#Review #ReleaseBoost – Blood Bound (Others of Edenton: Book 10) – by: Brandy L. Rivers


A new and deadly game has swept through Washington state.

After releasing her brother from centuries of torment, Consuela nearly let guilt drag her down. A Dreamwalker, wasn’t ready to let her slip away. He would have done anything to ease the burden of her past.

Declan found her in dreams, falling apart. Having been down that road, lingering too long on the wrong choices, he couldn’t idly stand by while watching her suffer. He was determined to help her find another way.

Back in Edenton, Consuela would be pulled into a Silver Council investigation. A terrifying, immersive roleplaying game was gaining popularity in Seattle. Humans pretending to be vampires—but drained corpses started showing up.

With Declan’s help, and her gifts, they go undercover to stop the real vampires, and end the Death Fount before the truth could be revealed and more lives lost.


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I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

WOW another great book by Brandy L. Rivers. This is book 10 of Others of Edenton where Consuela and Declan are taking on Vampires and demons all while trying to figure out their connection to one another.

What does one do when they are struggling with guilt so big you don’t know how you will overcome it? Consuela is breaking down and Declan can feel her pain when he visits her in her dreams. Declan does the only thing he can by going to her to try and help. But how can she trust anyone after what she has been through? Declan and Consuela are in the middle of helping the Silver Council deal with a group of vampires that are playing a deadly game of Blood Bound.

This book has everything I went through so many emotions plus there was action and suspense. The love story between Declan and Consuela was genuine. I enjoyed being able to see all the different characters and love the way Brandy intertwines the characters and we get to see glimpses of them. My heart was absolutely broken after seeing what Amelia went through. I am so ready for the next book already.

A few of my favorites:

Staying away wasn’t and option. He sought her out every day he went to sleep, hoping to dampen the pain growing in her eyes.

The door shut and Declan pulled Consuela into his arms. “Tell me what you need.” She pushed him back and pulled her shirt over her head. “I have everything I need in front of me.”

Brandy L Rivers is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She is kept busy writing the Others of Seattle, Others of Edenton, Combustible, and the Pine Barrens Pack series.
An avid reader, Brandy has always loved writing. She became serious about it as a stay-at-home-mother. With every story her world of characters expands, pulling her new directions.
Living in rainy Western Washington with her husband and three kids, Brandy is already working on future stories in each of the series, and several other projects.

#CoverReveal #MC – Combust by Drew Elyse


New AP Cover Reveal.jpg


Once a Disciple, forever a Disciple.

Man whore.
All-around asshole.

Daz is called a lot of seedy things.

But his brothers know there’s more to him

even if it is buried deep beneath the surface.

A Disciple will fight like a savage and never give up.

As a stripper, Avery is no stranger to judgment.

That doesn’t stop her from assuming Daz is nothing more than a hot body, though.

But when tragedy lets her see behind the cocky-jackass exterior,

there’s no denying the truth.

For this biker to go down, there has to be more than sparks—he needs full combustion.
Coming August 24th




Drew Elyse spends her days trying to convince the world that she is, in fact, a Disney Princess, and her nights writing tear-jerking and smutty romance novels. Her debut novel, Dissonance, released in August of 2014.

When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found over-analyzing every line of a book, binge watching a series on Netflix, doing strange vocal warm ups before singing a variety of music styles, or screaming at the TV during a Chicago Blackhawks game.

A graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a BA in English, she still lives in Chicago, IL where she was born and raised with her boyfriend and her prima donna pet rabbit, Lola.


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#Review #ReleaseBoost – Before the Cherry Trees by H.D’Agostino

 There are always those unexpected moments in our lives that make us realize that we aren’t in control.

I’ve known Sharron was it for me for as long as I can remember. We met when we were just kids, and fell in love. At eighteen when she told me she was pregnant, I did what I’d always planned to do… I asked her to marry me.

As the years passed by so did our dreams. We grew up fast, but our love never faltered. Our marriage was solid, and I thought we could survive anything… but I was wrong.

‘For better or worse’ is easier said than done. When you feel like everything is crumbling around you it’s easy to give up and walk away, at least it was for her.

I have no intention of letting her go. She’s my other half, and I know she can find her way back to me. I just need her to remember how we were before the cherry trees.


