#Review #Haunting – Maroon by William Joseph

Don’t Play With Dead Things.
When young Charlotte Hempstead goes to visit her Aunt Victoria who she has not seen in many years, she realizes that her Aunt has not aged one bit. She soon discovers her Aunt’s mansion has many other dark secrets, and that her Aunt may not ultimately be all or who she thinks she is.


Review by Twinsie Kelly

Sooooo creepy! Charlotte goes to visit Aunt Victoria who lives alone in a large, but old, mansion. Charlotte is welcomed with open arms and really takes a liking to Aunt Victoria. However, it doesn’t take long to realize there are secrets here…many dark secrets. The more Charlotte starts to question and investigate, the more she realizes the danger she is in. The worldbuilding and character building does take some time in this one but hold on for a wild ride because once the crazy cranks up you won’t be able to put it down. The terrifying twists throughout the story will keep you engaged until the very end!

Author Logo

William Joseph is an exciting Horror, Paranormal, and Psychological Thriller writer from New Jersey, USA. He loves to draw the reader into believable worlds, creating everyday characters the readers can relate and connect with, and then forcing them to face their deepest and darkest fears. William Joseph’s writing has been detailed as twisted, dark, terrifying, raw, and emotional.

#Review – Four Aces: 1880 Deadwood Diaries – An American Western Historical Romance by April Holthaus

A historic American Western story about second chances in life and love.

U.S. Marshal Jameson “Jake” Reid has been searching for the notorious outlaw, Harmon Elwood for nearly a year after he robbed the Midtown Lincoln Stage. From horse raids to train rides, every clue to finding Elwood has led Jake to the small mining town of Deadwood. Upon his arrival, he is immediately met with resistance and suspicion and no further at catching the elusive Elwood.

Newly widowed Emily Taylor is doing everything she can to save her farm. Deep in debt, and unable to tend the farm on her own, she is forced to hire a farmhand. Little does she know that the man who answered her ad is really an undercover marshal. When he begins to stir up trouble and the truth comes out, her way of life is threatened as well as her heart. Emily struggles to choose between living the life she had fought for or losing everything she has.

As Jake and Emily become close, Jake finds himself surrounded by conspiracy, blackmail, and a town full of secrets. Can he solve the mystery looming over this town and finally bring Harmon Elwood to justice or will his heart and senses get tangled in a web of lies?

Award-Winning Author A.K. Holthaus is stretching her wings in the publishing world with her first ever American Western Romance featuring her newest hero, U.S. Marshal Jameson “Jake” Reid in her new series, The 1880 Deadwood Diaries.


Review by Twinsie Kelly

Hope and tumbleweeds in the wild west!

“The PAST is like a slow death. It’s something no one can change or hide from.”

Sometimes embracing your past and moving beyond is the roughest thing someone can do.

When Jake and Emily’s paths cross they have no clue how intertwined their lives actually are. Both have a past with many secrets. Jake tries to keep a low profile so that he can catch the elusive Harmon Elwood, but is unable stay to himself once he uncovers the truths that are happening in Deadwood. There is an intensity between Jake and Emily that you know is going to explode but the author does a fabulous job of keeping it tamped down so as not to take away from the plot and story.

In full disclosure, I am not a fan of historical romance, but I am a fan of the Wild West. This story does not disappoint! I look forward to continuing the series.

Author Logo

Writing historical romances across the ages…

April Holthaus is a certified genealogist, a visual communications account manager, an all-season sports mom, and a self-published, award-winning author of Historical Romances. From the Scottish Highlands to the dirt roads of the Old West, April’s stories are noted to be well written, rich in historical details, and full of tension, suspense, and slow-burning romance.

When she’s not absorbed in researching her next story, she loves spending time outdoors with her family. Born and raised in Minnesota, you will always find her outside pitching baseballs, tossing the football around or skating on the ice playing hockey with her boys. She is currently plotting several more romance stories in the coming months.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/author.april.holthaus

Twitter: @aprilholthaus

Instagram: authoraprilholthaus

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7303088.April_Holthaus

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/april-holthaus

#Review – The Practitioner of Boca Muerte: A Carole Walsh Novel by Campbell Brouse

“She stared at the bead in the palm of her hand. Just a plain wooden bead, light brown with flecks of darker brown showing. Just a simple bead. A simple, cruel, manipulative, brutal, coercive, unjust bead. She had twenty minutes to cast the spell and become a slaver, perhaps a lobotomist. Or not cast the spell and guarantee the execution of them both. But it was a spell, so, Hell, she’d cast it on Quincy and it would rain cookies and punch. Then, while they were cleaning up, the Society would sweep in and kill them.”

