#WOTR #MC #Review – Bound by Desire by Ryan Michele

Have you ever wanted something so badly it consumes you?
There is a fine line between needs and wants.

Deke Gavelson has wanted his Ravage cut for as long as he can remember. He’s earned it. He was born to be in this club. He’s not afraid to fight for his place, either.

Then she barreled into his world, and Deke suddenly desires something more than his rag and winning the next round.

Rylie Hollister has lived through hell and back. Each event makes her the strong, independent woman she is today. Until a bitter underground fighter threatens to turn her plans upside down.

These two are bound by their desires, but oh, how that changes when his intensity meets her passion.


iBooks: http://apple.co/2neQbBk
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I receive this book from the author for an honest review.

AH Deke!!  We saw you as the rebel and entitled little shit in Cooper’s book.  NOW we get your history.  I feel bad, much like GT, for thinking bad or wrong about you.  The things you endured for the people you loved are enormous.

Rylie is one kick ass chick.  I mean she is hot as hell but tough like a man.  My favorite scene is when Deke thinks she is a stripper because of her job.  I had to giggle totally because she knocked him off course.

This book has a lot going on.  We are getting to see Rylie and Deke develop into a couple but in a way that storyline is a secondary one to Deke’s past and the last 4 years.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved this book but I think we needed to know what Deke’s been doing and why he isn’t part of Ravage anymore.  There are so many unresolved storylines for him we needed it all sorted out.

Deke and Rylie are seriously 2 people who get each other.  They both have had serious crap happen that ruined their family. They both have major baggage so relating to one another was complete and understandable.

I am telling ya Deke was a surprise rea for me.  I didn’t think I would respect him as much as I did when all the cards were out on the table.  Not many people would be strong enough to do what he did for his family.

Another big story line is Ryker, Austyn and her secrets.  Man!!  I can’t wait for the next book!!  Holy smokes!!

I’m a mom and a wife who works full time. I have a huge obsession with collecting paperbacks and reading. Becoming an author, wasn’t exactly what I set out to do, it just happened. I needed something to help me get rid of the feeling of being ‘just a mom’ or ‘just a wife’ that was consuming me and writing became that outlet. My book(s) cover some tough issues which are hard for some readers to digest. I am grateful for every single one of you who read my books.


#Review – Hyde’s Absolution (Sydney Storm MC #4) by Nina Levine


Possessive biker alert

Monroe Lee is a handful.
She fights me, challenges me and tries to resist me.

Where I’m jagged, she’s smooth.
Where I’m dark, she’s pure.
Where I’m broken, she’s whole.

I am not a good man.
I’ve hurt everyone I’ve ever loved.
I should walk away before I ruin her too.

But fuck, we are fire together.
And I’ve been out in the cold too long.

At a time when everything is falling down around me, she might just be my saviour.

This story contains all the panty-melting sexiness and alpha goodness that Nina Levine books are known for.

Motorcycle Club Romance



I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

I have been so excited and waiting for Hyde’s story I knew it was going to be one heck of a ride. I mean come on with a road name like Hyde for none other than Jekyll/Hyde.

Hyde has intrigued me as the loner type but very devoted to his brothers. He has a past that he doesn’t talk about. It made him who he is like it or not. He did things he was not proud of and was torn from the ones he loved. However, he always took care of what his no matter what or how distant he seemed.

Monroe is giving up on love and then there is Hyde. Like a moth to a flame it is hard for Monroe to resist him and all his Bad Boy ways.  Monroe and Hyde fit together; they knew how to fight and how to love. When one was having a weak moment the other was there to be strong.

When the past came to the present they were there for each other.  Hyde needed a sassy strong woman and Monroe needed a hot alpha bad boy. There was more to this story than just Hyde and Monroe because WOW the club business is getting dicey.  I need to know what will happen next and I cannot wait for King.

A few of my favorites:

Why God? Why is the only man I want to sleep with a moody asshole?

There was just something about this man—something that drew me to him when all I wanted to do was run the other way. Snapping at him would hopefully keep him at arm’s length.

“Bree, baby, he’s the bad boy your mama will warn you about when you get a little older. Bad boys are okay to fool around with, but you don’t date them.” “So all your life you’ve dated the good guys? Is that working for you?”


USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Levine is an Aussie author who writes alphas with a side of dirty and sassy women who don’t hand their hearts over easily.

When she isn’t creating with words, she loves to create with paint and paper. Often though, she can be found curled up with a good book and some chocolate.

Visit Nina’s website: www.ninalevinebooks.com

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#REVIEW – Author Anonymous by E.K. Blair

*An intoxicatingly risqué stand-alone book.

She’s an author.
She’s a mother.
She’s a wife.
She’s a fraud, a woman marked and bound by her own deceit.

Experience the astounding tale of how Anonymous battled through a year of scandals and betrayals, how her world fell from its axis with a single choice, and how she lost herself between reality and fantasy.

This is a stand-alone tangled in lust, heartbreak, and contrition.

*Based on a true story.

Twinsie Jo’s Review:

I’m not even sure what to say right now or even how to rate this book. I gave it 5 stars because EK Blair’s writing is fan-freaking-tastic but for the story? Oh gosh. It’s hard. So so hard.

This book came out last year and unfortunately I didn’t get around to finishing it until today. As most of you know, this book is based on a true story. It’s a frustrating, heartbreaking, epic tale and EK Blair weaves it altogether to give you so much sorrow…gah, I can’t even right now.

Tori ends up meeting this man, Alec and together, sparks fly, lies twist and so much agony, I don’t even know where to begin. I like Alec. I really do. I find that I want to know more about him. I want to know why he was the he was. I want to know his point of view while everything happened with Tori.

I’ll read books about anything. I have no triggers. Nothing will hold me back. But this story is probably the most frustrating I’ve ever read. Tori is selfish. Even when she knows what she’s doing is wrong and admits to it, she still goes and does it. It’s a train wreck of wrong decisions and poor choices.

But the story is one you can’t put down. You want to keep reading to find out what happens next but that ending? It made me sad. That’s all I’m going to say.


#NewCovers – The Western Palm Series by Britni Hill @thatbritnihill


Tess Jacobson has a knack for putting her faith in the wrong guy. With a horrible ex-boyfriend darkening her past, she vows to never let herself fall for good looks and lies again. She sets her standards high, knowing exactly the kind of guy she needs to find. Until she meets Blake Martin.

Her past sends her running in someone else’s direction. People aren’t always who or what they seem to be and first impressions can be misleading.

A spring break trip pushes Tess and Blake together, leaving them unable to deny the way they feel for one another. Sneaking around and hiding behind closed doors adds a certain spark, but they both feel the countdown ticking, leaving them wondering when it will all come out and what will happen.


Angry and jealous. Two words that perfectly describe Jason Parker. The only thing that matters is numbing his pain, doubt, and guilt.

With the guilt comes the realization that he can’t survive all alone. He intends to make amends, to seek forgiveness, but when his stepbrother’s ex-girlfriend shows up, Jason can’t deny the pull he feels toward the pretty brunette.

A steamy night in high school with Corinne pushed him toward the downward spiral he’s been riding. He knows he should keep his distance but he can’t seem to make it happen. Corinne is different than she was at seventeen. She’s no longer the spoiled brat out to be arm candy like her mother taught her. She sees something in Jason. Something he desperately wants to believe is real.

Once he gives in he gives it his all, he can only hope everyone is ready to see the real Jason Parker.

Spring break is supposed to be all about fun. It’s not supposed to be all about her sister’s wedding.

Sun, sand, and sangria are what Megan wanted for spring break. Instead she’s getting linens, centerpieces, and dress fittings. The sister that constantly outshines her is getting married and Megan has to help with the preparations. While their friends are enjoying the beach and a typical college spring break, Matt and Megan are heading to her hometown.

An overbearing mother. A disapproving father. A stuffy, perfectionist sister. A poorly attempted set up.

Matt’s doing everything he can to show Megan and her family that she’s loved.


Abby had her world rocked when her parents announced they were separating. Unable to deal, she packed up and transferred schools, heading to Western Palm. Sharing an apartment with her best friend and a roommate makes for close quarters.

Trying to stay upbeat, Abby dons a sexy costume and parties the Halloween night away with her friends. Instant attraction draws her to Adam but she’s not looking for a relationship. Certain he’s just like all the others she’s dated, she tries to keep her distance. Adam is relentless, constantly proving he’s worth her time.

