, quite possibly, her foot.

She is a Bearcat, a Buckeye, an interior decorator, and fluent in sarcasm.

In 2008, when her youngest entered Kindergarten, she decided to get the stories out of her head. Midway through her first novel, hurricane Ike (yes, a hurricane in Ohio) rendered the laptop useless with a nine-day power outage. She didn’t give up, but continued to pursue her dream.

Every November Rochelle takes on the challenge of National Novel Writing Month ( where she endeavors to write 50,000 words in thirty days. You can often hear her cheering the Dayton area Wrimos (those who join her in this crazy pursuit).

Rochelle shares her home with a big black cat, an itty-bitty orange tiger kitty, her daughter, her son, and her Prince.

She loves to connect with readers. You can find her on Facebook (search for Author Rochelle Bradley), Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Visit Rochelle’s website to sign up for her newsletter to keep up to date about future novels and book signings (

Jennifer Daniels

Hello! I’m Jennifer Daniels, I live in Upstate NY with my husband and son. I’m a nurse by trade but, my arthritis does not allow to do my nursing anymore. My arthritis is called Ankylosing Spondylitis, it is a autoimmune disease with no cure. Anyways, one day I just started to write and then I went to the Writer’s on the River book signing. It was absolutely amazing and inspiring. So, a year later my debut book Opalla was released. My little family loves to be outdoors fishing, camping and going to the lake.

#Year8 – Happy Blogversary!!

I seriously don’t even know where to begin this post.  When TwinsieTalk was started we never ever thought it would be what is it today.  We have so much fun and love reading for so many authors.  Many of the authors have grown to be friends and family to us.

I thought an easy thing to do was to introduce ourselves to you all over again.  We have had a few people come and go though the years but the 6 of us are a strong team and work together flawlessly.

Owner and Founder

I am a Pre-K Special Education teacher by day and a mom to two 2-legged kids and four 4 legged kiddos.  My husband and I are loving life and all that is has to offer.

I love to read Paranormal, Historical, Contemporary, Dark, Cowboys, MC, RH…pretty much a little bit of everything.  Starting this blog was just something fun that I never would imagine would become so important to me.

From the blog, Melinda and I have also started co-hosting a charity event called Writers on the River with the 501(c)3 Non-Profit host, Healing with Words with Jillian Jacobs and Anya Breton.  The four of us founded this charity to help raise awareness of trafficking survivors with the help of Thistle Farms. ( for more information)


Hey everyone, I’m Twinsie Melinda. I have been with Twinsie Talk since August 2013. My go to’s are Paranormal, Mafia, Military, RH and sometimes YA. When I’m not reading in my free time, I am running my daughter all around to and from Tumbling, Cheer, Cross Country, and Tennis. On the weekend you can find my husband, daughter and me at the lake skiing and tubing. I also spend my time working with our wonderful Writers on the River Team.


J.M. Walker or JoJo, is an Amazon bestselling author who hit USA Today with Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology. She loves all things books, pigs and lip gloss. After starting out as a reader, she was invited to become part of Twinsie Talk all thanks to Angie and finally ventured into creating her own little worlds to satisfy all the voices in her head.
Hi everyone! Twinsie Kelly here! I have been with Twinsie Talk for about 6 years and it has been amazing! I am from central Illinois and currently live in Pennsylvania.  I am recently engaged to an amazing man and couldn’t be happier. I’m also a hot mess of a mom that loves dropping the f-bomb and am mostly inappropriate with the sense of humor of a teenage boy. I am proud to say that my two sons come by their sarcasm naturally, LOL! I’ll give most stories a shot. I enjoy reading a good rom com, fantasy, and Sci-fi. However, my absolute favorites are of the paranormal variety. The more twisted the story, the better! The book community is incredible.  I love meeting authors and bonding with other readers over our favorites. I have made some great friendships over the years with authors and readers alike and wouldn’t trade them for the world. I love being a word nerd!
Hey guy it’s Twinsie Dee, I love to read anything and will give everything a chance ( I mean you don’t know if your going to like it if you don’t give it a chance). I live in central Illinois with my husband, our son and 4 legged fur baby. I love all things bookish, organizing, penguins, sloths, and puzzles. I love meeting and finding new authors to stalk and fan over.
Hi! Twinsie Tenise here. I live in Central Illinois with my wife and fur babies. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, crafts, spending time with my grandkids, and of course reading!I had followed TwinsieTalk for years and eventually met them in person. Then I was asked to be a volunteer at their local book signing, Writer’s on the River. Honestly, I thought that was the highlight of my book life. Well, until last December when they asked me to join the blog and become a Twinsie. I still feel like I’m dreaming about that at times.

I have been blogging for about 10 months. Before that I would submit reviews to TwinsieTalk and be a Twinsie for the day. I will read just about anything. My favorite romance genres include; suspense, mafia, MM, and contemporary. Don’t even get me started on my new love for vampires thanks to one of my blog sisters for introducing me to them! You can find some more of my favorite genres by checking out my reviews here…


To from all of us Twinsie’s (Angie, Melinda, Jo, Kelly, Dee, and Tenise) we want to say THANK YOU and good luck winning this epic prize from us to you!!

To win a $50 Amazon Gift Card, be sure to share the post from our Facebook page, and comment on that post.  A like if you are a new follower is always appreciated too.

#Giveaway #Kindle #SignedPaperbacks #Ebooks – TwinsieTalk 6th Year Blogiversary

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Its a big year for us!!  We are so excited to have gotten together with some of our favorites authors to bring you a killer Giveaway!

We are humbled by your support  and hope to keep introducing you to new to us authors while still bringing the same fun authors we know you love.  If you know us, you know 95% of our reviews are Indie Self Published Authors.  So any and all review are so appreciated by them.  We hope you have picked up  few books and found some new authors to read and support!!

Here is our giveaway link and a few of the awesome prizes up for grabs!!!

Signed Books!!

Signed paperback of “Chaser: Dive Bar 3” from Kylie Scott

Signed paperback of “Blood Lust” by Tricia Andersen

Signed Paperback of Don’t Wake the Dead by CC Wood

Signed Paperback & swag  from Mary Martel

Signed copy of “Seeking My Destiny” by Jenna Jacob

Signed Paperback by Amy Bartelloni

Signed copy of The Gambler Wagers Her Baron by Christina McKnight

Signed Paperback One Ride by Chelsea Camaron

Signed Paperback Across Unstill Waters by DL Andersen

SOME of the Ebooks!!  We have over 50!

Greyson and Tray by JM Walker

One Last Heist by Dahlia Donovan

Boomer and Mick (Steele Riders MC Books) by CM Steele

Bloodlust, Tannin’s Thunderbolt, Gorgon’s Vengeance, Mastema’s Obsession, Phenex’s Retribution, Rahab’s Domination, Vassago’s Reckoning, Paddled By The Teacher, Spanked Into Submission, A Flogging Fantasy by Ravenna Tate

Earl of Harrington by Dawn Brower

See Me by M. Jayne


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