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#BookPromo – My Savior by Winter Travers

The ride continues with the Iron Fiends MC.

Olive was just trying to make enough money to survive. All of that changed when her world literally exploded, and in walked Cue Ball.
The rough-around-the-edges biker and a member of the Iron Fiends MC was there to keep her safe. What she didn’t expect was for Cue Ball to show her that just surviving wasn’t enough.
He could give her so much more if she just let go.

#NewRelease # MC – Cougar (Nameless Order MC, Book 6) by Michele Lee

Cougar (Nameless Order MC Book 6) by [Michele    Lee]

Joining the Nameless Order meant I finally had a family. They took me in and gave me love, support, and anything else I needed to ensure I survived. We’ve been through hell and back, and it’s still only the beginning.

A war has been declared.


Michele Lee is made up of two moms that met through a reading group and found an instant connection via the books we love to read. We started to talk daily and found that we both had been working on our own books. Sharing those books with each other, we realized that we have the same writing style and a few ideas stored away that we could combine and make into an amazing world.

So, that’s what we did. We are currently working on multiple stories and have multiple plots written. Now, the struggle is finding the time to get it all out on paper.

With seven kids between us, two husbands, and day jobs, we are working on our stories as fast as we can. However, we are taking the time needed as well to produce the most amazing stories.

The most fun fact about us though? We have NEVER met in person. Everything is done via text messages, late-night video calls, multiple pages of notes, and hundreds of Google Docs.

It works though, and our “date nights” are the best because they are productively unproductive. Oops.

#releaseday – Viking by Andi Rhodes

Viking (Valhalla Rising MC Book 1) by [Andi Rhodes]

Humans are taught that death is the end, that it’s their soul’s final curtain call. But for the members of Valhalla Rising MC, death is only the beginning.

I never asked to be one of the chosen, never dreamed a place like Valhalla existed. Yet that’s exactly where I ended up when a Valkyrie plucked me from obscurity. I’m respected here, celebrated as a fallen warrior, but none of it lessens my vicious need for revenge or fills the hollow parts of me.

As president of Valhalla Rising MC, it’s my job to make sure the Warrior Code of Conduct is adhered to and that Odin’s orders are carried out. But that becomes infinitely more difficult when I’m sent back to the land of the living for a mission that puts me in direct contact with a Legacy. And then there’s the matter of the beautiful woman my soul seems to recognize.

I know I can complete my mission, but I’m not as convinced I’ll be able to do it without breaking all the rules.

As a doctoral candidate in mythological studies, I’m doing my thesis on Valhalla. I’ve always been obsessed with tales and legends that get passed down through the generations. I love my life, my little corner of the world I’ve carved out for myself. So much so that I’m immersed in history to the point that I’m oblivious to the danger lurking in the present.

When my space is invaded by a man who insists that I’ve got things all wrong, my existence shifts into something unrecognizable. Where there was once order and understanding, there’s now chaos and uncertainty. And I don’t hate it… because he’s there.

I know he has rules to follow, but will they hinder his ability to keep me safe? Or will he break them for me… for us?


Andi Rhodes is an author whose passion is creating romance from chaos in all her books! She writes MC (motorcycle club) romance with a generous helping of suspense and doesn’t shy away from the more difficult topics. Her books can be triggering for some so consider yourself warned. Andi also ensures each book ends with the couple getting their HEA! Most importantly, Andi is living her real life HEA with her husband and their boxers.

For access to release info, updates, and exclusive content, be sure to sign up for Andi’s newsletter at

#NewRelease #BookPromo – NEW RELEASE SUBMIT (The Midnight Kings MC series/standalone) by Renea Porter

“Anyone ever tell you, you shouldn’t play with fire?”


I’ve spent the last eight years in prison.
So much has changed.
Including her.
She was just a teenager when I left, but now, I can’t take my eyes off her.
She’s not the kid I knew.
She’s a woman.
A woman I want kneeling before me.


I know pain better than anyone.
My entire life, I’ve suffered.
My parents never wanted me, my grandmother hates me, and the only man I’ve ever loved is gone forever.
His death has haunted me for years.
I’ve closed my heart off, scared to have it broken again.
But when his mentor, Griffin, comes back into my life, I’m reminded how good it feels to let someone in.