Spending the holidays with family should be fun, but a surprise waits for Abby on Christmas Eve. Family traditions are turned into a circus and Abby loses all faith in relationships. Can Adam help her gain that confidence back and get her to embrace the way she feels for him?


The Western Palm series has a new look!

All books are just 99 cents 6/28-7/5.






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#NewRelease #Review #TwinsieForTheDayBecky #Giveaway – The Touch of Snow by Anna Edwards @Anna__Edwards



Selene Harper doesn’t know who she is and for that fact, what she is. If she touches someone, she hears all their intimate thoughts. Not so good when you want to start dating. And definitely not good when you are about to be thrown into the world of shape-shifting bears, wolves and wild cats.

Brayden Dillion is a shape-shifting snow leopard. He is the lead assassin of the Glacial Blood pack but has already been told that when he mates, he will be made Beta. That is the problem though. He cannot find his partner. Well, not until he goes to visit his mother and meets Selene.

The Touch of Snow is the first book in the new Glacial Blood series. A first paranormal book from the author, Anna Edwards. It tells the story of a voyage of discovery for both Selene and Brayden as they try to understand what fate has in store for them. The Glacial Blood world is full of intrigue, suspense and a family of friends. It also features a secret that should remain untold.

Family isn’t always blood; it’s the people in your life that accept you for what you are.

In all her life, she had never willingly reached out to touch someone, but she found herself doing it before she could think. She took his hand, and hers was enveloped in his grip. No thoughts entered her head. Her hand began to tingle. Both their gazes shifted to where they were joined, skin to skin. Her hand was changing, fingers turning into a paw, nails into claws. Fur sprouted through the skin in white and smoky gray flecks. The hair was spreading, her arm changing into a… a cat’s leg. She jumped back, breaking the connection, her arm cradled to her chest. Slowly the effects of the touch reversed until she returned to normal.

“Selene,” Brayden spoke but his words were lost.

All she could do was stare at her hand. “Wh… what are you?” she stuttered.

“You need to let me take you back to my mother’s apartment now.” He stepped forward, but she jumped back again.

“Don’t touch me.” Selene snapped frantically and shrunk away covering her body. She was terrified.

He held his hands out in front of him so she could see them. “I won’t. You have my word. Let’s go down to the car. Mom can help me explain.”

“She’s like you? No, I’ve touched her. I heard her thoughts. I didn’t start changing into…into what was that?”

“Selene, please, the car.” He stepped forward again and tried to wrap his arms around her. She was too quick for him though, kicking out before taking off through the desert as fast as she could. She didn’t have a clue where she was going. She just knew she needed to get away. The darkness was closing in. The last thing she wanted was to be stranded in the California desert with no water. A noise came from her left and she froze. From the shadows stalked a big cat. It got close enough that she could distinguish it as a snow leopard. Recognition, shook her. It couldn’t be. Her hand, that was what she had been changing into.


Review by Becky

I was given a copy of the book for an honest review.

WOW!!!  This was Anna’s first paranormal and she did NOT disappoint.  I love the Controlling series and this one rates right up there!!!  I couldn’t put my kindle down.  I had not yet read anything with a multi-shifter and this drew me right in.  I knew that Selene and Brayden were going to connect from the moment Jane asked him to watch over Selene when she went on the date with the jock asshole.

Brayden stayed in the shadows up until the time when Selene said no and jock asshole didn’t listen.  Brayden’s fury resulted in his shifting even scaring Selene more.  There begins the draw of our characters.  Brayden took Selene to his pack’s home asking the leader, Kas, to protect her. Of course, he would agree and our hero and heroine have to survive the greed and misdeeds of Kas’ brother Nuka.

Selene connects with Brayden’s pack and feels at home.  She understands that family doesn’t always mean blood relation as non-blood can and many times does act and feel more like a family.  The care and sensitive side of Brayden to physically connect with Selene is very touching!  Our Brayden and Selene are finally able to come together as mates and physically – purrrrrrrfectly sizzling hot, hot, hot!!!

The ending – WHAT????  I know there are twists with that one.  There’s no way it will be the obvious…right?!?

I am anxiously awaiting Book 2! J  Write on Anna! It’s a slam dunk!



