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#Promo #Horror – In Bloom by Paul Tremblay

There’s something in the water in this hallucinatory short story by Paul Tremblay, bestselling author of The Cabin at the End of the World and The Beast You Are.

Journalist Heidi Cohen is in Cape Cod investigating the sources of recurring toxic algae blooms along the coast. A local named Jimmy has his own theory for her. Every year the fetid growth gets worse—but it’s been going on longer than anyone knows. Decades ago, something happened to Jimmy that he’s never forgotten. Is Heidi ready for the real story?

Paul Tremblay’s In Bloom is part of Creature Feature, a collection of devilishly creepy stories that tingle the spine and twist the mind. They can be read or listened to in one petrifying sitting.

Available in Kindle Unlimited –

#BookPromo – Shadow Hawk (Blood & Shadow, #5) by Alianne Donnelly

Three years after humanity devolved into the bloodiest conflict in centuries, the Shadow war is far from over.

Laura Belden is at the end of her rope. Her community is under the tyrannical control of a sadistic madman, and her people are depending on her to find a way out. The last thing she needs is the boy she once loved showing up out of the blue, as if he hadn’t broken her heart and then disappeared right out of her life. The problem is, he might be the only one able to help. After all, Finnegan Rowe is an expert on all things Shadow, courtesy of the twenty years he spent in their ranks.

Finn is coming home for one reason: to beg Laura’s forgiveness and start making amends for two decades of bloodshed in the name of a lie. He knows it won’t be easy—Laura is hurt and angry, and she has every right to be. He’s ready to accept whatever punishment she deems necessary. What he doesn’t anticipate is coming face to face with an enemy who threatens the lives of everyone who still matters to him. The battle will cost him everything, but a Hawk is trained to never leave a mission unfinished. Turns out, there is a way out of Shadow after all. But it leads through blood…

#BookPromo – Surviving Hell: Jake’s Story by Annalise Blaze

Young and arrogant, jaded by love- Jake Monroe is focused on one thing, his military career. Until a
young recruit catches his eye.
Mel’s pull is like magic, drawing him. He shouldn’t want her. She’s too good for him, but he can’t stay
Returning to a war zone, one letter changes their course. Destroying what Jake thought could have been
his forever. But fate draws them together again.
Can Jake survive hell and win back his girl? One thing is for sure, he’ll go through hell and back trying.

BookPromo – Lost Without You (Book Two in The Winters Series) by Annalise Blaze

I started to panic and I rarely panic.

I just got out of my car and went into the house, praying she was home. There was no sign of her. What the hell was going on? My pulse was beating at an alarming rate, and an overwhelming fear had taken up residence inside of me.

I saw the envelope on the table with a sheet of paper lying on top of it. Swallowing hard, I picked up the paper up to read it. I could see dried spots where tears had obviously fallen on it as she written it. In my gut, I knew I didn’t really want to read her words.

I put my head in my hands, feeling broken, and the most alone I’d ever felt in my entire life. My world had imploded. The hell of it was I had no idea how the fuck I was going to fix it. One thing I knew for sure was I had to find Hope. I had to explain and beg her to understand.

#BookPromo – Starting Over (Book One in The Winters Series) by Annalise Blaze

Forty-something caterer, Hope Winters has recreated her life after a divorce. Taking a chance on a catering job her deployed daughter suggested, Hope meets thirty-something businessman, Rafe Lacroix.

Instant heat and a high profile job combine to bring them together. Giving in to the electricity, Hope knows better than to let her emotions get carried away. After all, she’s had twenty years of being told her value. She knows that Rafe deserves better but she wants a sample of her own.

Determined to enjoy her fill, Hope knows when it’s time to let Rafe go to save them both. When disaster strikes, an unwavering Rafe knows where he belongs. At Hope’s side, providing the sustainment she needs to fight old demons and new fears.

Can Rafe help unwrap the desires Hope has hidden away? Can Hope slay the ghosts of her past and accept that the recipe to her true happiness lies in Rafe’s arms?

#BookPromo #NewRelease – Unfinished Business by Tricia Daniels

Maya and Alex managed to avoid each other in the same town for more than fifteen years but the universe pushes them back together as a new destiny begins to unfold. Twists and turns in the road being laid out before them will force these two highschool sweethearts back together to face their fears and insecurities. Their mysterious journey will quickly reveal they are not the only ones who have unfinished business.