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#WOTR23 #newrelease #releaseday #SeriesStarter – Encased by Steel, Steel MC – Origins Book 1 by Wren McCabe and Michel Prince

Michel Prince is the attending author.

Encased in Steel (Steel MC - Origins Charter Book 1) by [Wren  McCabe, Michel Prince, Leanore  Elliott]

Titan “Steel” Malone’s knew the mission was no win, but like a good soldier, he followed orders. Orders that took more than his ability sleep through the night without waking up screaming from the memories. The family he’d been adopted into now had one less son and another in a wheelchair leaving Steel shamed and broken.

Delaney “Dell” O’Riley, had been on evac duty, never imagining she’d be tasked to bring back her husband’s body. The loss triggered her need to run with their children in tow. When she can no longer run she reaches out to her in-laws. The ones grieving the loss of not only the son who died, but the one ghosting them from shame.

Steel had loved Dell from the first time he met her, only to lose his chance when his brother made his move first. Their family now torn apart with a legacy left by the one who passed now is bringing them back together. Can they put aside the guilt of losing the man that brought them together to heal in each other’s arms? Or will life once again send them into a no win mission breaking the bond they were welding together from two pieces of broken steel?

A reimagining of the original book; Encased by Steel.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I was given a copy of the book by the author for an honest review.

This is a book that has been rewritten.  The story has been altered and I am writing a new review for it.

I met these characters when I fell in love with the spin off Steel MC Montana Charter.  SO when I was given the chance to read the original MC I jumped.  I mean I LOVED Steel and Dell.

This book starts with Steel, Dell, and Dell’s hubby/Steel’s brother Chip going on a military mission.  Shit goes sideways and Chip dies.  Steel and Dell are both left dealing with the loss of Chip.  Little did they know there were lots of secrets in this thruple…well thruple minus sex.  Steel and Dell danced around each other and were pushed together by Chip who grew up on a poly house.  He knew his wife and brother had feelings but could never get them to cross that threshold.

When Chip dies, Steel and Dell spiral.  Dell runs away and Steel sets up the MC that his brother dreamed of.  Steel finally nuts up to get Dell to come and be part of the team.  When they meet back up sparks FLY but so does guilt.  These two got on my dang nerves with the push and pull to be together and then running away.  Steel was gonna get a kick in the dick for his Hoes behavior.  Dell was going to get a kick in her vagina from keeping things from Steel.  When they finally make things connect in the right holes…like what I did there…they crash and are left spinning out.

We get to meet all the original members plus meet Sarah who will become Topaz and Red from the spin off series.  I loved seeing them and their starts.  Steel and Dell’s journey is a long one and one that sets a great foundation for the future of the MC and the Montana charter.

I loved the new rewrite plus all it added and cleaned up from the original version.  This new story gives a better understanding of how my fav MC started and the cast of characters we love.  Now when do I get Sal’s story with her husbands???  I am ready ladies!!

Wren McCabe lives in Northern United States with her two spoiled canine companions. Hobbies include big trucks, fast cars, motorcycles, four-wheelers, snowmobiles, fishing, hunting and camping. Outdoor enthusiastic keeps her outside during the summer months and on the ice in the winters. Her family will contest she is never far away from a pen, paper and computer.

USA Today Bestselling author, Michel Prince, graduated with a bachelor degree in History and Political Science. Michel writes young adult, new adult and adult paranormal romance as well as contemporary romance.

“Ms Prince writing is like summer breeze caressing your body, slow and sultry.”-Amazon review of First and Ten.

“Michel Prince is a wonderful author with a real talent for writing.”-Amazon Review of Triple B Baking Co.

“Prince explores in her novels is interracial romance and friendships. Prince pokes fun at stereotypes, but never allows stereotypes to guide her plot. The focus is on creating two strong, independent characters who can stand on their own, but complement each other as a couple.”- Amazon Review of Silly Girl

“One Last Sunset is a well written story by the awesome Michel Prince that left me wanting to learn more about the rest of the Long family.”- Amazon Review for One Last Sunset.

“I could not put it down, and will definitely be looking for more from this Author.”-Amazon Review of Silly Girl.

With characters yelling “It’s my turn damn it!!!” She tries to explain to them that alas, she can only type a hundred and twenty words a minute and they will have wait their turn. She knows eventually they find their way out of her head and to her fingertips and she looks forward to sharing them with you.