UK: http://amzn.eu/dKmXINw


Ok, this is the bit where I have to sell myself. Why is it so much easier to write about sexy blokes! Anyway… I am a British author, from the depths of the rural countryside near London. In a previous life, I was an Accountant from the age of twenty-one. I still do that on occasions but most of my life is now spent intermingling writing while looking after my husband, two children and two cats (probably in the inverse order to the one listed!). When I have some spare time, I can also be found writing poetry, baking cakes (and eating them), or behind a camera snapping like a mad paparazzi.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. It was also around this time that I became one of the founding members of a dramatic/erotic/dark roleplaying group on Twitter. It was wildly popular with both English and American followers. The writing helped me to overcome my depression by giving me an outlet to channel my thoughts into and not sit around worrying all day about things that would never happen. I took over responsibility for management of the group and responsibility for development of our storylines. As well as playing at least ten different characters in the group ranging from an innocent virgin, blood thirsty assassin and even a male lover. The success of the role-play spurred me on to writing novels.

I have a love of travelling and like to bring this to my stories to give them the air of reality. Death Valley is somewhere I visited in 2008 after a tragic personal event. It was part of a tour of the west coast of America that I loved a great deal. The highlight of the trip was a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

I have always been an avid reader. Mainly murder mystery in the past but with Beautiful Bastard I discovered a whole new set of novels and I haven’t looked back since. I like my hero’s hot and hunky with a dirty mouth. My heroines demur but with spunk. And my books in a kickarse series.



Facebook, Author Page: AnnaEdwardsWriter

Facebook, Friend: TheAuthorAnnaEdwards

Twitter: @Anna__Edwards

Instagram: authorannaedwards

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Grand Prize for the Tour: One winner – autographed print copy of The Touch of Snow plus a swag pack.





#CoverReveal – Misguided (Fallen Aces MC book 5) by Max Henry

Title: Misguided
Series: Fallen Aces MC Book 5
Author: Max Henry
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: July 18, 2017


Only by losing my freedom, did I realize I was never free at all.


My father, the president of the Fallen Aces MC, sent me away to save me from a cold-blooded fate handed down by a tyrannical drug lord. Now, over a year later, my brother has come to take me home.

Only it doesn’t feel like home anymore.

I’m lost, wandering familiar yet foreign halls as I try to work out what my purpose is in this club. What can I offer the people who sacrificed so much to save me? I need a guiding light, something to get me on the right path. Or someone.

Someone like him.

A cocky, playful ladies man, Dog is nothing like what I thought I’d ever need. But as he strips the colors from his back, and reveals the true brilliance of the ones below, I can’t help but fall in love with the overbearing yet guarded man.

He’s guaranteed to break my heart, yet here I stand with it in my hands, offering him all I have left.

All that I am.

Maybe I’m not supposed to survive after all?

“Thanks, Mel.”
She shrugs, slinging a clean pair of black denim jeans over her arm. “I wouldn’t have achieved anything by lowering myself to your level, would I?”
Ouch. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means,” she says slowly, turning to face me. “I could have gone downstairs, found some random guy to suck off, and tried to hurt you like you hurt me, but the truth is” —she sucks her lips to her teeth with a hiss— “I don’t think you would have cared.”
My nostrils flare, the look I give her so fucking pissed off that she frowns and places a foot to the side, ready to bolt.
“What?” She shrugs again, making me want to grab her by the shoulders and shake her until all the messed up shit in her head gets back to where it should be.
“Those lips of yours go anywhere near another man’s junk, I promise it won’t be pretty.”
I can’t even think straight when I look at her. All I see is the fuck-off eyes she’d be giving that asshole as she dropped to her knees. My fist curls, my forearm aching with the strain.
“My lips,” she snaps with a bit more sass than necessary, “can go wherever the fuck I please.” She frowns hard, doing that little head wiggle thing chicks do when they’re about to go off. “Why should the rules be different for me than they are for you?”
“What fuckin’ rules?” I ram my fist into the mattress to save from getting up and smashing it into the wall.
“You can suck some bitch downstairs, but I’m not allowed to—”
“Don’t fuckin’ say it again.” I hold a finger up, closing my eyes as I wince.
Her feet make soft padding noises as she hustles across the floor. Her breath is hot and minty over my face as she leans right in. I don’t dare open my eyes, don’t dare breathe her in too hard in case I snap.
“Suck. A. Dick,” she murmurs right in my face. “Choke on a cock. Let a man face-fu—”
My hand’s on her throat before I even fully open my eyes. “Don’t.”
She still glares at me; her fucking kissable lips an inch from mine. I screwed up, I get it, but it’s not as though I intended on hammering the fucking bitch after I was done. Shit, I don’t think I could have sported a fucking woody if I tried given how much I’d consumed.
There’s only one woman on my mind right now, and the feel of her pulse beneath my thumb tells me her heart races as hard as mine.

