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#WOTR24 #Review – Heart of Glass by Michele Shriver

Darcy Caldwell’s world shatters when, on her deathbed, her enigmatic mother, Meredith, bequeaths her a handcrafted glass heart. With her cryptic plea to uncover its origins, Meredith leaves Darcy with more questions than answers. Driven by a desperate need to understand the woman she never truly knew, Darcy embarks on a poignant journey with her estranged husband, Mattox.Their quest takes them to a skilled glass artist in New England, unraveling a tale of intense, ill-fated love in 1970s Boston. As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, Darcy discovers that the heart’s secrets may lie closer to home than she ever imagined—tied to Meredith’s enduring friendship back home in West Virginia.More than a quest for the truth behind the glass token, it transforms into a cathartic exploration of Meredith’s past, revealing hidden facets of her character and the choices that shaped her. In retracing her mother’s footsteps, Darcy grapples with her own vulnerabilities and untangles the complexities of love and loss.The journey not only unveils Meredith’s secrets but forces Darcy to confront her fractured marriage. Heart of Glass is a soul-stirring exploration of family, love, and self-discovery—a tale that resonates across generations and leaves readers with the enduring power of healing and redemption.



Review by Twinsie Kelly

Death has a way of stirring up some very intense emotions but also seems to bring up secrets. Darcy and her mother, Meredith, don’t have the best of relationships. I think this occurs with a lot of families, but when Meredith is on her death bed she asks for her daughter specifically and gives her a hand blown glass heart with a cryptic message just before she passes. Darcy is drawn to find out more about her mother, in hopes of finding about what made her mom the way she was and why their relationship was so strained at time. This journey into her mother’s past also brings a lot of emotional baggage as she is accompanied by her soon to be ex. The exploration of her mother’s past, the prejudices she endured and overcame, and learning more about her mother prior to death really shows Darcy how closed off she has become, both emotionally and physically.

This story is very emotional. It shows the characters in very vulnerable situations while confronting and understanding their own emotions. There is a lot of reflection and a time of second chances. Sometimes it really is better to be late than never to show up. I will caution readers that if you have strained personal relationships, it will really touch those heartstrings. I highly recommend as this is a wonderful soul touching story.

Michele Shriver profile image

Michele Shriver is an International bestselling author of women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her books feature flawed-but-likeable characters in real-life settings. She’s not afraid to break the rules, but never stops believing in happily ever after. Michele counts among her favorite things a good glass of wine, a hockey game, and a sweet and sexy book boyfriend, not necessarily in that order.

#Review – Late To The Game by Brian Anthony Ziroli

High School football is as important as religion in states like Texas, Alabama, and Georgia. Not in a little town on the North Carolina shore. No, there it’s more important than religion. A story that takes place in 1985 and is told by its star quarterback, Johnny Pelligrino, this is the best chance for the West Pennington Pirates to win that elusive state championship. What can stop them?

Where do we begin?

Johnny is trying to deal with the pressures and struggles of high school, his first love, an overbearing father, and the entire town depending on him and the Pirates to win the school’s first state championship. He could not have imagined what he’d experience in this senior year. One night, at the County Fair, something happens to one of the
seniors, and a friend of Johnny’s. What happened? Who did it? How does Johnny get so involved? How will this impact their season? Johnny will eventually find out that his head coach holds many old secrets, let alone being the most powerful figure in the entire community. Who can Johnny trust? His friends? His coaches? His family? Anyone?

A story that is filled with drama, love, lost relationships, and twists and turns along this very important season in West Pennington history. How will it end?



Review by Twinsie Kelly

First things first, high school in the 80’s! What a different time it was. It will definitely remind you how different things are today. Johnny, the star quarterback in small town North Carolina and a lot is riding on him taking the team to the championship. It’s his senior year with lots of classes, girls, and lots of pressure trying to lead the team and be who everyone expects him to be. It’s a LOT of pressure. Things are going good, really good. Things go from great to bad in about 3 seconds flat. Johnny walks away but it eats at him. One thing leads to another and an unexpected party brings out the truth. With the turmoil and the guilt eating at Johnny, he finds out that some people, even the ones you really trust, are not trustworthy at all. Tons of secrets are coming out and he really struggles with what and how he should handle things. He was learning at a young age that you really could not trust anyone and to be careful who you hold out as heroes. When everyone is telling you to “do the right thing” but they are not taking their own advice, how do you really know what the right thing is?