When Michel can suppress the voices in her head she can be found at her son’s games in a variety of sports. She would like to thank her family for always being in her corner and especially her husband for supporting her every dream and never letting her give up.

Michel has been awarded Elite Status with Rebel Ink Press in 2013, the service award for her local RWA chapter Midwest Fiction Writers 2013, 2014, won 2015 Sweetest Romance from IREA for Chrysalis, a 2022 finalist for the Minnesota Book Awards for The Amalgam and was a PAN member of RWA. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, son, and new puppy.

#NewRelease #NewSeries #MC – Demon: The Northern Kings MC Book 1 by Nik Terry

I’m stuck in its treacherous web, danger my constant companion.

Running from the hands of one gang, I’ve stumbled straight into the arms of another. Now I’m right in the middle of biker a realm cloaked in crime and corruption, illicit thrills, and club conflicts. A world where loyalty is tested, and alliances shift like shadows. And in the background the embers of a patch war threaten to ignite.

I should run far, far away. But this time I don’t want to. I can’t. Because of him.


He’s Hell on Earth – a man consumed by a darkness beyond my wildest nightmares, a man even more scarred than me.

Tall, brooding and obsessive, he has the temper of an unstable volcano. He is everything that I should be running from.

But the running stops here. It’s time to face my demons. The only question? Am I prepared to follow him into hell, into the fiery depths of his desires and sell my soul to him in the bedroom?

This is a gritty book with dark elements, scenes of violence and references to organized crime and descriptive steamy bedroom scenes intended for a mature audience.



Review by Twinsie Angie

I was given a copy of the book by the author for an honest review.

I was looking for an MC series since they are my jam.  When I saw the author offering a review copy, I jumped.  Again, I love a good MC and it was the start of a new series so heck yeah!!

I opened the book and loved getting a glossary for words since this story takes place in the UK with characters from Ireland.  Maybe I am weird, but I loved this.  Any who, I opened the book and jumped right on in.  Ciara and Demon are starting things off right away with confrontation and a smooch.  LOL  I mean that is a great start in my book…broody male and an angry female.  There was action and of course mega alpha tendencies from Demon.  Ciara was a bit wishy washy…I am not your Ol Lady and acted like she didn’t know club life but she did???

The story was an easy read.  I didn’t find it hard to follow. It was full of dialogue and kept the story moving but it just felt a little flat for me.  It’s not that I didn’t like the story, but I felt it was missing something…some burn or chemistry…yeah I am not sure.  It was just a book/story I read.

The side characters weren’t noteworthy, and I wasn’t like HEY what is their back story?  I can’t wait for their HEA kinda thing.  The story was told well but I didn’t really stop to think about the characters or the story.  I wasn’t wondering about the who, what, and why of the story.  I just read it.

I am not sure I will jump into book 2 when it I released.

Nik Terry loves to write thrilling stories of strong, stubborn heroines and dark and dangerous men, her love of a ‘bad boy’ fuelled by Spike rather than Angel (until Angel lost his soul of course).

Having grown-up in the north east of England she is mum to two feisty girls, wife to a hugely supportive husband without whom, her childhood writing dreams would never have come to life, and is a slave to two cats and three ponies.

After pony club with the kids and dressage and between reading and writing, Nik loves to snuggle up with her husband, prosecco and a good movie; translate good to mean 80s/90s action movies or anything involving Marvel Comic’s Thor.

Follow Nik on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and through her website here:

#Review #Novella #Prequel #MC #Instalove – A Mountain to Climb, Rebel Vipers MC Book .5 by Jessa Aarons


My life has fallen apart, so I’m trying to find my sister, starting with the last place she said she was. What I find there isn’t what I was expecting – the Rebel Vipers MC clubhouse.

The hot as hell man who opens the door is none other than my sister’s baby daddy. Oh, and if I forgot to mention, she’s not here anymore. What the heck?

It doesn’t take long for our attraction to surface, but I’m not so sure that us being together is the right thing. What about my nephew, Connor?


I almost slammed the door in her face. She said she was Roxy’s sister and I panicked. But the more I get to know her, I realize she’s nothing like her venomous sister. That’s when I start falling.

How do I convince this woman that staying in the clubhouse is the right thing for her? For us? I have some walls to knock down, starting with her being afraid that my son will hate her forever. He’s ten years old and needs a woman in his life.

All is going well until I almost lose it all. Is this the end for me, or will my blue-eyed beauty keep me grounded?