#BookPromo – Her Two Men In London (Total Indulgence, #1) by Dana Delamar & Kristine Cayne

When three isn’t a crowd…
It was only supposed to be a vacation fling during a writers’ retreat to England and Scotland. So why does being with him–with them–feel so right?

My work and my daughter are my life. I agreed to a vacation fling with one man–and now there are two! Things are getting far too complicated…

I lost hard at the game of love, and now I don’t even want to play. I just want to have fun, but there’s something about him–and her–that’s calling to me…

My relationship with my ex-wife gave me PTSD. I’ve found the man I want–but he wants us to have a girlfriend too. I’m not sure I can do that, even for him…

HER TWO MEN IN LONDON is a 93,000 word full-length standalone romance. Contains scorching hot adventures in the Scottish highlands, at an English Regency masked ball, and an 80’s rave in London. Guaranteed HEA with no cliffhangers. Put your tray tables up, fasten your seatbelts, and let Total Indulgence Tours take you on an adventure you’ll never regret!

#BookPromo – Broken Souls (Tease, #3) by Lisa Helen Gray

Broken Souls
🖤(Tease: Book Three) 🖤
By Lisa Helen Gray

Broken Souls
Tease – Book Three
Editor – Farrant Editing
Cover designer – Dark City Designs
Formats/teasers – Dark City Designs
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– Forced proximity
– Grumpy / sunshine
– secret baby
– second chance
– suspense
– Friendships

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Book one is NOW ON SALE! For a limited time only.
➜Endless Beauty (Book One) –

➜ Crazy Hearts (Book Two) –

➜ Blurb

When I thought my life couldn’t get any lower, I found myself working at Tease.
The strip club was known for its prestigious clientele and well looked after girls.
I presumed I had what it took. I was desperate, alone, and I didn’t see any other way to make a living.
So I faked the smile, ignored the rude comments, and worked.
My first night in the private booths, everything fell apart. I fell apart.
And then entered Cole Connor—my saviour.
He had me at: ‘Are you okay?’
We shared an unforgettable night together. At least, it was for me.
Then he left, and I never saw him again.
But I never forgot him. Not his sweet touch, not his kisses, or how he made me feel.
I also couldn’t because he left me with a precious gift—one I didn’t know I needed.
A gift that became my biggest secret because I didn’t want people to know my boss got me pregnant.
Years later, he’s back. When he sees me with Poppy on the day my life turns upside down, I know my secret is out.
He isn’t the man I remember him to be. He is domineering, angry, and his words slice through me like a knife.
But beneath all that rage and hurt, he’s just another broken soul like me.
He has his own demons. His own secrets.
And everything is about to be unveiled.
Everyone has a story, and this is ours.

#BookPromo – Clinch (The Diamond Empire, #6) by Kathy Coopmans

There’s danger in stringing a person along. In making promises and not delivering. In breaking their heart when all you want to do is own it for the rest of your life.

Cherish it.

Worship at their feet.

Before they grew tired of the game, and said they’d had enough, they shared pieces of themselves they’d never shared with anyone else. They accepted your lies and excuses about why you didn’t want to make your relationship public until finally realizing they were nothing more than empty words.

I know that danger because it’s what I did, and it didn’t matter that I shattered my own heart in the process.
What mattered was how deeply I broke hers.

Every time I told Cara I was sorry, that she needed to trust me because I loved her and would never intentionally hurt her, felt like a cancer eating me from the inside out.
It ravaged me. Ruined me.

I should have been straight with her from the beginning. Should have known eventually she’d grow tired of it.
Instead, I piled the lies so high I couldn’t repeat them if I tried.

I should have stuck to the plan, exacted my revenge before I risked losing her altogether.

Now, it might be too late.

#BookPromo #FreeBook – The Governor by Tymber Dalton writing as Lesli Richardson

He kneels for only one man… Governor (Governor Trilogy 1, MMF, political romance, power exchange, GFY, bi awakening, secret workplace romance, wounded hero, friends to lovers, HEA) by Tymber Dalton writing as Lesli Richardson.