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I was given a copy of the book from the author for an honest review.

Oh Trev and Sharron!!  What a story.  What an emotional ride that love can take us on.

Trev and Sharron have been in love FOREVEAH!!  I mean as long as they can remember it’s been a “We”.  Do they regret it?  Nope but they had to rearrange their lives when a surprise hits them when they were young.  They have had everything and been so full of love until life throws them a curve ball.

This story is about the unbreakable ties of love.  No matter what when you love someone you are there for them.  Trever is there for Sharron to help her even when she pushes and pushes and pushes.  Does he get angry?  Yes.  Does he give in? Nope.  Sharron is going through a lot and she can’t help but push Trever away.  Is she happy? Nope.  Is she feeling guilty? Yup but she just can’t break out of what is happening.  When Trever’s brothers help to hatch a plan, the couple are forced to look at each other and fall back I love.  They have to remember what life was like BEFORE all the hard stuff.


Heather D’Agostino is an avid reader turned Bestselling Author of the Contemporary Romance Series The Broken Series, The Shattered Series, The Second Chances Series, The Cook Brothers Series, and Romantic Suspense series The Witness Series.

She attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Elementary Education with a minor in Mathematics.

She currently lives in Central New York with her husband, two children, two dogs, and three cats. When she’s not writing she can usually be found at the dance studio, soccer field, or one of the many other places that she plays ‘Supermom’.

You can follow her here:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/H.DAgostino.Author

Twitter: @hdagostino001

Website: http://hdagostinobooks.weebly.com

Reader Group/ Street Team on Facebook:
Heather’s Hotties: https://www.facebook.com/groups/877863252256341/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7034328.Heather_D_Agostino

#NewRelease #Review – Simple Man ,Southern Rock Lyrics Series Book 4 by Ashley Hampton

Simple Man (Southern Rock Lyrics Series #4)

Will Jenkins had an ideal life as a teenager until his parents were killed in a car accident. His two best friends, Nate and Finley, became his family. A few years later, Hannah breezed her way into town and became the sister Will never had but always wanted. Through Hannah, Will found Stacy, a woman he could not avoid as she was unlike all the others. Stacy was full of mystery and hiding something secretive behind her gorgeous smile. It was only a matter of time before Stacy gave in to Will’s advances, despite their close friendship. Will their budding relationship have a chance to grow? Or will Stacy’s secret past ruin everything?




I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Will and Stacey.  These 2 have been dancing around each other for the entire series so it’s about dang time they do something about it.

The backstory for both characters is so intense and hey fit together so perfectly.  Both are in love with the other but totally fear rejection.

When we see Will opening up to Stace about his family and his past, I just wanted to flipping hug him.  I wanted to be Stacey.  We still see her hiding her emotions about her past but we know her heart is with Will 110%.  The two make a big decision I was so happy about.  It was something simple but for these two, It was just so RIGHT!!   As the book is progressing, Will is sharing more and more and then right when Stacey is thinking her life is perfect, her past comes back and everything is changed…forever.

The story line for Stacey was scary and heartbreaking.  We see Will be her ever faithful alpha and stand by her side when she spills the beans on everything and everyone from her past.  Stacey finally got to see the Man of her dreams doing everything her mom told her a good man would do for her.

I liked the story and want more from the series for sure.    Side note, I totally love this book title as it fits Will to a “T”.

Ashley Hampton works as a Licensed Psychologist in private practice during the day. When she leaves work, she puts on her writer and photographer hats and enjoys living in the worlds created in her mind. She lives near her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama with her cat, Gemma. Ashley wanted to find a creative way to meld her love for music and psychology with writing, and the Southern Rock Lyrics series was born. With other series planned, Ashley wants to write in the romance, erotica, and psychological thriller genres.


#CoverReveal – Just One Chance by CA Harms

We are very excited to reveal today the stunning cover of





Oh Tequila #1, Standalone

Releasing August 15th from Limitless Publishing!


Tequila, you failed me.


You left me in a terrible haze, and I can’t find my god damn wallet.


Or my left shoe.


How the hell does one lose their shoe?


I have no f*cking clue.


All I know is that my night started out with one thing in mind…to have a little fun.


The problem with that? I can’t remember a damn thing, except one.