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this book.

I was looking for an MC series since they are my jam.  I was attending a book event in like 3 weeks so I checked out the attending author list and found this author. I loved a good prequel so I can meet the characters but also get a feel for the authors writing.  I jumped in and read Mountain and Blue.

I was about 2 chapters in and grabbed the first book.  I already knew I would be a happy reader.

Now I know some people don’t care for insta-love but I love them.  I look at novellas for insta-love since they are quick in and outs ya know.  This story is a lot of time hopping but it is needed to bring you to the beginning of book 1.  Ya see Mountain’s son is 2 when this book starts and at the end is running the MC….So yeah we need time hops.

Mountain and Blue…they are a great read.  Mountain is not very happy when the sister of his baby momma who ran away comes knocking on the door looking for her sister.  The story is fast.  They are insta-love and insta-attraction, but I loved it.  The first time they met, in my opinion, was hysterical.  Awkward but totally funny.

Again, this book is a great glimpse to Mountain and Blue who are the head of the MC until Whiskey takes over in book 1.  The book introduces you to the main charter members and their kids who I am guessing will be running the MC when the series begins.  I don’t think this book was published first but heck maybe I am wrong.  But I loved the story and all that it entailed. It gave me a peek into the series and what I will soon be devouring.

Jessa Aarons was born and raised in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. She has had her nose buried in books for as long as she can remember. Her love of romance began when she “borrowed” her mom’s paperback Harlequin novels.
After experiencing a life changing health issue, she had to leave the working world and dove back into books to help heal her soul. She would read anything that told a love story but still had grit and drama. Then she became a beta reader and personal assistant to another author.
Jessa is the boss of her husband and their castle. He really is her prince. Thanks to his encouragement, Jessa started putting pen to paper and creating new imaginary worlds. She spends her free time reading, crafting, and cheering on her hometown football team.

#MC #Dark #AgeGap #Mafia – Truly’s Biker, Royal Bastards MC:Reno, NV #2


Blond hair, a chiseled body, and ice blue eyes.
All the features of a god that trick you into thinking he’s a savior.

But he’s not.
Roch’s a devil in disguise.
A contract killer, in a motorcycle gang,
and the man I’ve been in love with since I was eight.

Now that I’m legal, I’m not waiting any longer for him to realize it.
So I act out, I cause a scene, I try to make him jealous.
Except, I trusted the wrong person.

Now Roch and his club are in danger,
and it’s all my fault.

I really messed up this time.


Truly thinks I don’t notice how she’s suddenly everywhere now that she’s an adult.
Getting into trouble, showing me what a brat she is, and
making me come rescue her.

But she’s my best friend’s daughter.
My dead best friend’s daughter.

No matter how she taunts me, it can’t happen.
The Royal Bastards are my brothers and my dogs are my world.
There’s no room for complications.

When one of her tantrums brings trouble to my door,
it’s not just her life at stake, it’s my entire club’s.
Now she has my full attention, and I’m realizing
Truly owned my black heart the entire time.

Will we be over before we’ve begun?


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this audiobook.

WOOF!!  Roch.  He has my attention from the beginning of book 1!!  I knew that dog loving mute would be the death of me and he sure was.

Truly.  She is the perfect person for him.  She understands his needs for control, quiet, peace, and accepts he is older then her even if her mom won’t be happy about it.  I mean do you really want your19 year old with a man mid 30’s?  Prolly not!!

Truly has always had a bond with Roch/Will.  She knew at a young age he was it for her.  She was doing everything in her power to MAKE him SEE the woman she was. Roch was starting to notice and was not happy with himself for it.

When she joins forces with Birdie to get him to SEE her, everything changes for him and her.  Truly is however thrust into club life when the enemy is causing problems, and little does she know her friend is the enemy.

I loved their story.  I loved all the scenes with Truly and her mom I felt they were a genuine reaction to how any mom would feel especially add on he is in a biker club with shady dealings.

I thought the naïve young girl thinking she can help/save everyone has her bubble burst a little but with Roch and Birdie there to guide her, I can’t wait to see where they end up.

Man Book 3 had me salivating.  This is soooo going to be good.

Misty Walker is a romance author with books in multiple subgenres, including gay, biker, and contemporary.

She’s been in the book and audiobook industry for many years, though she’s only been publishing since 2019.

