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Going home isn’t easy.

Finding my comatose aunt deep in debt is harder.

What really sucks, though, is cleaning up the mess she’s made of her finances while living next to the enemy I moved away from.

He’s loathsome. Always wrong. And still an arrogant jerk like he was in high school.

I’ve got two weeks to turn in my aunt’s expected manuscript to her publisher and hope it helps with the money issue.

The catch?

She never wrote it. There is no book. Unless I try to save the day and write it on a deadline.

So, really, how hard can it be to whip up a paperback about falling in love…while tolerating a sexy man who doesn’t believe in it?

the last thing Ava wanted to do was be driving back home but here she was heading to her aunts, as she was now jobless, homeless and found out her boyfriend wasn’t just hers. Life up in flames and on the way home she gets a call that her aunt was in an accident and in critical condition. But she’s alive and can fight to get better. having to find any kind of medicine or proof of insurance, Ava was now in way over her head then she ever imagined she would be coming back home. Gage the jock that was an ass to nerdy Ava back in high school found out that she was next door when her broom met his nuts and fresh thigh tattoo, these two will butt heads and have all the sexual tension between them but will they give each other the shot they secretly want or continue to throw gasoline on the fire. Oh, and on top of everything else she now needs to write her aunt’s new romance novel, so she doesn’t get in trouble and have to pay back the publishing company the advance they gave her aunt. Ava’s world is getting flipped upside down rather she’s ready for it or not. OMG great rom-com perfect banter and the AC needs to be cranked for some of those hot and spicy I hate you moments. this is a fast pace read i couldn’t stop AMAZING….



At Fairview-Teller High, light mixes with dark. Good with evil. And heroes with villains. But there’s a reason students call it Fairy Tale High. They’ll get their happily ever after– even if they have to fight for it.

Popular girl Jessa is caught off guard when the school bad boy—the guy she hates—moves into her house temporarily.
Not knowing how her friends, or the rest of the school, will react, she keeps her new housemate a secret.
Though Jessa loathes Adam for humiliating her at school last year, the more they’re around each other, the more her hatred starts to wane.
And when Adam kisses her?
She doesn’t hate it—or him.
But it does ruin everything.

Welcome to Fairy Tale High well not really but that’s what everyone calls it. You have the queens, wolves, kings and of course a beast, everyone has their roles a d they know how to stay in their own lanes. Jessa got stuck with Adam for a present or fail project and when he didn’t show up to class, she failed and weeks later she still hasn’t let it go, it’s the only time she’s failed at something, and it wasn’t even her fault. Jessa’s dad wanted her with Jay who is from a powerful family and wanted them to rule the kingdom together, but Jessa isn’t having any of that. Jessa wants her own happily ever after even if it’s with someone her dad probably won’t approve of. this queen is her own hero and maybe with the right guy by her side she can truly do good. this was such a cute great story with a plot twist you might not see coming. who will truly rule the kingdom and how will it all play out.



what happens when your brother’s best friend buys your dirty panties.

Laney Wyatt has problems. She’s just been fired from her brand-new paralegal job. To make matters worse, her student loans are coming due and her medical bills from a past skiing accident are piling up.

When Laney learns about a website where she can sell her dirty panties, she initially laughs at off as a lark. But it’s no lark when she starts making hundreds of dollars a week and has more than enough to pay her medical bills and rent.

Too bad Milo Coulson, her old crush from high school and her brother’s best friend, finds her page and buys her underwear for his own naughty use…

Someone needs to take a cold shower after reading this book. Laney just got fired from her job and can barely pay her half of the rent now. her besties take her out to get drunk and they call her brother Landon and his super-hot friend Milo to come meet them at the bar. Landon and Milo will do anything to help Laney out, but Milo will do anything he’s always found her attractive, but lately it’s just hit him that she’s not just his best friend’s little sister but a woman. After a bit of a pity party Laney gets set up with a temp job with Milo’s help when one of his coworkers is about to have her baby. still needs more cash so she’s going to start selling her dirty panties online after her friend said it as a joke. Little does she know Milo is her biggest buyer after he overheard her 2 best friends talking about her profile on the site. but when both Milo and Laney finally tell each other about their feelings for each other will Milo’s obsession with her panties come between them or will it continue to be his dirty secret. Also, how will Landon take it when he finds out about his best friend and his sister. All the sexy time, talk and that time of the month are happening. You might want a fan on high to cool you off while reading this sexy, steamy book.