I have to tell you that Late to the Game was like going back in time. It was very refreshing to go back to the 80s and hang out. The author does a great job at the world building and giving the characters some depth. While there are some very heavy parts of the story, there is a lot of wit and banter that will have you laugh out loud (or LOL as we say nowadays)! It is a great coming of age story that will throw a few curveballs your way (I know this is baseball, not football, but I couldn’t think of a better way to say it), but it keeps you on your toes right to the very end. Then BAM! PLOT TWIST!

Give it a try, you won’t regret it, even if you are late to the game!

#WOTR24 #Review – Lost Soul : A Reapers Novella by Tara Vasser

A trip with my girlfriends to Salem in October was meant to be the ultimate bucket list adventure, filled with witchy shops, Hocus Pocus tours, and mysterious nightclubs. The adventure began typically enough with each overpriced shop identical to the next, until we stepped into Lost Treasures. In the otherworldly confines of the antique shop, an enchanting green and black glass paperweight catches my eye.

From the moment I laid eyes on that glass orb, things started to take a dark turn, plunging me into a dangerous and unfamiliar world filled with creatures I had only heard about in stories and never fully believed. The supernatural revealed its existence with a Vampire attack in a club full of people. If not for the mysterious man emerging from the shadows to rescue me, I don’t know that I would have made it out alive.



Review by Twinsie Kelly

For Romy, a girl’s trip to Salem in October is supposed to be fun, touristy, and full of witchy stuff but ends up turning into a living, breathing, real life supernatural story. You will debate which is the lesser of two evils; keeping the lights on so that you can see the monsters when they come for you or remaining blissfully oblivious to what is lurking in the shadows behind you. For Romy, she wants to keep the lights on.

Romy finds herself entranced by a glass orb. She is drawn to it. What she doesn’t know is that vampires want to get their hands on this soul. Romy is thrown headfirst into a world she had only heard of in stories, and now she is part of the story. She receives help from an unexpected new friend and decides to continue on the with the new adventure.

I am loving the Reapers series! I picked up the first book on a whim and couldn’t put it down. Now we are three books in and this novella and I want more. This particular book, can be read as a standalone but I am happy that I read the others before because it was the cherry on top! Gunnar and Chloe show up in the Lost Soul for a bit but it leads into, what I am hoping, is the next installment in the series. This series, and this particular book, have a lot of great elements. It is witty and funny, a bit on the thrilling and scary side at times, but also sweet and sexy. I would love to see more of Jared and Romy….or perhaps Ronin and Gia 😊

I love these characters and can’t wait for more!

Tara Vasser profile image

Tara is a writer who lives in the frozen north in Minnesota with her wonderful husband and two rambunctious little dudes. She is an engineer during the day, a crazy mom in the afternoon and a writer at night. She enjoys spending her time playing in the dirt when her gardens aren’t covered in snow and listening to a wide variety of music that inspires her writing – sometimes doing both at the same time.

Be sure to visit Tara’s web page and sign up for her newsletter for updates on works in progress and upcoming new releases!

#WOTR24 #Review – Conner: A Hockey Romance (Glendale Magic Book 1) by Mary Warren

Sasha Maloof was a successful plus-size influencer, but she left it all behind after an incident with a stalker. She finds a new job managing social media for a hockey team. It might just be the fresh start she was looking for, the only problem is the infuriating team captain. But she can’t hide from her past forever.

Conner McPhee is captain of the Glendale Magic. He has devoted his whole life to hockey and is focused on finally bringing home the cup. That focus is tested when the Magic hire a new social media manager who is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen … and a distraction he didn’t need. But when her safety is at stake, he can’t help but be her knight in shining hockey pads.

