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#review #shortstory #short #mystery Red X (Run on Red short) by Noelle W. Ihli

A short story from RUN ON RED by Noelle W. Ihli.

Learn what happened to Ava Robles.

Fair warning: This short story contains spoilers for RUN ON RED.


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Review by Twinsie Dee

i bought this book and here is my honest review

if you read Run on Red you will know that the girls found the body of the missing girl Ava Robles, they solved the crime but now we get to find out how and why she got in the crawlspace the way she did. Ava was a new recruit to a sorority on campus and at a crazy college bonfire when she takes a breather before leaving one of her new sisters car she was met by a sister’s brother, they start talking and he takes her back to his truck they are drinking and making out, he’s got to be safe right I mean she knows his sister, but Ava couldn’t be more off on her gut feeling.

Noelle’s two great passions are murder and horses (separately, never together).

She lives in Idaho with her husband, two sons, and two cats. When she’s not plotting her next thriller, she’s scaring herself with true-crime documentaries or going for a trail ride in the foothills (with her trusty pepper spray).

#Review #Horror #Novella – The Pram (Creature Feature Collection) by Joe Hill

A husband’s obsessive desire for a child leads to an unexpected manifestation of his yearning in a nightmarish short story about fatherhood dreams by New York Times bestselling author Joe Hill.

Willy and Marianne’s farmhouse in Maine has acres of meadow and fresh air, and a lonesome bridle path in the forest along which Willy daydreams and ambles. When he’s loaned a decrepit old baby stroller to cart his groceries home, the rickety squeak of the wheels comforts him. So do the sweet coos of a baby Willy knows can’t be real. Can it? In this twisted thicket, wishes come true—with a price.

Joe Hill’s The Pram is part of Creature Feature, a collection of devilishly creepy stories that tingle the spine and twist the mind. They can be read or listened to in one petrifying sitting.

I will be honest and say that I was left feeling a little confused by this story, so I’m not too sure how to review but here goes nothing.

I’m giving this book 5 stars based on the fact that I enjoyed the writing and the description of the scenes helped me immerse myself into the story. So kudos to the author for that!

I also enjoyed that this was a different spin on fertility issues. Usually you see it from the woman’s perspective bit this was from the man’s and I liked that. It definitely made me curious if a lot of men felt the same way. 

I knew instantly that of course there would be an issue with the pram. Willy is given it to cart groceries home and ends up bonding with said pram and the happenings surrounding it.

This novella wasn’t as creepy as I hoped. Maybe I should have read it late at night with the lights off. Or I’m desensitized. But I enjoyed it none the less. This review is a little wishy washy, so check the book out for yourself. You may just enjoy it!

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