A rural country road. No cell signal for miles. A terrifying game of cat-and-mouse.

By the time Laura and Olivia notice the headlights tailing them through the hills, it’s too late. What seems, at first, like a case of road rage quickly unfolds into a heart-pounding chase—and a battle for survival.

Who are the men in the truck? What do they want? And can Laura and Olivia outrun—and outsmart—them long enough to call for help, even if it means taking their chances in the hills on foot?

As their situation grows more perilous, the girls realize that the real terror has only just begun. But flight won’t save them from their pursuers. If they’re going to make it home alive, they’ll have to fight.

Olivia and Laura were on their way to a bonfire out in the middle of nowhere going on backroads, twist, turns and hills. Olivia was getting car sick in the old beat-up Volvo that Laura’s sister let them take for the night. Olivia noticed a truck following super close to them and was able to grab the plate number and text it to her bestie you know to be safe in her true crime mind you can’t be careful enough in a time like this, well this wasn’t because they were in the middle of nowhere she did it all the time so they didn’t think too much of it but she wanted them to have a lead just in case something bad were to happen to her. next thing the truck passes them and sits in wait blocking them from their path and now the girls were in their very own Dateline episode that they didn’t want to be in, with 2 mask men coming towards their car what happens next you will never see coming. What do these guys want to hurt them, or possibly kill them, what did they do. So many twists, turns, and gut retching pain that will have you on the edge of your seat till the last page.



They want an heir and I’m the only way they can get it. With or without my cooperation.I thought Cadieux Island would be a new beginning, but the privileged estates and elite college turned into a nightmare.My once tormentor and his twin brother somehow became my unlikely saviors while the grandparents, I didn’t know existed, lured me here with the promise of family have shown themselves to be the true tyrants.The Umbra’s want an heir and I’m the only way they can get it, but I’m not the same girl I was when I stepped onto this island. The Morningstar twins have honed me, sharpened me into something my family will never see coming. Honed in Havoc is the final book in the Corrupt Credence series. A dark college romance with mature content for adult readers.

With the Umbra’s having kidnapped Nova, Lucian and Nox are on a mission to get her back and never let her out of their sights again. When 7 students die tragically Nova is allowed to leave the house with her captures, I mean grandparents to attend the memorial. Her heart breaks when Lucian and Nox barely look at her, but little does she know that’s all a part of their plan. 1 gps tracker placed and unknown Lucian is ready to get his lam back at all costs and who knows how much blood will be shed. OMFG this book WOW, swoon, makes you all hot and bothered, and have all the feels the Morningstar twins are so perfectly written Nova is definitely one lucky lady.

#WOTR24 #Review – Five Day Fiance (Brewer Brothers #3) by Mickey Miller (Standalone or Series!)

“Hot, sweet, funny, a little bit angsty but most of all, it’s just a great story that will keep you enthralled.”

It started out as a joke. I needed a wedding date. Jocko Brewer at my office was the perfect candidate. Handsome. Rich. Slightly cocky. Great in bed. And now… my fiancé. The ring was his idea to get his mother off his back about ‘getting serious with someone.’ Flashing the enormous rock front of my ex in Cancún was a nice bonus. Jocko has his reasons for wanting this fake engagement, and I have mine. But I never imagined our time in the sun would be the best five days of my life. I definitely never thought I would fall for a man like Jocko, a player who has broken more hearts than I have pairs of shoes. But a deal’s a deal, and five days in paradise is all we get. Now how do I stop myself from falling in love? Because this is only temporary. Turns out five days can change your whole world.



Review by Twinsie Kelly

This is a fun, sexy, swoony, witty, and emotional story all wrapped up a five day vacation from heaven….or hell. A lot depends on what temptation you actually act on and if you have any regrets.  Allie seems like a sweet, girl next door, type of woman. She is dealing with an incredibly difficult breakup. In the midst of this, she is invited to her friend’s destination wedding, but everyone is coupled up. Plus, the real kicker, her ex will be there with his new fiancé. Whatever will she do? She asks her coworker, Jocko, the self-proclaimed forever bachelor, to go with her on a “fun” vacation. He immediately shuts this down but then agrees, but only if she agrees to play as his fiancé to get his mom off his back.