Despite their rocky start, Sasha learns Conner is someone she can depend on and he learns there is more to life than hockey.



Review by Twinsie Kelly

Very sweet story about overcoming the past and moving forward. Sasha moves to a new place to get a new start. Just about all of us can relate to that. Well, her new start is being the social media manager for the Magic hockey team. **wags eyebrows** As Conner is passing her in the hall, the chemistry starts to crackle. They are instantly attracted to each other. As things progress further in the story, Conner fights the attraction because he had a bad relationship in the past and is now ALL HOCKEY, ALL OF THE TIME. The only problem is that he keeps acting like a complete d**k whenever he is around Sasha. It almost starts off as if they become instant enemies. Sasha has had some setbacks with people thinking she “plays” on the internet so she is trying her hardest to show everyone exactly what she can do and that she is contributing. Finally, they both stop for five seconds and realize that the other isn’t really so bad. This, my friends, is when the chemistry start heating up. They stop hiding all of their emotions and feelings to start exploring this path with each other. But then, BAM, things really turn when Sasha’s stalker starts popping back up from her past. She is done hiding and Conner helps her overcome. The chemistry between them is undeniable. Without giving away the story, this happens and that happens, and some more things happen, LOL! I will tell you that there is an HEA and it definitely is swoon worthy. <3

I did struggle at times because there were times where the struggle between Conner and Sasha felt like it was repetitive and drawn out.  At times it was a bit frustrating. Overall, the story has its thrilling moments, but is adorable with some especially spicy sexy time.

Mary Warren profile image

Mary Warren lives in Illinois with her family. When she’s not writing stories of fat women, she’s reading them and advocating for better fat representation. Mary founded Fat Girls in Fiction, pointing out positive fat representation for femmes and non-binary people in books. This project became a community and is something she is immensely proud of and happy to be working on.

#WOTR24 #Review – The Glassmaker’s Helper: The Getaway Chronicles by Darie McCoy

In a world of the blessed the unblessed, the Glassmaker proclaims the gifts of those in the realm with their reading of the sparks. They are the only ones with the ability to work the glass and declare the goddess’s blessing.
Generations before Ophelia was born, her birth was prophesied. The Enchantress proclaimed that a blessed girl child would restore honor to the Leander line. However, when she was presented to the Glassmaker to learn of her blessing, she was turned away. Many Winters passed and Ophelia remained unblessed. Until she and her brothers journeyed to Thistledown.
Rylan, the Glassmaker of Thistledown is able to do what none other before him had achieved. He read Ophelia’s blessing in the sparks. The gift from the goddess so rare, Rylan fears for her safety. Knowing the potential danger, he agrees to travel with Ophelia and her brothers on a quest to help her learn to use her blessing to its fullest potential.
The two are drawn together by an inexplicable bond that neither can ignore. As they trek across the realm from his home to hers, they are unable to deny their attraction. While danger lurks, they must reach the Keeper of the Blessings before it’s too late.
Can Ophelia navigate her new blessing and help restore her family’s honor? Can the bond between her and Rylan survive the obstacles before them? Together, can they bring about a change to the realm which hasn’t been seen in centuries?



Review by Twinsie Kelly

“With every great blessing, evil is always present.” What an amazing story! All the while reading this story, and even more so after I finished it, I have been trying to figure out how to categorize The Glassmaker’s Helper. It is definitely fantasy with a historical feel to it, fated mates, romance with some sexy time, and beings that are blessed and unblessed.

“I don’t question gifts from the goddess. I simply appreciate them.” The world building and character development is fantastic. Being unblessed or without a gift from the goddess isn’t uncommon but when your birth has been prophesied that you will save your family’s line and restore honor, there is no pressure…right? Wrong! Ophelia gets turned away from glassmaker after glassmaker. They cannot read her sparks. Until Rylan (wags eyebrows). Immediately their connection is strong and the need to protect Ophelia is completely instinctual. An unsavory character is now after Ophelia and her very rare blessing. The villain is a collector of sorts. From here, we follow Rylan and Ophelia on a quest that not only brings answers for the prophecy but is enchanting as well.

