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#WOTR19 #ThrowbackReview – Persuading Tomorrow by Jennifer Laslie

Persuading Tomorrow

When the unimaginable happens and Jordan loses her best friend on the night she had planned to tell him her feelings, it leaves her to wonder if she’s the guilty party, but her memories of that night are fuzzy. In an attempt to leave her past and the hateful stares of her peers behind, she moves across the country to live with her mother in Esterwilde, Pennsylvania. It’s a small close-knit town, but there no one should know about her past, or so she thought.

When Zyler runs into the new girl in town he can’t help but feel a connection, but he also knows her past harbors a horrible secret. He’s heard the rumors, but doesn’t believe them. Seeing Jordan in pain kills him and all he wants to do is take it away.

Jordan soon realizes that no matter what she does she’s not going to be able to outrun her past. Can Zyler show her that despite the hate and ignorance in the world that life is still worth living? Will she ever figure out the truth about the night that took away her best friend?


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

This book is about the pain that Jordan is dealing with after the death of her best friend. She feels the guilt and loss of him plus blames herself for his death after a night of partying. She can’t take it and so she moves across country to stay with her mom. Between the guilt, depression and whispers from the kids at her school she needed a fresh start.

Poor Jordan can’t catch a break because once she shows up at her new school it seems they too know her secrets. However, one boy, Zyler, doesn’t care and wants to get to know the new girl no matter what.

I think the book does a good job with the emotions Jordan is dealing with and in scene really delves into why teens would think death is easier than life. I loved Zyler and his positive force in Jordan’s life. I also loved that even though he has major troubles he is willing to always remain optimistic in life. He is kinda the ying to her yang.

The books has a villain we totally hate but it also shows the “other side” of the bully. The girl’s why’s for her horrible treatment of Jordan. We can see how teenagers are so focused on themselves to see what other people maybe dealing with.

I liked the little mystery thrown into the book and there is a cliffy at the end but I am a fan of cliffys so it doesn’t make me mad. It makes me wanna know what happens to the Jordan and Zyler.

Jennifer Laslie is a crazy cat lady who lives in Louisville, KY with her wonderful husband and two children. When she’s not thinking about cheesecake or cats, she can be found in the bookstore in the Young Adult section, coffee in hand.

#ThrowBackReview #Contemporary #TwinsieKristiFavorite House of Payne:Max (HoP book 6) by Stacy Gail

TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains flashbacks of violence and drug abuse, and the impact of these factors on family members. If you have issues with these elements, this book is not for you.

Chicago’s premiere tattoo studio, House Of Payne, is across the street from the Mad Cow diner, but it might as well be on another planet as far as waitress Paradise Simone is concerned. She’s a good girl from Waukegan with a past she’d rather forget, and a future that goes only as far as the next day. What does she know about superstars and paparazzi?

But Pari does know danger when she sees it, and tattooist Max Kulagin has it written all over him. A proper Waukegan girl should know to steer well clear, but she can’t resist Max when he leaves beautiful, intimate art sketched out on cheap diner napkins.

Beautiful, intimate art…of her.

Max knows ugliness. He was born in it. Raised in it. Had it shoved down his throat every goddamn day. So when he stumbles across true beauty, he worships it. There’s a deep sensuality in the waitress who likes to suck on her pen whenever he’s around, and he’s just the man to bring that beauty out in her. She might be a lady in the street, but one look at Pari tells him she’s going to be a freak in the bed.

And in the shower.

And while he’s driving with her head going to town in his lap.

The life Max leads might be in the spotlight, but it’s Pari who gets caught in the glare. When her past catches up to her, it’s her life that holds all the excitement, and not in a good way. But there’s no force on earth that can take Max’s beautiful Paradise away now that he’s finally found it.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader’s Copy of this book

Sooo, Max is probably some I’ve been waiting forever to read it seems, ever since he started talking to Essie in Steele’s book!!!  I knew what I thought he was going liked from his first words and I’m glad to say he was so much MORE!!!!  I also had pictured who he was going to look like, hello Josh Mario John!!!

Pari, she is someone who has been through some deep s**t, but she didn’t let that break her.  She is someone that has become stronger than even she knew.

Pari works as a waitress at The Mad Cow, love the name, a diner across the street from the House of Payne shop.  Max has been coming to the diner for a month and during that month he has left her little drawings on napkins.  Sometimes funny drawings, sometimes drawings of her, and sometimes very naughty drawings of her.  

