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#wotr24 #attendingauthor #standalone Once Upon a Paperback by A.M. Daniels

Going home isn’t easy.

Finding my comatose aunt deep in debt is harder.

What really sucks, though, is cleaning up the mess she’s made of her finances while living next to the enemy I moved away from.

He’s loathsome. Always wrong. And still an arrogant jerk like he was in high school.

I’ve got two weeks to turn in my aunt’s expected manuscript to her publisher and hope it helps with the money issue.

The catch?

She never wrote it. There is no book. Unless I try to save the day and write it on a deadline.

So, really, how hard can it be to whip up a paperback about falling in love…while tolerating a sexy man who doesn’t believe in it?



Review by Twinsie Dee

i was given this book by the author for an honest review

the last thing Ava wanted to do was be driving back home but here she was heading to her aunts, as she was now jobless, homeless and found out her boyfriend wasn’t just hers. Life up in flames and on the way home she gets a call that her aunt was in an accident and in critical condition. But she’s alive and can fight to get better. having to find any kind of medicine or proof of insurance, Ava was now in way over her head then she ever imagined she would be coming back home.  Gage the jock that was an ass to nerdy Ava back in high school found out that she was next door when her broom met his nuts and fresh thigh tattoo, these two will butt heads and have all the sexual tension between them but will they give each other the shot they secretly want or continue to throw gasoline on the fire. Oh, and on top of everything else she now needs to write her aunt’s new romance novel, so she doesn’t get in trouble and have to pay back the publishing company the advance they gave her aunt. Ava’s world is getting flipped upside down rather she’s ready for it or not. OMG great rom-com perfect banter and the AC needs to be cranked for some of those hot and spicy I hate you moments. this is a fast pace read i couldn’t stop AMAZING….

USA Today Bestselling Author A.M. Daniels lives in Ottawa Hills with her husband, three young girls, and too many cats and dogs. She lives for coffee, loves witty sass, and always writes a HEA. Previously writing under the name of Amabel Daniels, she carries on with the Awkward in Love series: romcoms loaded with heat and plenty of laugh-out-loud scenes.

#BookPromo – The Trouble With Us by Carmen Jenner

USA Today Bestselling Author Carmen Jenner delivers an unforgettable friends-to-lovers,marriage-pact, surprise pregnancy, STAND-ALONE about two best friends who just needed a little shove in the right direction. Guaranteed HEA!

Friends don’t fall for their new bestie’s boyfriend.

Yep. Things got super awkward when I came face to face with the tattoo-covered Viking with a devastating smile and a panty-melting southern accent whom I coerced into being my fake boyfriend only weeks before. How was I supposed to know he was my friend’s boyfriend?

Friends don’t make marriage pacts after they’ve had too much to drink.
I’d been in love with Gabe since the night we met. He just didn’t know it. So when he asked me to marry him if we were still single at thirty, how could I possibly say no?

Friends don’t get one another pregnant.
Neither of us ever wanted kids, but when those two little lines appeared on that stick, well … exactly how big does an explosion have to be before it’s considered nuclear?

Friends don’t look at one another the way we do.
And that’s the trouble with us. Gabe and I have never been just friends.