Highly recommend!

Darie McCoy profile image

Darie McCoy is an independent author of contemporary, interracial, romantic suspense and paranormal/shifter romance books. A reader first, she enjoys reading books across many genres although romance holds a special place in her heart. Her experience working in a STEM field offers her a unique perspective which she uses in each story she pens.

Her first novel, For Real, began as a short story written for a reader competition during an Authors and Readers conference. It was published in November of 2021. In July of 2022, she expanded her writing portfolio to include Kindle Vella serial stories.

When she doesn’t have her nose in a book or her fingers on the keyboard, Darie enjoys working in her vegetable garden. A serial hobbyist, she also enjoys knitting, sewing, baking and canning. One of her favorite treats to make is salted caramel popcorn. Amongst her friends, she’s known to transport the sweet treat in large quantities to share whenever they get together.

Born and raised in the south, Darie stands by the staunchly held southern sentiments that the best tea is sweet tea and college football is life.

#WOTR24 #Review – Tempered Beats (Getaway Chronicles) by Michel Prince

Blowing Hot Sand Studio has created a respite for those suffering from PTSD. The glass blowing studio in Denver evolved to host a tightknit community of veterans looking for an adrenaline rush and a bit of danger in an otherwise safe environment.

Quieting the demons plaguing them for long enough they can return to enjoying life, not just surviving it. When Specialist Paul Castor is found dead a group that had already lost too much now is trying their best to not fall back into darkness.

Detective Lisa Donald has enough problems relating to others, now she has to walk the line with well-trained soldiers on hair triggers to get to the truth. Her pragmatic style has many questioning her sanity.

Can she discover who turned molten glass into a deadly weapon? Or will she be too disoriented by reflective colors to see the danger beyond the shimmering glow?



Review by Twinsie Kelly

I honestly don’t even know where to start with this review, SOOOOO you should probably just stop reading my review and scroll on up to one-click the buy now button. However, if you are still here, I will do my best to explain how much wow is in this story. The short version and very high level about the book is that glass blowing is being used by some amazing veterans for therapeutic purposes and one of them is murdered. The journey that Lisa goes on to learn about these veterans and the rush they are after in an attempt to quiet their demons is one that I won’t forget for a long time. Let’s face it, we all have our demons and things from our past that we want to stay there, some are definitely more traumatic than others, and some of our bodies and brains react differently to these traumas. While the story never goes into great detail about what these veterans have experienced, while reading about their triggers and how they handle life really touches you deeply. I felt so many incredible emotions throughout the story as Lisa was working to solve the homicide.

“Demons and nightmares plague these guys even when they are awake. Making these items in a high-risk way takes them from the memories because you don’t have the space to let your mind wander.”

“A perp’s a perp, and here, the want to break them down to give me the answe3r to the ultimate question wouldn’t be satisfied with the number forty-two.”

This was an absolute page turner! With every word, line, page, and chapter, I needed more. Even when I thought I knew exactly what happened, I didn’t. And when I did figure it out, I couldn’t figure out the motive. The author did an amazing job of making me feel like I was right in the middle of the story beside Lisa working on the case. I had all sorts of FEELS going on throughout. I highly recommend it!

Ok, now that you are at the end of my review, go on back up and one-click Tempered Beats!!! You won’t regret it!

Michel Prince profile image

USA Today Bestselling author, Michel Prince, graduated with a bachelor degree in History and Political Science. Michel writes young adult, new adult and adult paranormal romance as well as contemporary romance.

“Ms Prince writing is like summer breeze caressing your body, slow and sultry.”-Amazon review of First and Ten.

“Michel Prince is a wonderful author with a real talent for writing.”-Amazon Review of Triple B Baking Co.