Max is the author of dark, and highly emotional romance. Her Butcher Boys series is centered around a group of ex-street kids who have teamed up with an indebted motorcycle club to take down a notorious drug lord. And her new series, the Fallen Aces MC, is a spin-off from this dark and dangerous world. Her writing has been described as ‘gripping’, and ‘addictive’, taking you on an ’emotional roller coaster ride’.

Originally born and bred in New Zealand, Max now resides with her family in beautiful and sunny Queensland, Australia. Life with two young children can be hectic at times, and although she may not write as often as she would like, Max wouldn’t change a thing. When she’s not engrossed in her dark and twisted fictional worlds, she can be found enjoying the outdoors while 4wd-ing with her family.


#WOTR #Review #ReleaseBlitz #Giveaway-On the Plus Side (A Perfect Fit #2) by Alison Bliss

On the Plus Side (A Perfect Fit #2)

The second book in a laugh-out-loud new contemporary romance series from Alison Bliss!

Big girls don’t cry. They go after what they want.

Thanks to her bangin’ curves, Valerie Carmichael has always turned heads-with the exception of seriously sexy Logan Mathis. Just Valerie’s luck that the object of her lust-filled affection is also best friends with her overprotective brother. But Valerie’s determined to get Logan’s attention . . . even if it means telling a teeny little lie to get a job at his new bar.

Logan can’t remember a time when Valerie didn’t secretly fuel all his hottest fantasies. Now the curvaceous she-devil is working behind his bar, tempting him every damn night. It’s only when he finds Valerie’s naughty things-to-do list that Logan decides to break every rule in the book-by making each red-hot deed a reality.

No one warned them that they were going to fall this hard. And no one warned them that sometimes the smallest secrets can have the biggest consequences.






Series Page on Goodreads



I received a book from the author for an honest review.

Oh LAWD do I love me some Logan and Valerie.  Those two were killing me!!!

Valerie pinned away her entire youth over her brother’s best friend never knowing he too was interested in her but the 4 year age gap was a pretty big deal.  Now fast forward to today annnnnd well all bets are off.  The two do a terrible job hiding their attraction and everyone…well almost everyone except for her bother Brett….noticed.

When Logan finds, a joke note of sexual things Valerie wants to explore and THINKS she dropped it there for HIM as a challenge…all bets are off.  The two begin a very dangerous and fun game of “what can we check off Val’s naughty list.”  As they keep playing they are starting to let it slip how much they mean to each other but at the same time they are afraid to tell Val’s brother of their relationship.

When a past disgruntled employee comes back and causes issue it makes all the secrets spill out in the open.  The two have a giant hurdle to overcome if they are going to make it as a couple or if they are done checking things off the list.

I loved the banter between the two.  I also loved how alpha Logan was but did want to throat punch him a time or two for his dismissal of Val and her feelings.  I loved seeing Leah and Sam finally get married but Max….yeah old Max.  I want a book allll about you Mr. Trouble Maker/Math Maker!!

As the youngest of five girls, Alison Bliss has never turned down a challenge…or been called by the right name. Her writing career may have started out as a dare by one of her sisters, but Alison hasn’t put her pen down since.

She grew up on a small island off the Texas Gulf Coast, where most of her childhood vacations consisted of camping or hunting trips to the deer lease. Although she’ll always be a Texan at heart, Alison currently resides in the Midwest with her Iowa farm-boy husband and their two sons. With so much testosterone in her home, it’s no wonder she writes “girl books.”

She’s an animal lover, a closet video game enthusiast, and believes the best way to know if someone is your soul mate is by canoeing with them because if you both make it back alive, it’s obviously meant to be. Alison’s an avid romance reader who enjoys penning the type of books she loves to read most: fun, steamy love stories with heart, heat, laughter, and usually a cowboy or two. As she calls it, “Romance…with a sense of humor.”