Morgan’s soft and needy moans. It’s a sound I will never forget, just thinking about it makes my heart race and my pulse quicken. And I want to hear it over and over again…I craved it.


But Morgan’s a mystery. The harder I try the more she resists. There’s one thing she doesn’t know about me though…I’m not one to give up.


I’ll play her game, I’ll let her think she’s won. But in the end, I will have her.


Because all I need is Just One Chance to prove she’s meant for me…



DESIGNER: Deranged Doctor Designs


MODELS: Annie Chartrand and Alex Boivin

C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn’t always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.

She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.

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#Spotlight – ​The Duke Meets His Match by Tina Gabrielle

Meet the Author:

Tina Gabrielle, an Amazon best-selling author, is an attorney and former mechanical engineer whose love of reading for pleasure helped her get through years of academia. She often picked up a romance and let her fantasies of knights in shining armor and lords and ladies carry her away. She is the author of adventurous Regency historical romances: A Spy Unmasked, At The Spy’s Pleasure, In The Barrister’s Bed, In The Barrister’s Chambers, Lady Of Scandal, and A Perfect Scandal from Entangled Publishing and Kensington Books. Tina’s books have been Barnes & Noble top picks, and her first book, Lady Of Scandal, was nominated as best first historical romance by Romantic Times Book Reviews. Tina loves to hear from readers. Please visit her website to join her newsletter and enter her free monthly contests and giveaways.
Connect: Site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

About the Book:


The daughter of an infamous art forger, Chloe Somerton grew up poor. Desperate to aid her sisters, she’d picked a pocket…or two. Now circumstances have changed, and Chloe has a chance to marry a young, wealthy lord. Only his mentor—a dark, dangerous duke—stands in her way. The duke knows about her past, and she’ll do anything to keep him from telling.

The moment Michael Keswick, the Duke of Cameron, sees Chloe Somerton, he recognizes her as a fraud. The stunning beauty with sapphire eyes and golden hair now appears to be a proper lady, but he knows better. What begins as a battle of wills soon escalates into a fierce attraction. In Chloe, Michael finds peace from the memories of war, but he refuses to marry…and she won’t settle for anything less.

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#CoverReveal – Destiny’s Way Book Three in the Destiny Series by Victoria Saccenti

★‿¸.•*´´*•.Cover Reveal!.•*´´*•.¸‿★

Destiny’s Way
Book Three in the Destiny Series
Victoria Saccenti


Destiny can show the way home…if it can navigate the shadows of Fate.

Brian McKay’s love for Marité Muro burns with the heat of an eternal flame. But when he catches her cousin, Michael, forcing an unwanted kiss upon her, Brian’s jealousy comes dangerously close to flaring out of control.

In a moment of despair, he packs his bags and boards a plane for Round Rock, convinced Marité will be better off with anyone else. Someone younger. Someone who isn’t dragging around a crippling load of baggage—and PTSD-fueled demons.

Anger tears at Marité’s heart as she flees to her Abuela’s home. Anger at Brian for abandoning her so easily. At Michael for trying to reignite their past infatuation. Mostly, anger at herself for realizing too late that it’s past time to grow up, take responsibility for her own part in the debacle, and fight for the only man she’ll ever love.

But Fate has a few more tricks to play before Brian and Marité find the strength to reconcile. Some that haunt Brian’s war-torn mind. Another threatening from Michael’s dangerous ambitions. And one tiny, fragile miracle growing under Marité’s heart, with the power to heal their past and seal their future. If it lives long enough to draw its first breath…

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#NewRelease #Excerpt- Souls Unchained by CC Woods


 Rhys Carey spent centuries evading the clutches of his twisted brother, unable to trust anyone. He longs for a home and for the love that he could not have while his brother lived. Now that his twin is dead, he’s bound with a different set of chains, those of isolation and self-loathing, and they are impossible to escape.
 Savannah Baker is unbearably lonely. Her abilities as an empath have trapped her in a small life, with only a single friend to call her own. She dreams of so much more but holds no hope that she will attain her deepest desires.
 When Rhys moves in across the street, the attraction between them blossoms into something more — a love neither of them believed they could have.
 Yet unbeknownst to Rhys, darkness stalks him, waiting for the opportunity to strike. The evil that shadows his every move will use whatever means necessary to ensnare Rhys, even kill the woman he can no longer live without.
 Now that these two lost souls have finally found each other, they are in a battle for survival. And for love. 