“Prince explores in her novels is interracial romance and friendships. Prince pokes fun at stereotypes, but never allows stereotypes to guide her plot. The focus is on creating two strong, independent characters who can stand on their own, but complement each other as a couple.”- Amazon Review of Silly Girl

“One Last Sunset is a well written story by the awesome Michel Prince that left me wanting to learn more about the rest of the Long family.”- Amazon Review for One Last Sunset.

“I could not put it down, and will definitely be looking for more from this Author.”-Amazon Review of Silly Girl.

With characters yelling “It’s my turn damn it!!!” She tries to explain to them that alas, she can only type a hundred and twenty words a minute and they will have wait their turn. She knows eventually they find their way out of her head and to her fingertips and she looks forward to sharing them with you.

When Michel can suppress the voices in her head she can be found at her son’s games in a variety of sports. She would like to thank her family for always being in her corner and especially her husband for supporting her every dream and never letting her give up.

Michel has been awarded Elite Status with Rebel Ink Press in 2013, the service award for her local RWA chapter Midwest Fiction Writers 2013, 2014, won 2015 Sweetest Romance from IREA for Chrysalis, a 2022 finalist for the Minnesota Book Awards for The Amalgam and was a PAN member of RWA. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, son, and new puppy.

#WOTR24 #Review – Comma Kaze: A Neurodivergent Professor Romance (Nerd Love Book 1) by Mellanie Szereto

Loss brings them together. Will their pact help them find love and happily-ever-after?

English professor Elijah M. Clayton, Jr., (34) has promised his dying cousin he’ll raise her unborn daughter, but his search for a wife has failed miserably. Social awkwardness related to being on the autism spectrum leads to his only decent speed-dating prospect—Beatrix-35—calling him a pervert before the start of their first official date.
Plumber Beatrix Glouster (35) likes Elijah-34 and has high hopes she’s found a good guy until he asks questions that trigger painful memories of losing her premature son, her subsequent inability to have children, and her husband leaving her. An early morning plumbing emergency brings her face-to-cute-backside with last night’s disappointment.
Their lives are forever changed when a call from Elijah’s cousin summoning him to the hospital for the birth of her child interrupts an unexpectedly hot kiss. Only deep commitment will help Elijah and Beatrix avoid the prospective emotional risk of an impromptu marriage, his communication issues, and raising their orphaned newborn charge together.



Review by Twinsie Kelly

OMG!! ALL THE FEELS!!!! If there is ever a book or story that makes you believe in fate or love at first sight, then this is it for me! Elijah and Beatrix meet at a speed dating mixer and decide to meet afterward. Not realizing that Elijah is on the spectrum, when he starts to ask some weird questions, she decides to cut her losses and just walk away. They are then thrown back into each other’s space when she, a plumber, ends up at Elijah’s house to fix his bathroom faucet. She is with Elijah when he gets the call that his cousin is about ready to pass and Beatrix accompanies him to the hospital. Chloe, his cousin, just knows that she is the one and these two are going to be the best parents for her child. The only problem is, these two literally just met! However, the chemistry, not just sexual, is there and it gets intense. They just calm each other…they just fit.

“Chloe was right. Fate had played a part in her introduction and subsequent meeting with Eli, but this child was the catalyst – not romance, love, or even sexual attraction. The interaction with him been a means to an end. Only Eve mattered – and Chloe passing from the world knowing someone would cherish her baby.”

“A plumber and an English professor walk into a marriage for the wrong reason. And baby makes three. There’s a bad joke if I ever heard one. A deep breath didn’t calm the butterflies in her stomach. And I’m gonna do it anyway.”

One takeaway I have from this story is that average is boring! Parenting means making sacrifices and falling in love has no guarantee of a happily-ever-after, but these two are truly meant to be. Life isn’t always fair but it doesn’t have to be. However, when your instinct takes over and you know you found your person, you will truly be happy.

Please pick up this book. It is an incredible story with ALL THE FEELS!

I received a copy of this book from Booksprout in exchange for an honest review.

