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#wotr #attendingauthor #standalone The Panty Plot by Tori Ross

Laney Wyatt has problems. She’s just been fired from her brand-new paralegal job. To make matters worse, her student loans are coming due and her medical bills from a past skiing accident are piling up.

When Laney learns about a website where she can sell her dirty panties, she initially laughs it off as a lark. But it’s no lark when she starts making hundreds of dollars a week and has more than enough to pay her medical bills and rent.

Too bad Milo Coulson, her old crush from high school and her brother’s best friend, finds her page and buys her underwear for his own naughty use…



Review by Twinsie Dee

i bought this book and here is my honest opinion.

Someone needs to take a cold shower after reading this book. Laney just got fired from her job and can barely pay her half of the rent now. her besties take her out to get drunk and they call her brother Landon and his super-hot friend Milo to come meet them at the bar. Landon and Milo will do anything to help Laney out, but Milo will do anything he’s always found her attractive, but lately it’s just hit him that she’s not just his best friend’s little sister but a woman. After a bit of a pity party Laney gets set up with a temp job with Milo’s help when one of his coworkers is about to have her baby. still needs more cash so she’s going to start selling her dirty panties online after her friend said it as a joke. Little does she know Milo is her biggest buyer after he overheard her 2 best friends talking about her profile on the site. but when both Milo and Laney finally tell each other about their feelings for each other will Milo’s obsession with her panties come between them or will it continue to be his dirty secret. Also, how will Landon take it when he finds out about his best friend and his sister. All the sexy time, talk and that time of the month are happening. You might want a fan on high to cool you off while reading this sexy, steamy book.

Tori Ross is the bestselling and award-winning author of steamy contemporary romance and romantic comedy. Her book, The Cuffing Season Contract, won the National Indie Excellence Award for romantic comedy, and she’s written several shorts, novellas, full-length books and serials. When she’s not writing, she runs a podcast called Sitting Here Reading Corn with Tori Ross and plays pickleball to get out of the house. She lives with her family and a hyper dog that needs extensive training.

wotr #attendingauthor #partofaseries #audiobook Touching Oblivion (Tasting Madness 2) by Albany Walker Narrated by Jacob Morgan Vanessa Moyen

Touching Oblivion: Tasting Madness, Book 2

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

She gave, we took, then I demanded more.

I had my reasons, but none of them are good enough to validate what happened.

I need her to forgive me, but I don’t know if I went too far this time.

Going through the motions.

Starting over in a new state, at a new school, is easy compared to losing something I never really had in the first place, but I’ve gotten good at faking it.

Too bad I feel like this time pretending I’m okay might actually break me.
Touching Oblivion is the second book of the Tasting Madness Series. This is Reverse Harem novel with adult themes and situations told in duel POV. 



Review by Twinsie Dee

Waylynn was just accused of being a junkie because Memphis seen her pill bottle and it gave him a flash back to seeing his parents like that. She kicked both of the guys out and went totally quiet on them not returning text, phone calls and even thinking about dropping her class to stay out of the path of the guys. But finally, Memphis gets her to listen to him and tells her that he’s sorry and tells her his feelings for her. Waylynn forgives them and they are better then ever learning more about each other and in more ways then one Waylynn is learning to trust Oz and Memphis to the point where she is starting to tell Memphis a bit about her past and taking her walls down a little at a time. Things keep getting in the way for these 3 will they be able to keep their relationship strong and how will Waylynn feel about adding 1 more into her heart, rumors, pictures and secrets will either tear them apart for good or make them stronger then ever. I didnt think i could love these characters even more then i did but oh buddy did Albany make them way better the heartaches the emotions and the sexy scenes are hot that your going to need a fan to cool you down.

Albany lives in Michigan where she’s happily married to her high school sweetheart. She spends most of her time juggling her four children’s extracurricular activities, with her nose stuck in a book. When not reading you can find her writing her very own book boyfriends. Albany’s passion is writing romance with real characters that are far from perfect, but always seem to find their own happily ever afters. 