Right here, we all know this is a bad idea. But hey, what happens on vacation, stays on vacation. Right?! These two have an intense chemistry, but neither have acted on anything as they are coworkers, Jocko doesn’t mix work with pleasure and Allie was taken. All of that is thrown to the wind and they both have an incredible time. However, it eventually blows up in their face. The hard facts are that they must face the music and figure out what they each will do.

The inner monologue from Allie and Jocko, both will give you something that we can all relate to. There is a wonderful balance of fun, sexy, swoons, wit, and emotions that will keep you turning the page. I thoroughly enjoyed this crazy story!

Mickey Miller profile image

Mickey Miller is a former college athlete, returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and musician.

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#Audio #dark #DarkComedy #Killers – Butcher & Blackbird, The Ruinous Love Trilogy book 1 by Brynne Weaver, narration by Jo Arden and Lucy River

Every serial killer needs a friend.
Every game must have a winner.

When a chance encounter sparks an unlikely bond between rival murderers Sloane and Rowan, the two find something elusive—the friendship of a like-minded, pitch-black soul. From small town West Virginia to upscale California, from downtown Boston to rural Texas, the two hunters collide in an annual game of blood and suffering, one that pits them against the most dangerous monsters in the country. But as their friendship develops into something more, the restless ghosts left in their wake are only a few steps behind, ready to claim more than just their newfound love. Can Rowan and Sloane dig themselves out of a game of graves? Or have they finally met their match?

Butcher & Blackbird is the first book in the Ruinous Love Dark Romance trilogy of interconnected stand-alone dark romantic comedies. This dual POV novel ends on a HEA.

***Butcher & Blackbird is a DARK ROMANCE intended for an adult audience – please see Brynne’s website for a comprehensive list of CWs***



Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased the audiobook.

The narration was amazing.  I haven’t listened to a story by either narrator but thought the killed it 8see what I did there* with the story.

My friend Kate messaged me and was like “GIRL you need this book.”  I opened Goodreads to get the blurb and was SOLD….serial killers who kill other serial killers and fall in love…DUH This is a no-brainer.8  I looked up the triggers and was like WTF list was that.  I laughed even.  But when I downloaded the book and they read the list of triggers I laughed so hard.  Like crazy hard.  I knew I was going to be in for an epic ride when the story began.

So Blackird/Sloane is caught when Butcher/Rowan finds her.  They have a bit of a chat and decide t have to “friendly” competition every year.    And this is how the delicious story begins.

Sloane is a neurotic mess and Rowan is a bit of one too.  They two of them grow to be friends and even kinda wanna be with the other…granted Rowan admits this right away in the beginning but Sloane was a little thick to get the point.

The chemistry was a slow simmer until the pot was boiling.  I was dying much like they were for “more” to happen…when I does KABOOM.  Hold on to your butts because this rocket is full throttle.  They two are soon exploring each other and what could be.

Of course we have some drama and  a mega plot twist but the story made my heart so happy.  I also am looking forward to book 2 with Lachlan and Lark.  These two are going to be a riot.  I feel like the banter will be just as amazing and Rowan and Sloane.

I didn’t think the story was super dark until about chapter 21 and I got a little squeamish BUT I have read way worse.  I will say I don’t know that I can eat Cookies and Cream ice cream again…IYKYK!!

Brynne is a fan of velociraptors, the Alien movies (well, most of them), red wine, and wild adventures. She can relate nearly anything you say to a line from the movie Hot Fuzz. She has been trying unsuccessfully for years to convince her husband that they should acquire a pet mink to add to their menagerie of animals (what could possibly go wrong with that plan?!). Brynne has been everything from an archaeologist to a waitress, a deep-sea core analyst to an advertising account executive. For the last several years, she has been working in the field of neuroscience clinical research. Brynne has been writing since childhood. When not busy at her day job or working on her next book, Brynne can be found with her husband and son on their family farm in NS, Canada, or enjoying her other passions which include riding horses, reading, motorcycling, and spending time with family and friends around a raclette and a bottle of wine.