Mellanie Szereto profile image

Mellanie Szereto is the USA Today Bestselling Author of over fifty romcoms and contemporary romances, most with characters who have plenty of life experience like herself. Whether you call them older, seasoned, mature, experienced, or later-in-life protagonists, they deserve love too! Her stories are often set in small towns with quirky main characters, fun secondary casts, and lots of humor. She enjoys gardening, cooking, and baking—as well as hiking to work off the fruits of her labor—and incorporates food into all of her stories. She lives in an old farmhouse in rural Indiana with her husband of thirty-seven years.

#WOTR24 #Review – Death Dealer: Reapers Book Three by Tara Vasser

Half the pieces of the only weapon known to kill Death have been recovered and are now in the possession of a dangerous Necromancer. The same Necromancer who has been a major pain in my ass since I first found out I’m part of the supernatural world.
Death’s Reapers are on the hunt for the remaining pieces, but the Necromancer seems to always be one step ahead of us. My partner Gunnar and I suspect we have a mole in the Reaper ranks. How else does that asshole Necromancer keep beating us to the punch?
Now not only do we have to travel to remote and dangerous locales to search for pieces of the doomsday weapon, but we have to try to get there ahead of the Necromancer and prevent, well, doomsday. Let’s also not forget having to sniff out the traitor in our midst.
At least the life of a Reaper is never dull.



Review by Twinsie Kelly

Life or death, deals with the devil and helping the monster win… Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Chloe, oh Chloe! She just wants to be useful, helpful, just something. Her life has been in turmoil ever since her best friend died and now she has a place. She is finding herself and everyone just wants to protect her. She can’t get a straight answer to save her life. She knows something wasn’t wrong but that everything was. She and Gunnar finally get to really work together in this story which is absolutely great. She really starts to open her eyes to this world that she is so new to but has so much to learn. I mean, who gets so nonchalant about breaking bones and being stabbed? The last straw is broken when she helps the monster win.

I absolutely love this series! The world that this author has built is incredible. The author was able to give action and adventure while weaving funny and witty elements into the story. I think this really makes the characters great! I do have to say that I am a little bummed at the moment. I was so happy that all the books were out not realizing that the 4th in the series is not out yet (dammit!). I will (im)patiently wait for the next in the installment so I can see what shenanigans Chloe is going to get into next! Tara Vasser….please hurry! No rush, but seriously, I cannot wait!

Tara Vasser profile image

Tara is a writer who lives in the frozen north in Minnesota with her wonderful husband and two rambunctious little dudes. She is an engineer during the day, a crazy mom in the afternoon and a writer at night. She enjoys spending her time playing in the dirt when her gardens aren’t covered in snow and listening to a wide variety of music that inspires her writing – sometimes doing both at the same time.

Be sure to visit Tara’s web page and sign up for her newsletter for updates on works in progress and upcoming new releases!

#WOTR24 #Review – Infernally Marked: A Paranormal/Fantasy Female Assassin Romance: An Infernal Blade Prequel (The Infernal Blade Book 2) by Jewels Arthur

From this day forward you are one of us. One of the Infernal Blade. When Mara hits her limit, her foster father meets her blade and so starts her induction into a life of death and darkness. The initiation into the Infernal Blade is filled with pain and fear but what comes out on the other side is one of the most powerful creatures to walk the Earth. Years before meeting her men, Mara, living as a homeless teen meets the Elders just as her life is thrown into upheaval. With her best friend Rora by her side, Mara tries to work out what her life has become and works to come to grips with the fact that nothing will ever be the same.Infernally Marked, previously part of the Assassin Society Anthology, is the prequel to Infernally Mine, a medium burn #whychoose book that sets the stage for this epic series of death, loyalty, and love. This prequel is from Mara’s point of view as a teen so there are no explicit scenes but there is foul language. Intended for mature audiences only.



Review by Twinsie Kelly

A few things to know first: I picked this book up as it was free and I wanted to try a new to me author (no harm no foul if a novella doesn’t do it for you, ya know?!), the cover is pretty incredible (just saying!), and the very beginning of the story absolutely drew me in. It has a very unique storyline. I did not realize it was a prequel when I picked this up and at first, I was getting a little frustrated because there seemed to be gaps in places where I felt I wanted/needed more and then would jump to another part in Mara’s life. However, if I had read the first book prior to this one, I don’t think it would have frustrated me. I am incredibly curious as to what Mara’s story is and will be jumping into book 1 soon. I would highly recommend reading book 1, Infernally Mine, first as I think this prequel would be much more enjoyable. Overall, a unique story that definitely has more to tell!