#NewRelease #Review – Feral King (The Dominant Bastard Book 1) by Sparrow Beckett

Feral King

Minnow Korsgaard works a dead end job to make ends meet. When she’s hired to take care of a wealthy old man with no social skills, she’s excited to have found work in her field.

The new boss isn’t at all what she expected.

Severin Leduc is only thirty. He’s also a dominant, tattooed brute who’s needs someone to break through the walls he’s built. The exiled son of a wealthy family, he’s unapologetically rude and eccentric. Raised by servants, he doesn’t want extra people in his life, let alone a pretty girl who refuses to leave him in peace.

Minnow’s submissive nature sparks against Severin’s dominance. Torrid sexual attraction flares between them. Sharing her with his best friend, Rodrigo, only strengthens their growing bond, and Severin’s life is scattered into chaos. Will he learn to trust her, or will he live the rest of his life forgotten?

Warning: BDSM, dark themes. Character’s memories of prior abuse may trigger some readers.



September 2017  – Pre-Order Book 2, Tragic King Amazon for 99C


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Holy Mother….what have they done to me?  I am totally and forever ruined by Sev.   He owns a piece of my soul…and Sadists scare the ever-loving crap outta me.  #WhatHappened????

Ok so here goes…….I loved that there are references to Beauty and the Beast in this book because honestly THAT is a true representation of these two flawed individuals.

Sev….*Sigh* If I thought he might let me curl up in his lap I would and try to make all the hurt go away buuuut remember he is a sadist and well he kinda digs the pain.  He is so closed off and afraid to let people in.  When he loves, he does it fierce and with all the loyalty he has.  When he begins to let our Minnow in, and he tells his story….the anguish you feel and the hurt you have.  You my reaction is the same as Minnows.  I was ready to cut a B!!!

Minnow is the most amazing person.  She meets Sev and is drooling immediately but she can feel the Dominant in him.  She is a moth to his flame.  She is all for it and pushes him not knowing all his history.  When he finally accepts her into his heart, holy sweet Jesus!!! The ballroom will never be the same!! *Snickers because you have no clue what I am talking about!*

Now the two of them have a trusty side kick names Ro. I FLOVE him.  He is the right person to help our H/h get together *snickers again* .  He is the perfect fit of friend and tag team partner for the couple plus there is an under lying need there he has to have a connection much like Sev and Minnow.

The end of the book is a bit of a cliffy….we are left with some of Sev’s past coming back to haunt him.  So we need to know if Sev and Minnow are strong enough to weather this storm together or will Sev’s fear and past force him to push her and is best friend away.

Two writers in two countries transform into the super writing duo, Sparrow Beckett, each night after wrangling their housefuls of children and pets. They trade the cape and colorful tights for tattoos and cups of coffee then set out to create a world where readers fall in love with heroes and the women who willingly go to their knees for them. Their books are the products of two kinky minds who don’t take themselves too seriously.


#NewRelease #Review Dropout (Bad Boy Homecoming #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan

A high school reunion is about to get down and dirty and a whole lot more complicated in this new erotic romance from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan.

Grayson Cleary left town before graduation day and never looked back. Most people back home pegged him as a dropout. Over time, he’s worked to make something of his life and leave his past behind, so when his ten-year reunion comes up, he has no intention of attending. When his best friend begs him to go, Grayson finds himself confronted with a past he’d rather forget and the one woman he’s always craved.

Kate St. Dalton had everything when she left her hometown. Not only was she Valedictorian with a full scholarship, but she was also engaged to the boy of her dreams. Then, life threw a wrench in her plans, and she had to find a way to live the new life fate handed her. The last thing she needs is the hot boy from high school returning to town as the sexy man of her dreams.

When the two take a chance and use the reunion week to burn up the sheets, they’ll have to remember that it’s only for a few nights—not for a lifetime. And decide if what they have is just a fling…or something far more than a mere reunion.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader’s Copy of this book

This series of Bad Boy Homecoming books are set of 5 books all wrote by different authors. Though they are all set at the same time and place they do not have to be read together.