Misty currently resides in the high desert of Reno, NV with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys camping in her comfy travel trailer, reading, and writing.

#WOTR23Author #Mafia #Paranormal #SmallTown #MC #Dark #AgeGap #RomCon #MeetCute #TrueCrime #Abuse #Siblings #Rockers #AgeGap #SingleDad #Addiction – Twinsie Angie’s top reads January to June – Wicked Temptation by Barbara Nolan, Whispers of Timber Creek by SJ Chaynie, Birdie’s Biker by Misty Walker, The Last Single Girl by Bria Quinlan, If You Tell Gregg Olsen, and Wilder Love by Jade C. Jamison

Bria Quinlan is the Attending Author

Get a date for the big gala in four weeks when I thought I could go solo? Challenge, accepted.

Now to find a hot, interesting guy who will dress up for a gala. Last minute. Who doesn’t already have plans on the busiest date night of the year.

But, so far the best part of the search for a great date has been the cute café I found and the geeky-hot owner who keeps rescuing me from these crazy dates.

This should be easy-peasy. The internet is the home of all your hopes and needs, right?

Spoiler Alert: it isn’t.

Between the bromance date and the crazed single dad who needs to hire a nanny and housekeeper, not get a date, I’m running out of options.

If only a certain cutey didn’t have a phone call with “sweetheart” every day.

The weirder things get, the more I think just going solo is very I Am Woman, blah blah blah. Forget about the fact that my heart keeps bringing me back to a certain café even when I don’t need to be there…I mean, my heart doesn’t always get what it wants, does it?

My Review –

I purchased this audiobook.
I have read a few really heavy and dark books lately. I needed something fun and light hearted. I needed something sweet and fun. I also needed something to spend my audio credit on….hence this book.
Guys, this book was everything I needed. It most definitely took me out of the dark stuff I have been reading into a fun and adorable happy story.
Sarah is in need of a date. Sarah is pushed into online dating due to a “friend” who makes she feel less then because she doesn’t have a boyfriend. The dates are an absolutely horror show to say in the least. She is meeting her dates at a coffee shop when she befriends the shop owner. Slowly they build a friendship when Sarah realizes, Holy crap I love John!
The story was adorable and sweet and I will be grabbing the 2nd one asap. The story was just sweet and funny and everything you need at times.


Second Chance Romance, Mafia Romance, Forbidden Love, Opposites Attract When sexy bad boy Samson opens Club Wicked in Vegas, he thought he left his ghosts and mob ties in New York. But when Lisbeth, his old flame, shows up to celebrate her bachelorette their steamy, uninhibited passion comes flooding back, and they realize their attraction is undeniable. Lisbeth breaks off the engagement, but her powerful, vindictive fiancé threatens to close down Club Wicked, and reveal Samson’s dark secrets and dangerous past. Samson refuses to lose Lisbeth again. He vows to protect her at all costs, but is the price too high? Lisbeth is willing to fight for what she wants since she can’t resist the addictive pull of their love. Will Samson deny his love to keep Lisbeth safe or will he be forced to seek the mob’s help—the very people he longed to escape? “An adrenaline-packed plot and star-crossed lovers you won’t want to put down this one down.” “A thrilling story of love and redemption. You’ll be captivated by Samson and Lisbeth’s epic love story.” Wicked Temptation is Book 2 in the Club Wicked Duet and although it is a standalone with an HEA and can easily be read on its own you may want to begin with Wicked Addiction.

My Review –

I received this book from the authors PR firm for an honest review.
I was super excited when I saw this was a spin off from an MC series. I am always looking for an MC series so now I want to jump back and read that entire catalog especially after meeting the characters in this series. (Serpents MC Las Vegas if you are looking for one too. But I also have my eye on Boa…just saying.)
I am also a HUGE lover of 2nd chance which this book has from jump. Samson and Lisbeth are a bomb of chemistry from the first time we see them together …at her bachelorette party no less. They are both transported in time to when he broke her heart. She has no clue why and he keeps that secret close to the chest until toward the end of the story but que the AWWWW When I read it. Yes, Samson is a swoon worthy Alpha Male who will beat the crap outta a dude, wash off the blood his hands, and then attack your lips in his office 5 minutes later. But that is why we love them. AmIRight???
Samson and Lisbeth have A LOT to get through. History, miscommunication, oh and that pesky douche bag fiancée. That is kinda a big one for Lisbeth. They also have to deal with people trying to destroy all that Samson and his partner Nick have built.
I am loving the series and the characters in it. Jax has me looking at him saying HEEY you. He might be broken on the outside with is scary scars buuuut those are the yummiest of men IMO. Nick. I don’t know about him. His heart is so broken. It is going to take a special lady to open him up. Perhaps Willow???? I mean her free spirit could be that woman. But not Daria please and thanks. #SayNoToSkanks
I am waiting for book 2 and cant wait to see who is the next alpha to fall.


