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#wotr24 #attendingauthor #YA #partofaseries Dear Sofia (Love Notes 5) by Danielle Keil

Everyone at Ryder High knows what it means to have a teal envelope taped to their locker on the first of the month.
Sofia Castillo didn’t get that. But she did a giant ice cream sandwich delivered to her house with her envelope.
Things take a turn when her family goes on vacation the day after her envelope arrives. It throws a wrench in her secret admirer’s plan, and he has to change tactics and deliver clues via text instead.
Sofia knows it’s someone close to her, but who? Texts come at all times—even when she’s in the same place as her admirer. Without too many specific clues, Sofia decides to just enjoy the ride and the conversation.
Will Sofia be able to coax some clues out of her admirer?
Or will he reveal himself when things take a sudden turn?



Review by Twinsie Dee

i bought this book and this is my honest review

Dear Sofia, it’s the moment you have been waiting all of junior year for. but your time is now during the summer, so let’s enjoy this month and see if you can figure out who I am. Sofia could not wait to be picked to get her teal envelope, she figured she would be one the first to be picked during the school year, because hello cheerleader so imagine her shock when her twin brother brought home an ice cream cake with her invitation on top of the box. She was so excited to finally start the game but will she like who her admirer is at the end of the month?

Danielle Keil grew up and spent the majority of her life in the Chicagoland area. A recent transplant, she is enjoying the Mississippi life, especially the pool in her backyard.
Danielle is happily married for over 10 years, and has two young children, a daughter and a son, who are exact replicas of her and her husband.
She also is a fur mom to their Corgi, Cozmo, who loves barking, mud, and peanut butter.
Danielle’s love language is gifts, her Ennegram is a 9w1, and she loves everything purple.
The way to her heart is through coffee, chocolate and tacos (extra guac).

#BookPromo – Accidentally August by E.M. Denning

I’m not supposed to have a crush on Crispin Tate. He’s my brother’s best friend, and he’s also gorgeous and perfect in every way… except for his horrible taste in men. And the fact he’s ten years too old for me. Falling for Crispin at sixteen was a surefire way to break my own heart, but I convinced myself one day I’ll get over my unrequited crush. Only, I don’t. I grow up and fall even deeper in love with a man who knows I exist, but won’t ever want me *like that*.

Sometimes I think the only thing I’ve ever done right was rebuff August’s advances, because other than that, my life has been a complete mess. I married the wrong person, which led to a divorce that was the opposite of amicable. Then, one day in the middle of it all, August Shaughnessy grew up and grew into himself, but he didn’t outgrow the way he used to look at me when he was a teenager. It’s hard to not like him because he’s smart and funny and kind—he’s everything I ever wanted.

Now that he’s a grown man, the years between us hardly seem to matter. I can only hope that everyone else in our lives feels the same way because one morning I woke up and realized I’d accidentally fallen in love with August.

Low Angst Gay Romance
Age gap, brother’s best friend, slow burn