As you can tell from the drawings that he leaves her, Max is a artist.  He is one of the premier artist at the House of Payne, the top tattoo shop in Chicago if not the world.

I love how easy these two seem to come together it seems almost effortless, but let’s face it, it wasn’t.  Max has spent that month falling more for the girl with the purple hair and killer butt  than he has for anyone else and Pari has spent that month secretly keeping his drawings and falling for him too.

When her past comes back to haunt her Pari thinks about leaving the city to be safe, but after hearing about her past Max vows to do everything in his power to make sure she is happy, safe, and staying by his side where she belongs.

I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much while reading a book, not laughed just smiled because these are two characters that I can plainly see in my head and having a picture of Max in you head is a good thing!!

Gail did a wonderful job with Pari’s backstory, showed how you can overcome anything, if you have people that love you and you can trust at your side.  She also wrote about the family that they have in the epilogue and it seems that Max and Pari get everything that could possibly want to make them happy.

I can’t wait to meet Tag in the next House of Payne story, I just know it’s gonna be a good one.


House of Payne 6 book series

A competitive figure skater from the age of eight, Stacy Gail wrote stories between events to pass the time. By fourteen, she told her parents she was either going to be a skating coach who was also a romance writer, or a romance writer who was also a skating pro. Now with a day job of playing on the ice with her students, and writing everything from PNR and cyberpunk to contemporary romance at night, both dreams have come true.

#WOTR19 #FREE #Review #Throwback – Kill Devils Hills by Sarah Darlington

Kill Devil Hills (Kill Devil Hills, #1)

He’s twenty-four. She’s eighteen.

His life is exactly the way he’s always wanted it to be…stable.
She’s quite possibly the very definition of unstable.

Noah saved her.
Georgina never wanted to be saved.

Growing up, Noah Clark was passed from one relative to the next until he finally ended up living with his abusive, alcoholic uncle in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Thanks in part to the unwavering love and support of his best friend, Ellie Turner, Noah survived those years, escaped his uncle, and grew into the man he is today. Now he runs his own business and lives a pretty normal, no-nonsense life—one where he maintains a high level of control.

Georgina is Ellie’s younger sister. Four months ago, Noah saved Georgie’s life, but he thought that was where his involvement with his friend’s sister would end. Now Georgie has returned home from the recovery facility her parents sent her away to and Noah, still haunted by the night that connects them, can’t stop himself from continuously trying to protect this girl he barely knows. But is he willing to give up all of the control he’s worked so hard to build in his life and risk everything for her? Even more importantly, would she do the same for him?



4.5 star rating but rounded up

I received this book from the author for an honest opinion.

WOW!! I picked this book for a blog tour based on that awesome blurb and boy was I happy I did. I fell in love with social outcast Noah. He just lept in from the first chapter…errr first PAGES and stole my heart and TBH the book. He was not your typical “hero” with the fact of the age difference to Georgie and just his quiet and kinda grumpy being but WOW!! Then when we hear what he tells Ellie at the bar about her sister, his Wild Card……OMG the thud of my heart and the swooning couldnt be contained.

This book I picked because I thought it would be this intense and deep book (and I kinda like deep and intense) but I was actually shocked at how easy and light it was based on the subject matter…suicide. Am I taking away from the novel, ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I was just shocked at what I thought would be but wasnt….make sense???? I mean I was expecting mega tears but got mega heart thumping instead…….

Georgie tries to kill herself but drunk Noah, her sisters BFF, walks in and saves her. The two then form an instant bond and four months later when she returns home from her “rehab” of sorts , they have this strange chemsitry…but wonderful chemsitry. Noah never notices Georgie before and WOW does he notice her now. Georgie always thought Noah was a hot and brooding but scary as heck guy. I loved the way the story of them and how they danced around what they were feeling with each other through the novel. My abso favorite parts were the bar scene and when Noah talks to her parents about his “intensions”…..But the scene that made me fall totally, 110% fast and hard was noah’s reason for sleeping on certain sides of the bed…OMG I just cant even begin to tell you how much I loved that man after that scene. It is a crazy kinda love.

I cannot wait for more from this series. I need to know about Ben and his mystery woman, Ellie and why she was smoking and of course I need more of Noah and his Wild Card.

Sarah Darlington grew up in a military family traveling the United States –although, she’s called Virginia home for most of her adult life.

She’s the proud mom of two very special kids. She believes in true love, soul mates, unicorns, rainbows, and that Hogwarts really does exist. Before having kids she worked as a flight attendant. And when she’s not writing, she’s busy plotting her next grand adventure.