A True Story of Murder, Family Secrets, and the Unbreakable Bond of Sisterhood

After more than a decade, when sisters Nikki, Sami, and Tori Knotek hear the word mom, it claws like an eagle’s talons, triggering memories that have been their secret since childhood. Until now.

For years, behind the closed doors of their farmhouse in Raymond, Washington, their sadistic mother, Shelly, subjected her girls to unimaginable abuse, degradation, torture, and psychic terrors. Through it all, Nikki, Sami, and Tori developed a defiant bond that made them far less vulnerable than Shelly imagined. Even as others were drawn into their mother’s dark and perverse web, the sisters found the strength and courage to escape an escalating nightmare that culminated in multiple murders.

My Review –

I purchased this audiobook.
This book …WOOOF…that is really all I can say. It is A LOT. I mean a lot a lot. There were days when I just couldn’t listen anymore because the story was just so much. Then I would shut it off and almost feel guilty. I could walk away from this horror but Nikki, Sami, and Tori couldn’t. What they girls lived through is unimaginable.
As a reader of true crime, when I saw this book I was very interested. I did a few google searches to see what I was going to be listening to. They did not prepare me for what horrors these kids and the adults around Shelly endured.
I just have to say listening to “The Wallowing” or when Karen was sliding down the icy hill and the after math the kids described I was completely undone. How these girls survive and endured is amazing.
I just want people to know they really need to be ready for this story. I just wish there was more about the investigation but maybe due to who told there want much. The fact that Shelly is out of jail right now is scary as heck!!


Being relocated to a small-town PD in Colorado was the last thing I needed. Being assigned to babysit the captain’s daughter didn’t help either. She’s quirky, young, and unfortunately, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Cap only has one rule. Keep my hands to myself. Turns out to be harder than it looks. Now I live in her house, and at night I hear her cries. She’s haunted by her dreams just like I’m haunted by my past. She may be crazy, or she may be the only key to unlocking the dark secrets of this town. The clock is ticking, and the closer we get, the more dangerous it becomes. We both heard the captain’s warning loud and clear……too bad neither of us listened.

Book 1 of the Timber Creek Series. Series will contain interconnected standalones.

My Review-

I received this book from the authors for an honest review.
I met this author after I saw a TikTok of hers about a different series. I am so thankful she has allowed me to read that series and is giving me her new series to read as well.
This is a great series starter with some amazing characters we meet. I admit as much as I LOVED the main H/h in this book, book 2’s couple has me clawing to read their story. I mean I messaged the author to say NOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW. She even agreed with me about their story being a great read to come.
Ok so this series starts with Jace in the shrink’s office not wanting to admit how he is feeling about the death of his partner and best friend. He is reassigned to a small town for 3 months to get his stuff together essentially. He goes to the town and immediately sees Camille. He gets the official “Hands off” by her dad…ya know…his new boss the Captain of the force. Unfortunately, circumstances will force them to be thrown together 24/7 which makes hands off near impossible.
Camille is having a hard time. She knows what people think of her and she is a broken women thanks to her ex-boyfriend, Stuart. She is attracted to the new detective until he talks. Then his mouth makes her remember what a jerk he is. LOL
This story has a LOT of chemistry. The slow burn of Jace and Camille is HAWT. LAWD, when they finally crash and combust, loooook out!!!
The side story of the missing girls is a low theme in the story until its not. Then we are running to figure out who, what, and why of what is happening. I admit I was so wrapped up in the Jace and Cami when I realized what was happening, I was like RUN FASTER!!! Get going!!!!!
But Easton and Ellie….I cannot wait!!


Vegas is where good people go to sin. Reno is where the bad ones go.

Amidst the drugs, weapons, and trafficking, a murder-for-hire market has emerged. And my motorcycle club is right in the thick of it.