Jewels Arthur profile image

USA Today Bestselling author, Jewels Arthur, writes steamy paranormal/fantasy RH Romances, that often feature very sassy females. Much like herself.

Swoons are her jam. She spends all her time watching TV/movies, reading books, and listening to music that makes her swoony. When she isn’t doing that she is drooling over her fictional characters or making book-related graphics.

Jewels has thousands of story ideas always flowing through her brain and she can’t wait to share them all with her readers. One thing is for sure, they will all feature steam, smut, and swoons.

#WOTR24 #Review – Under Your Skin (The O’Malley Family Book 1) by Shannyn Schroeder

Nothing gets under your skin quite like love…

Norah O’Malley has way too much on her plate to even consider romance. Being home for the first time in ten years—single and pregnant—is more than enough. Too bad her heart has other ideas when she first lays eyes on her brother’s tattooed, grumpy, and entirely too sexy boss…

Kai Ellis knows that no one (least of all him) gets a fairy tale, happily ever after ending in this life. But Norah, the woman who lights up a room like sunshine, hasn’t learned that lesson yet. So, he has no business thinking about her in any kind of romantic capacity. He is, though…

But all the chemistry in the world won’t help Norah with the hard decisions she needs to make—or help her prove to Kai that happy endings really can happen. When it matters most, will Kai put his faith in in Norah—and in love? Or will they go their separate ways forever?

Under Your Skin, book 1 in The O’Malley Family series, is a steamy, lightly angsty, grumpy/sunshine, opposites attract contemporary romance full of big, Irish families, even bigger emotions, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Download today and welcome to the O’Malleys’ neighborhood!



Review by Twinsie Kelly

This book gave me a ton of FEELS! This book was free at the time I picked it up and I thought I’d try out a new to me author. Man am I glad I did! This story is about Norah O’Malley and she is the only girl in a home full of guys. Being careful was one thing that she sucked at. Kai Ellis owns a tattoo shop that Norah’s brother works at. Kai made some poor choices in his past life but is working to not be the bad person he should be. These two have demons, although different, the demons can be all consuming, nonetheless. Norah is single and pregnant. She doesn’t believe that she would be making the right decision trying to raise the baby and has to make some very, very difficult decisions. Understanding that she made mistakes and trying to make up for them is incredibly courageous of her and I cannot give this character more kudos for that. She is instantly relatable and real. Now Kai, where do we start with him? He is trying to keep his life on the straight and narrow. He compartmentalizes everything and all things have to be in order, his order. His life is flipped upside down when he has to take his mother into his home while she rehabs from surgery. However, this puts a giant kink in things due to his schedule. Kai ends up hiring Norah to help his mother. This starts off as a good gig. But the more these two are around each other, the more the electricity crackles until everything finally explodes! In good ways and bad. There are so many things that are great about this story and without giving you a full-on book report, just know that there is a ton of wit, sass, arguments, heartache, angst and sexy time!!!! There is literally a little bit of everything in this story. I am just giddy inside that I get to continue this series as there are three more books that are currently out after this one! Woohoo!!!! Now excuse me while I go find the next!

Shannyn Schroeder profile image

Shannyn is a part-time English teacher, part-time editor, and full-time mom (even though her kids are about grown).

She writes contemporary romances (almost all set in the city of Chicago) about family, friends, and love. Whether it’s a sprawling Irish American family with a ton of siblings or a group of friends who are found family, how everyone functions (or not) is often a core of her stories.

Shannyn is represented by Frances Black of Literary Counsel. Check out the O’Learys series, the For Your Love series, Daring Divorcees or Hot & Nerdy. Shannyn also writes heist romances under the name Sloane Steele