#Review – Silver Bush (Awkward Series Book 3) by JB Heller



Review by Twinsie Kelly

Super funny and sweet! How do you handle things when the love of your life becomes your step sibling? Yep, you freak the F out! However, when what you two have is true love, will you let the step sibling stuff get in the way? Well, Tilly and Lee split up because their parents screwed things up royally for these two. Three kids and six years later they are going to see if they can make it work. Tilly is a divorcee with three kids and her stepbrother, Lee, wants to be her baby-daddy too! The chemistry between these two is palpable and you know they truly love each other. The extra craziness the kids bring to the party is soooo pure and sweet. The banter and wit with the entire crew is sure to keep you turning the pages with a smile on your face.

J B Heller profile image

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USA Today Bestselling Author JB Heller is an average Aussie housewife and Mumma in her 30’s with a wicked sexy imagination. As well as the owner of a randy Eclectus parrot with boundary issues.

These days she writes mostly contemporary romance and romantic comedies, drawing inspiration from her everyday life.

Monday to Friday you can find JB glued to her laptop weaving words or trolling Pinterest for her next potential muse. Come the weekend, it’s family time. (And of course lots of reading and Netflix binges.)

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#Review – His Christmas Bunny: A best friend’s brother romance with comedy (sweet & spicy) by Billie Jade Kermack

A sweet & spicy Dual POV festive novella, filled to the brim with lusty encounters and laugh out loud moments.

There’s only 3 miracles on Mia’s wishlist…

1- That karma will dole out justice on her cheating ex.

2- That she could survive solely off a diet of sweet treats.

3- And lastly, but by no means least – that Logan Sinclair, her best friend’s big brother, will rewrite the past and express his undying love for her….

But she’s more likely to see reindeer fly than the latter since he hasn’t said two words to her in the last three years.
Agreeing to spend the holidays at the cabin with her best-friend and her family, the promise of drowning her sorrows in buckets of mulled wine is too good an offer to pass up. But fate has a funny way of derailing their plans of a calm and cosy getaway.
Lieutenant Logan Sinclair is meant to be deployed overseas for the holidays, not standing in Mia’s bedroom with a slick grin on his handsome face with news that they are officially snowed in together.
Even the weather is against her.

But what if this 6ft4 tattooed Adonis with the sweet caresses & dirty promises is here to mark a miracle off of Mia’s Wishlist?Or will history repeat itself and leave Mia destined to be unlucky in love forever?



Review by Twinsie Kelly

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

This is what happens when Santa brings you a bunny for Christmas!

This novella packs quite the punch! It has a little bit of everything. Mia is Logan’s little sister’s best friend and Mia is like family. Mia is quirky and super adorable. Logan is a natural born soldier with looks to boot! These two have had a lot of tension over the years…pining for each other but never acting on it.

Mia joins her friend for Christmas so that she is not alone and after three years, these two are thrown into each other’s space…quite literally! Emotions and sexual tension rears its head again and these two finally come around to lay things out on the table. It is a great explosion that turns into a lot of spicy encounters.

Like I said earlier, this story has quite a bit of everything. It is cute, funny, witty and sexy! The side characters give it a great flair as well. My only complaint is that I hoped for a bit more at the end. I needed and epilogue…since I don’t have that, I am hoping this continues and we can see what types of shenanigans these two can get into. Definitely a page turner!!

Billie Jade Kermack profile image

Billie Jade Kermack was born and raised in London, England. She lives with her partner, three kids and her dippy dog Gus. As well as being an author Billie Jade works as a Makeup and SFX artist and a doll maker.

Her love of horror, murder mystery and magic inspired her to create her first paranormal romance trilogy AWOKEN, ASCEND & HALLOWED.

Her latest release is the well-received VERONICA, a mature friends to lovers with a non-traditional happily ever after filled with humour. This is the first standalone book in the planned TWISTED FATE series. Creating swoon-worthy book boyfriends is an obsession at this point.