Everybody has something about their high school years that they either wish that they had done or regret that they did do. Whether it’s asking a person out, realizing that as a kid you weren’t the nicest person, or that you didn’t really see the world around you. Whatever it was, just remember that could be the thing that set you one the path of who you are today and would you change that person?
Grayson Clearly was the bad boy, the high school drop out. He really didn’t want to leave the home he made for himself in
Denver to go back to the small town Texas for his high school reunion, his best friend makes him.
Kate St. Dalton was the class Valedictorian, had a full scholarship, and was engaged to her high school sweetheart.
A lot can change in 10 years and you can kind out all kinds of things about people that you thought you knew.
Grayson is a hunky, bearded, tattooed man. Please wait while I wipe the drool!! Lol!! He is a very strong man and I’m not just talking muscles here, but he has those too!!! In high school he had a crush on Kate and seeing her again after all this time just reminds him of that.
Kate is definitely not the girl she was in school. She’s had to move back to her home town and live with a lot of the town, her parents included, looking at her with disappointment that she didn’t live up to her potential.
So, the feelings come fast between these two, I mean they haven’t seen each other in 10 years and never really knew each other beyond what you see in school, and yet it works. They learn things about each other they never knew, things that shaped them into the person they are today.
In learning those things they realize that if Grayson had acted on that crush in high school, they might not be these adults and might not stand a chance, so the time wasn’t right. Now though, now the time is perfect and though it’s fast it is exactly what the two need.
Ryan has wrote another great couple. Grayson and Kate are two kids that grew to be the adults that other needed to be complete.
This is one reunion that I am not missing if all the stories are this good!!!



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Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance. Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Talon Pack, and Gallagher Brothers series, which have sold over 2.0 million books worldwide. She started writing while in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry and hasn’t stopped since. Carrie Ann has written over fifty novels and novellas with more in the works. When she’s not writing about bearded tattooed men or alpha wolves that need to find their mates, she’s reading as much as she can and exploring the world of baking and gourmet cooking.


#review #NewRelease – The Bet (The Players #1) by Elizabeth Hayley

The Bet (Players, #1)

Jace “the Jet” Benning is a legend on the football field. And off. He has the arm, the charm, and the reputation of being the hottest player in the league.

Too bad Dr. Alessandra Mastrazacoma is not impressed.

With a busy schedule and a bruised heart, Alessandra doesn’t have time to date, but when she is lured into making a friendly bet with her best friend, she finds herself agreeing to go out with the next guy that asks…and to give him three shots, three dates, before pulling the plug.

Jace also has a friendly wager with his friends going, and it involves making sure the slightly klutzy, but very pretty, doctor will be his date to the biggest night in sports. With two wagers and two hearts on the line, will Aly and Jace win or are they betting to lose?




I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I love these ladies’ writings and have been a fan since their first book came out.

This book is a sweet and kinda predictable story about a guy and a girl who run into each other.  The girl, Alessandra, has no clue who the hottie, Jace, even is.   Then Jace is bet by a friend and he needs to get Alessandra to go out with him.  She is like not even close to thinking he is worth her time.   But her friends convince her to go out with the hottie and give him a chance.

The banter is funny between the characters but I didn’t feel the heat like I usually do and especially from their fist books.  One thing I did love about the story was Alessandra was kinda a hot mess.  LOL  She was super smart but kinda clueless in social situations…….like if you talked to her you would think AWKWARD which I thought was hilarious because the authors themselves say and do things that cause them to laugh at themselves.  So I kept thinking “Was the Elizabeth or Hayley who wrote that scene?”

I liked the story and if you are wanting to read something sweet and easy then this is a great book.  Its pretty angst free but has a fun feel to it.


Elizabeth Hayley is actually “Elizabeth” and “Hayley,” two friends who love reading romance novels to obsessive levels. This mutual love prompted them to put their English degrees to good use by penning their own. The product is Pieces of Perfect, their debut novel. They learned a ton about one another through the process, like how they clearly share a brain and have a persistent need to text each other constantly (much to their husbands’ chagrin).

They live with their husbands and kids in a suburb of Philadelphia. Thankfully, their children are still too young to read.

Elizabeth Hayley’s writing motto is best captured by the words of Patrick Dennis: “I always start with a clean piece of paper and a dirty mind.”

We split the time on Goodreads, so those of you who have been communicating with us get “pieces” of each of us. We appreciate all of your support!