 *Though this is the second book in the Blood & Bone series, it can be read as a standalone. Rhys was a secondary character in the Bitten series, so if you enjoy this book and you have not read that series, you should check it out!



The sound of the phone ringing woke me. Still half asleep, I fumbled for the receiver and lifted it to my ear.

“Lo?” I mumbled.

“Are you still sleeping?” Ava asked. “It’s nearly seven.”

I winced. I hadn’t meant to sleep so late, but I hadn’t set an alarm on my cell phone to wake me up. “Well, I’m up now.”

“So did you go see my new tenant today?”

I rolled over onto my back and rubbed my forehead. The headache behind my eyes had disappeared, but my embarrassment hadn’t. “Yeah,” I sighed.

“Uh-oh, that doesn’t sound good,” she murmured. “What happened?”

“Well, for one thing, you didn’t warn me how hot he was,” I accused her. “I could have prepared myself. Or stayed home. Instead I sounded like a babbling idiot. Oh, and I nearly dropped a vase of flowers on his foot, which thankfully he caught. Unfortunately, in catching the vase, he was also splashed with water.”

Ava laughed and I made a face at the phone. “I’m sorry, Savannah. I’m not laughing at you.”

Rolling my eyes, I replied, “Yeah, I can tell you’re laughing with me.”

Still giggling, she continued, “I didn’t think he was that good looking.”

I wasn’t ready to let go of my humiliation. “Make an appointment with an eye doctor. I’m concerned that your vision is going.”

Ava laughed harder. “Okay, so he’s handsome. Did he render you speechless?”

“No, the exact opposite. I had verbal diarrhea. It was so embarrassing. I didn’t even stop talking long enough for him to tell me his name. I went over there to welcome him to the neighborhood and I still don’t know his name!” I exclaimed, covering my eyes with my free hand at the memory. “Who does that?”

“Apparently, you do,” Ava answered.

“Please stop trying to make me feel better. You suck at it.”

“Then maybe I need more practice,” she retorted.

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 Born and raised in Texas, C.C. Wood writes saucy paranormal and contemporary romances featuring strong, sassy women and the men that love them. If you ever meet C.C. in person, keep in mind that many of her characters are based on people she knows, so anything you say or do is likely to end up in a book one day.
 A self-professed hermit, C.C. loves to stay home, where she reads, writes, cooks, and watches TV. She can usually be found drinking coffee or wine as she spends time with her hubby, daughter, and two beagles.

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#Review #ReleaseDay – Misguided (Fallen Aces MC Book 5) by Max Henry

Title: Misguided
Series: Fallen Aces MC Book 5
Author: Max Henry
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: July 18, 2017
Only by losing my freedom, did I realize I was never free at all.


My father, the president of the Fallen Aces MC, sent me away to save me from a cold-blooded fate handed down by a tyrannical drug lord. Now, over a year later, my brother has come to take me home.

Only it doesn’t feel like home anymore.

I’m lost, wandering familiar yet foreign halls as I try to work out what my purpose is in this club. What can I offer the people who sacrificed so much to save me? I need a guiding light, something to get me on the right path. Or someone.

Someone like him.

A cocky, playful ladies man, Dog is nothing like what I thought I’d ever need. But as he strips the colors from his back, and reveals the true brilliance of the ones below, I can’t help but fall in love with the overbearing yet guarded man.

He’s guaranteed to break my heart, yet here I stand with it in my hands, offering him all I have left.

All that I am.

Maybe I’m not supposed to survive after all?

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

This is the 5th book in the series it can be read as a stand-a-lone but highly suggest you download the previous 4 and catch up. I enjoyed the chemistry between Mel and Dog. My heart went out to Mel watching her struggle with her place and where she fit in then to see the other side to Dog than just the cocky playboy had me in aww.

How does a woman who has been on her own in the deep woods get back to the life she once knew over a year later? Mel is trying to wrap her brain around the loss of her Daddy and sister while the only family she has left, her brother, is missing. She is struggling to be in a place that brings back so many memories and also trying to figure out who she is these days.  Mel is no longer the woman she use to be and she feels she no longer has a place with the Club. But what she does know is she is she feels something when around Dog but Dog is Dog and how can she trust her heart to a man that has repeatedly shown that he is a love’em and leave’em time. Mel knows she deserves more that than and Dog has to show her that he does not think of her the same way he does the others. Dog has to show her she is someone special.