#WOTR24 #Review – Hoist the Flag: Triangles and Tribulations Book 1 by Cassandra Featherstone

***This was previously published in the Jingle My Balls Anthology. This version has bonus content!***

Click to send… and I’m outta here.

Being the infamous fairy tale ‘Jack’ isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. My entire life has been a series of memes—before they were even invented!

My current ‘Jack’ title is companion to the Ice Queen—who spent the first couple of years singing that song—but my sentence here is almost over. I’m going to make a run for it to retire with my shaker of salt on an island in the Caribbean while I drink piña coladas.

Before I leave, I realize my heart wasn’t as frozen as I thought and I have to save Queenie from her evil sister. We make a plan to escape together after the Yule celebration, but even that falls victim to my legendary bad luck.

Enter two bumbling pirates who were playing Robin Hood, a monkey, and a sea voyage to our permanent hiding place…only to trip over a bottle on the beach that contains a mysterious map to a legendary graveyard filled with famous treasure the moment we arrive.

My spill draws the attention of our pirate friends and two other local hotties who can’t resist damsels in distress.

Insert eyeroll here.

My girl and I didn’t ask to be conscripted on an adventure with two shifter pirates, a masseuse, a demi-god, and a merman who think we’re on the menu, but here we are.

Maybe I should have taken the Ice Queen’s musical advice when I first arrived ?



Review by Twinsie Kelly

First, this cover is amazing! I mean we have a gorgeous female pirate and I immediately think of a female version of Jack Sparrow. I was scrolling and immediately stopped to check it out. Second, the blurb grabbed me by throat, pulled my hair, and made me one click, like RIGHT NOW! Needless to say, I have incredibly high hopes that this story is going to consume me. I am ready to ride high and laugh my money maker off. However, I had a difficult time at the beginning. This could be because this is a ‘new to me’ author and I am not familiar with her writing style, but I was expecting a YO HO HO glorious grand time and got stuck in the snow. The beginning was quite foreboding with detail (that is needed) to give you each of the female character’s backgrounds so that you understand why they are planning to escape. There are funny and extremely hot scenes throughout the first half, but it didn’t really pick up until about the 60% mark for me. Now, this is where things get really good. We get a lot more action with the escape, add the shifter pirates and crew, plus a special request comes into play. Now, I am hooked! I need to continue this journey and see what the next leg has in store for this crazy crew!

Cassandra Featherstone profile image

Cassandra Featherstone has been writing since she could hold a pencil.

Her passion for literacy is unmatched, but when she picked up her laptop to write her first published novel in March 2020, she focused on subjects that not only spoke to her soul, but affected many of the women she’d met throughout her twisty life path.

Cass’s vision of a more inclusive whychoose genre lead her to include various types of polycules and diverse characters with three-dimensional personalities, hopes, and dreams that readers adore. Due to her relationships with friends and family, bullying, PTSD, body dysmorphia, mental illness, reinvention, and claiming your space are frequent themes in her books. She frequently champions other authors who also strive for accurate, respectful representation of LGBTQIA+ characters in their whychoose romance.

Her works include urban fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, and academy whychoose/polyam with characters over eighteen. Her books never include non-consensual elements, but feature accurate, safe depictions of BDSM and kink lifestyles.

She’s also affectionately known as the Muppet for her outrageous, extroverted personality and her wacky brand of theater kid social media posts and videos.

Cassandra lives in the Midwest with her computer geek husband, artsy college goblin, an author dog named Tilly, and five cats that Loki himself spawned.

Follow here everywhere:

#WOTR24 #Review – Baker Down: Magic and Mayhem Universe by A.J. Renee

Bougie Treats was my dream—and is Assjacket’s favorite spot for peanut butter and jelly donuts and chocolate croissants.

After an electrical storm damages my ovens, I’m left scrambling to keep the bakery running. I blame my reaction to the repair man on my earlier-than-normal mornings.

Keeping my growing attraction to the good-looking visitor in check should be easy… except at every turn, the simple repair is delayed by unknown forces.

How is a witch to protect her heart when fate keeps intervening?