If you can pay, we have a million different ways to solve your problem. You want someone to vanish without a trace? The Great Basin Desert is almost two hundred thousand square miles of “nobody will ever find you.” You want to make a statement? We’ve been known to hang bodies from the Reno Arch.

If you’re paying, we’re killing. No witnesses, no evidence, and no questions asked.

That is until we’re hired to locate and kill a group threatening biological warfare by exposing our city to a deadly virus they stole. It’s the big payday we need. But in order to take the job, we have to also agree to protect the spoiled brat who saw everything.

Small. Frail. Innocent. Frightened. I made her my little birdie, but she always wants to fly away. Too bad for her I’ve clipped her wings and locked her in my cage.

They say free birds sing, and caged birds pray. Her cries sound the same to me.

*Birdie’s Biker is a dark romance in the second run of the Royal Bastards MC. It’s sexy as sin, thrilling, gritty, and dirty. If you love tortured heroes and a heroine who learns her strength in the most depraved way, then you’ll love Birdie’s Biker.

My Review –

I purchased this audio book.
I am a HUGE MC reader. I was needing a new series when I was recommended this one. I admit when I saw Troy was a narration, I jumped. His narration is awesome, and I knew I would love the story. Kelsey was also so great at being Bridget/Birdie. She did a great job showing the naïve girl she was and the Bad Ass she was at the end.
Loki is a bad ass. He is happy with his club girl or hang arounds for company plus a bottle of Tequilla. His life is perfect. No woman is going to lock his down and make him unhappy like he sees his dad.
Bridget/Birdie is a happy, clueless socialite. She likes her life but knows she is missing something but what she doesn’t know. When Bridget is thrust into Loki’s arms for her protection, the two clash off like crazy. However, the more she pushes him, the more he loves her fire and sass.
I absolutely fell in love with the characters in this series but I will not lie, Roch….imma need to read your book ASAP. I am so glad I have more credits to grab that audio as well!!! LOL
The story of why Bridget is with Loki was good. The crazy crash of chemistry these two have is so fun to read. She pushes him and he pushes her, but they just can’t stay away from each other. The way their relationship starts and the fear they both have about this relationship was written well. They are both so unsure and yet sure of the other.
Like I said I cant wait for more from this series!!!


Rockstar Elijah Wilder is famous.
And a father.
Ready to turn his back on the one thing he’s good at, the talent that made him a household name.

I’m a poor nobody.
Struggling to stay in school.
Failing miserably.
Believing I’m wearing the emperor’s new clothing and not fooling anybody.

Elijah and I don’t belong together. We shouldn’t have even met. But when his wife enters rehab, he needs a nanny.

I can’t bring myself to say no.

Familiarity breeds lust, and, when his wife becomes his ex, Elijah and I wind up together. But we’re a bad combination. I’m too young for him and I don’t know what I want. And the longer I stay in the rockstar life…

I’m pretty sure that’s not it.

But Elijah and I try anyway, even with all the odds against us.

My Review –

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.
If you read Jade, then you know she can write amazing rocker stories. Bullet is by far on of my favorite books. I have got to say this book is like reading bullet all over again. The dynamic, the twists, the betrayals, the drug issues, and the LOVE!!! OMG Friends. This book I devoured. Like couldn’t put down and got mad when I had to do silly things like EAT because I was starving. I made Alexa read to me during that time!!!
Elijah is a famous rocker who, due to his wife’s drug addiction he ends up meeting Madison. When this stranger jumps in and helps in during a really awful time in his wife’s life with the care of his daughter, he hires her to help full-time.
Madison was failing out of school so the change to travel sounded amazing. The pay was anther great benefit to the job. What she didn’t expect was the love to the little girl and her sexy daddy.
The chemistry building between Elijah and Mads was so freaking thick!!! Gah when they finally crash I was screaming YES only to have Elijah be an idiot and I was cussing him. But when his jealousy flairs up and they give it a go, I was so happy.
However, when the day-to-day life on the bus, drama with band mates, and that old monkey on his back comes back, Mads is OVER it!!!
I had tears a few times in the story because we just love Madison. We want her to be happy and if that means alone then so be it!! I was fully invested in the story and characters. I absolutely loved the characters and the emotional ride we were on with Elijah and Mads.

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The Last Single Girl

Wicked Temptation

If You Tell

Whispers of Timber Creek

Birdie’s Biker

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