The side that Mel brings out in Dog is incredible. He shows her a side that no one has ever seen or knows. He is amazingly patient with her and when he thinks she is in trouble he comes running. It amazes me how well he knows Mel, he knows she is strong and helps her figure out who the real Mel is and what she means to the Club.

I loved the slow building relationship between Mel and Dog and how Dog opens up to her. My favorite scenes are the one where we see a different side of Dog and the shopping/hunting scene. I have to say I am excited to see what Max Henry has instore for us next.

A few of my favorites:

“I wouldn’t have picked that. Didn’t they call you something else before you got your road name?” “Shithead. Grunt. Pisshole. Kid.” I smirk. “Take your pick. Nobody actually knew my name.”

“I don’t know how to do this,” he calls through the darkness, his voice hoarse. “I don’t know how to be serious with someone. But you make me want to learn, Mel. You’d be worth giving this up for.”

 “Don’t be angry at me, babe.” He staggers right, jamming a boot out awkwardly to regain his balance. “I’m a jerk when I’m him.” He points to the cut, groaning as he sinks to his knees. “He’s an idiot,” he says, slurring his words a little. “A fuckin’ idiot. But this guy,” he pounds his chest twice with closed fists, “he only wanted to see you smile.” His words die off, his voice weakening as he sags on his knees, his head almost touching the ground. “He loves your smile,” Dog whispers. No, scratch that. Koen whispers.
“You listen up good, Mel, ‘cause I’m only gonna say this once.” Dog runs a finger along my jaw, a thumb over my lips. “You never owe a man anythin’, got it? If you don’t want to do it—don’t. And if a man ever makes you feel bad for that” —he shakes his head and sighs—“well he ain’t much of a man, then, is he?”
A year in solitude has done nothing to dampen this woman’s spirit. She might have been unsure and out of sorts when she first got back, but as the weeks have gone by she’s simply gone from strength to strength. She’s every bit the born leader she professes not to be. A warrior’s heart packed into one spitfire of a package. Perfection.

“Just amazing you don’t want to miss one clicking this fantastic read.” – Brandy Roberts


“Misguided is a beautiful love story, even if MC Romance is not your thing, this is a love story you have to read.” – Tersia Eloff
“Love Max Henry love, love her style of writing. This book will keep you flipping pages simply because you need to know what happens!!” – Linda Diamond



Max is the author of dark, and highly emotional romance. Her Butcher Boys series is centered around a group of ex-street kids who have teamed up with an indebted motorcycle club to take down a notorious drug lord. And her new series, the Fallen Aces MC, is a spin-off from this dark and dangerous world. Her writing has been described as ‘gripping’, and ‘addictive’, taking you on an ’emotional roller coaster ride’.

Originally born and bred in New Zealand, Max now resides with her family in beautiful and sunny Queensland, Australia. Life with two young children can be hectic at times, and although she may not write as often as she would like, Max wouldn’t change a thing. When she’s not engrossed in her dark and twisted fictional worlds, she can be found enjoying the outdoors while 4wd-ing with her family.


#Spotlight – Hate to Love Him by Jody Holford

Meet the Author:

Jody Holford is a multi-published author who has a soft spot for happily ever after. So much so, she tattooed the words on her arm. She’s a mom and a wife, a friend, sister, daughter, teacher, and book-lover. Her stories have a little heat and a lot of heart. And maybe, some swoon-worthy moments that will make you smile.
Connect: Site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

About the Book:


Brady Davis is as happy as he is charming. Usually. Unless he’s in the same room with the frustratingly gorgeous antidote to his cheer. Mia Kendrick is headstrong and determined. She’s done with men who stand in her way—even if he has arms like Thor and a smile that makes her dizzy. Whenever they’re together, sparks fly—both the bad and good kind.
When Mia returns home to take over management of Kendrick Place, Brady is worried her focus on big business could be the end of his tight-knit home and the family he’s created there. Mia may have the power to change everything, but Brady could have the power to change her mind…if he can get inside her heart.



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