Review by Twinsie Kelly

When the hottie that comes to fix your ovens, fries your girly circuits, you invite him to lunch! Cami is having a helluva week. Her ovens stopped working and she is running herself ragged trying to keep up with the bakery. D’Angelo has been called to fix her ovens. However, when one thing goes right, another goes wrong and D’Angelo has to postpone the repair. These two have an instant connection but both of them are trying to talk it down. He has to leave and she has to stay. This just won’t work! Fate, which most of the time has its own laughable agenda, pushes these two together. Oh, and we cannot forget about Ricky! He has to be one of my favorite familiars! Love him!

Baker Down is an adorably funny, super cute, and humorous story! If something can go wrong, it will go wrong, but for the absolute best! Just like with the other stories in this universe, you should expect quirky characters around every corner that will keep a smile on your face.

Author Logo

AJ Renee is a military wife and mother of three. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with her Master of Science in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

She loves to read and write steamy romance with a happily ever after. When not working, you can find her playing World of Warcraft, board games, or outdoors for a run or hike.



#Review – Blue Beaver (Awkward Book 2) by JB Heller

Did you know flannel can be deceivingly sexy?

I’m Charlotte, a fashion blogging, endo warrior (if you know, you know. If you don’t, buckle up). If devoting my life to fashion has taught me anything, it’s that flannel was never a good choice. But it turns out, I was wrong. Very wrong.

The first time I met Elijah he told me I was insane and I called him a lunatic. Then he came to my rescue, like a knight dressed in flannel, and I had to eat my words. Apparently, not all country folk are serial killers intent on feeding you to their pigs. Who knew?

Never in a million years did I imagine myself lusting after a dead sexy, flannel-clad, llama farmer. There’s no way it would ever happen. Me, flannel, and llamas, do not mesh. But the guy is basically perfect. He’s tall, built like a greek god, and kisses me like he was born to do it.

Too bad he’s currently sharing his bed with Satan’s Mistress—I mean—Delilah, his baby rescue llama. And she hates my guts.

**Please note the Awkward series is set in Australia and written in Australian English. As such you may assume there are some spelling errors within. However, it’s just how we spell things Down Under.
**For lovers of all things romantic comedy. If you’re a fan of Julia Kent, Pippa Grant, Lili Valente, or Emma Hart, you will adore JB’s Awkward girls.



Review by Twinsie Kelly

For the love of all that is holy! Llamas, blue beavers and flannel! So ridiculously funny but absolutely adorably cute! These characters have me hooked! When I finished Pink Bits, I was going to rush right in to read Blue Beaver, but something told me to wait. I got into another slump and NEEDED the hysterics and shenanigans of the Awkward series!

Elijah has no time for himself. He is always working and helping everyone else but himself. Then there is poor Charlotte, she has endometriosis and suffers badly during that time of the month. She self medicates at times with chocolate and wine. While on a chocolate run, she runs into Elijah and you just know that the sparks are going to fly. It is super cute because they are basically forced together and when this happens Charlotte finds out that chivalry is not dead. This is a huge wake up call for Charlotte because she has sworn off relationships. Even when she puts Betty on a leash for a while, she doesn’t want to fall in love. However, even with the llama demon spawn trying to keep Elijah and Charlotte separated, their draw to each other is absolutely undeniable.

These books are fast and fun. While turning the pages, you will laugh and swoon at the same time. Blue Beaver was truly awesome! I am so happy that I found this author and series!

Author Logo

USA Today Bestselling Author JB Heller is an average Aussie housewife and Mumma in her 30’s with a wicked sexy imagination. As well as the owner of a randy Eclectus parrot with boundary issues.

These days she writes mostly contemporary romance and romantic comedies, drawing inspiration from her everyday life.

Monday to Friday you can find JB glued to her laptop weaving words or trolling Pinterest for her next potential muse. Come the weekend, it’s family time. (And of course lots of reading and Netflix binges.)

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#Review – The Fall of Us: A Grumpy Sunshine, Fake Dating, Age Gap Romance (Love in Isolation Book 5) by Kennedy Fox

What happens when you travel across the country for your dream job and end up sharing a bed with an older man who volunteers you to be his fake girlfriend? You hope you don’t fall in love when it’s time to say goodbye.

The Fall of Us is an age gap, fake dating, grumpy/sunshine, forced proximity romance.