#wotr #newrelease #mm #standalone Rebound by Kate Hawthorne 

They say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else… 
At least that’s what Ben is trying to convince himself. Ready to put his ex-boyfriend in the rear view for good, he connects with a handsome older man who’s only interested in something quick and casual. Their rules are simple—no strings, no feelings, and absolutely no kissing. 
Thomas has never been with a man before, but in the midst of divorcing his estranged wife, he knows it’s something he is ready to act on. He’s wondered for years if his attraction to men is something real, so hooking up with an experienced and gorgeous younger man seems like a surefire way to find out. Better yet, it’ll kill two birds with one stone: exploring the depths of his midlife awakening and moving forward into a brand kind of new life. 
One time together turns into two times, and two turns into something regular, but the rules still apply… until they don’t. Late night phone calls lead to early evening dinner dates, and one by one the rules are all out the window. 
Ben was supposed to be Thomas’s first time, and Thomas was supposed to be Ben’s rebound…but what if the best way to get over someone is also the best way to fall in love? 



Review by Twinsie Dee

I was given this book by the author for an honest review 

What better way to get over your ex-wife then sleeping with a man right? Well Thomas did that very thing he always had a curious side of him of what it would be like to be with a man, and after he finally got divorced from his wife who was actually cheating on him, he thought what better time than now he was alone in his new apartment he got on an app he had so hidden no one would find it. Ben was dealing with a narcissist boyfriend who just abused his body, mind and spirit, but a good romp in the sheets seemed to fix it for that moment. Well he finally had enough and finally ended it with him, Ben found himself on the same app, not looking for anything serious just a good lay from time to time. Well Ben and Thomas end up talking and next thing Thomas knew he was at Ben’s door for the first time and his first time being with a man. It was everything Thomas ever though it would be and he was glad he finally did it and Ben was just as impressed with Thomas’s performance even though he didn’t know it was his first time with a man. Will Thomas be able to keep his past in the past and just be able to hook up with Ben without catching feelings and same for Ben who was fine with a no strings attached hookup or will everything come out of the closet and go up in flames. Wow this story was so spicey and crazy but oh so good.  

With over two dozen published romances to her name, Kate Hawthorne has built a recognizable brand around telling emotional stories that pack a figurative (and sometimes literal) punch. 
Existing on a steady diet of wine and coffee, Kate spends her days dreaming up angsty stories full of heat, kink, and heart. Kate now lives in Louisville, where she writes romance, reads romance, and hides from the humidity. 

#WOTR22 #newRelease #ReleaseDay – Win My Heart by Lauren Helms

Win My Heart : A Nerdy Secret Relationship Romance (Gamer Boy Book 4) by [Lauren  Helms]

A nerdy gamer girl + a teammate’s older brother = a secret relationship that can’t stay hidden forever.

When it comes to gaming,
I’m a pro.
When it comes to my love life?
That’s a different story.

I’ve been crushing on my best friend’s older brother forever.
In return, he’s kept me in the friend zone for way too long.
Then things change between us.
And I get to see a whole new,
And incredibly sexy side to him.

But, he wants to keep things between us a secret.

I made a promise to my brother.
One I refused to break.
Until now.

I’ve ignored my feelings for the girl for way too long.
And the more time we spend together,
The harder I find myself falling.

There’s just one problem,
I can’t let anyone know that I’ve made her mine.

Can I win her heart before its game-over for us both?


Lauren Helms is a romance author her nerdy and flirty contemporary words. Lauren has forever been an avid reader from the beginning. After starting a book review website, that catapulted her fully into the book world, she knew that something was missing. While working for a video game strategy guide publisher, she decided to mix what she knew best–video games and romance. She decided to take the plunge and write her first novel, Level Me Up. Several published novels later, Lauren, with her book bestie, also formed PR company, Forever Write PR, to help other authors promote their books.

Lauren lives in Indianapolis, Indiana sharing her love of books and video games with her own Gamer Boy husband and three little kid nerds who will hopefully grow up to share the love of things that united Lauren and her husband on their own happily ever after.

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