Review by Twinsie Kelly

Wit and banter… check!

Super steamy scenes (wags eyebrows)… check!

Crazy exes… check!

All wrapped up in the most adorable happily ever after Hallmark movie… CHECK!!!

First, I have to say that when I picked this book up, I didn’t realize it was part of a series. Second, you don’t have to read the others in the series. This is a complete stand alone. There were some areas that I figured there was another backstory but in no way shape or form did it impact this story at all. This story has just about a little bit of everything.

Oakley and Finn are absolute opposites, including their age. Oakley has been commissioned to paint for Finn’s family celebration. Finn fights everything when it comes to Oakley, small talk, ogling each other, thinking about her, and the list goes on and on. Oakley tries to hate Finn for the way he is treating her. However, they these two end up crawling under each other’s skin and when Finn uses Oakley to try and get his ex off his back, Finn and Oakley are forced into positions that they can no longer fight.

I don’t usually care for a lot of books that are super sweet and sugary. In fact, when I first started reading this, it immediately felt Hallmark-esque. However, that did not last long at all. Finn and Oakley keep each other on their toes and became an incredible love story that I could NOT PUT DOWN! I am so in love with them that I am ready to go back and read the entire series.

Kennedy Fox is a new author for me but I am here to stay! You, my friend, have a new fan!

Author Logo

Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish are a duo of romance authors under the USA Today pseudonym, Kennedy Fox. Their characters will make you blush and your heart melt. Cowboys in tight jeans are their kryptonite. They always guarantee a happily ever after! View our full reading order here:


#WOTR24 #Review – All I Wank for Christmas: A Romantic Comedy by Tori Ross

Tori Ross, author of Contact High and The Cuffing Season Contract, is back with a laugh-out-loud holiday romance sure to jingle your nuts and roast your bells.

After a series of unfortunate events left Holly Hepperdine without an accounting job, the only way to pay bills, pay for her sister’s school, and help her sick mother is to work at the local rub and tug massage parlor, The Happy Stroke Club, making a hundred dollars a “pop.”

Jasper Nicholas is stressed to the max on Christmas Eve. His father is ill, and Jasper has to run the family’s delivery service tonight. On a whim, he stops for a quick massage, realizing too late that there are other perks of the purchased package. He indulges but can’t get the gorgeous woman with the witty banter out of his mind, even after they go their separate ways.

When Jasper comes down Holly’s chimney late on Christmas Eve, she realizes Jasper is Santa Claus’s son and tasked with delivering gifts to the world’s children. He also needs desperate help with navigation and inventory. Can Holly and Jasper keep their hands to themselves long enough to deliver the gifts?

All I Wank for Christmas is an irreverent, raucous romantic comedy standalone, sure to put you in the mood for a happy holiday season…no Happy Stroke Club needed.


Review by Twinsie Kelly

OMG, I just can’t even with this book! I laughed out loud and then had to stop and fan myself. This story will keep you on your toes!

Holly gives a handy to Santa’s son! What more is there to say??? You should literally stop reading this review and just read the book 😊

The story is a bit “over the top” but that is what makes it so great!

Jasper stops at a massage parlor thinking he could relieve some stress. He just didn’t realize the type of parlor he was going into and got so much more than he bargained for from Holly. These two have an instant attraction and both of them can’t stop thinking about each other. When Jasper searches Holly out and lets her in on the secret that he is Santa’s son, she skeptically goes along with it to deliver presents. The night is a disaster and if something can go wrong, it does. But the story and shenanigans that they get into will have you glued to this book eagerly turning to the next page.

We have all heard eleventy billion Santa stories but this one takes the cake! The characters are witty, the banter is hilarious, and the steam level continues to increase throughout the story.

I highly recommend this for a fun, but hawt, Christmas read!

Author Logo

Tori Ross is the bestselling and award-winning author of steamy contemporary romance and romantic comedy. Her book, The Cuffing Season Contract, won the National Indie Excellence Award for romantic comedy, and she’s written several shorts, novellas, full-length books and serials. When she’s not writing, she runs a podcast called Sitting Here Reading Corn with Tori Ross and plays pickleball to get out of the house. She lives with her family and a hyper dog that needs extensive training.