Carole Walsh lives quietly as a community college history professor in a sleepy Texas town. She also lives a double life as the magic practicing sentinel keeping watch on a thin spot between worlds for the shadowy Society, a cartel of magic users. But that life is pretty quiet, too; right up until it isn’t. A magically possessed man attacks Carole, and her enigmatic neighbor, James Quincy, jumps in to help her. That’s when things go crazy. Now, the attacks keep coming, Carole has been abandoned and betrayed, and Quincy is getting ever more involved in her magical world. Can Carole find her way back to her old life? Can she break free of the Society? Can she even survive? It ain’t easy being the practitioner of Boca Muerte.

Note: These are adults who do swear throughout the book.


Review by Twinsie Kelly

I read the blurb and was hooked! I had a feeling that the story was going to be unique and something different from what I have been reading. It did not disappoint! In full disclosure, I started to read the prologue and started to question why I even wanted to read the book. There are soooo many adjectives, then I started to feel sort of stupid like I wasn’t cut out to read this book, which is crazy because I read all the time! I picked it back up a couple days later, finished the prologue, and THEN got into the story. Whew! I am so happy I did because once I started chapter 1, I very much got invested in this story. It was getting to the point that I couldn’t stop turning the pages because I NEEDED to know what was going to happen next. I thoroughly enjoyed how the relationship between Carole and Quincy started and how it grows throughout the entire story. Hold on tight because once the crazy starts cranking, it does not stop! I am so grateful that I picked this back up because I really enjoyed this story. I look forward to the shenanigans that Carole and Quincy will get into. A must read!

#Review #Paranormal #SWAT – Desired by the Dragon (SWAT Shifters, Book #6) By: Bella Drake

He was banished for crimes against the dragon clan. She’s the daughter of a dragon elder. When these true mates meet, will his past destroy their future?

FBI SWAT leader Wyatt Carson came to terms with being an outcast long ago. Or so he thought, until he meets the one thing a banished dragon cannot have: his true mate.

Amelia Blunt went looking for freedom from oppressive clan life, but what she finds is the mate she never dreamed existed. But when he tells her they can never be together, she’s left hurt and confused…and determined to prove him wrong. There’s no risk she won’t take to be with her fated mate.

The pull of the mate bond is growing impossible for Wyatt to resist, but just being near a banished dragon puts Amelia’s life at stake. The only way to protect her is to deny their love.

Can Wyatt make the ultimate sacrifice for love, or will attempting to save his mate destroy them both?

Desired by the Dragon is the sizzling final book in the SWAT Shifters paranormal romance series. If you like fated mates, steamy scenes, and strong heroes, then you’ll love Bella Drake’s pulse-pounding new series.

Buy Desired by the Dragon to risk everything for love today!


Review by Twinsie Melinda

I’m kinda sad to see this series end. I love these shifters and their mates. Flint was one of my favorites in my opinion saved the best for last.
My heart broke to hear Flints back story but to see him with his mate made my heart happy. Being a dragon shifter and ban from his family and all other dragons made him hesitate when he met his mate. He didn’t want he to have the same fate ass him. However, they could not deny the pull of the fated mate bond.
My heart was torn when he had to put his own life on the line to save hers. Flint would do anything to save his mate even if it means losing his own life.
This was the best ending to the series I loved Flint and Amelia. Flint tried so hard to resist the mate bond but there was not stopping it. Flint was doomed between mate bond and Amelia being so determined to make this work.


#Review #Paranormal #SWAT – Protected by the Panther (SWAT Shifters, Book #5)

She’s an FBI agent. He made his name running with the notorious Viper gang. Now he’s their star witness …and her true mate.

FBI agent Eve Sincero has spent months hunting the ruthless Viper gang, and now one’s landed in her lap…but he’s not under arrest, he’s in witness protection. The only thing worse than having to keep him safe is discovering that he’s her fated mate—a realization that makes Eve sick to her stomach.

Liam Marshall was relieved to walk away from his life of crime, but turning on his gang mates is proving even more dangerous than living with them. The only perk? The sexy FBI agent sent to guard him—except the very sight of him makes her ill. Stuck in a safehouse together, Liam is sure he can overcome her reservations, but a heart is not an easy thing to steal.

Eve is determined to get the job done and get out, but her inner panther has other ideas about the hot bad boy. But when a secret arises from Liam’s murky past, the decision may be taken out of her hand—forever.

Can the power of fated bonds bring the unlikely couple together, or will the past destroy their future?

Protected by the Panther is the sizzling fifth book in the SWAT Shifters paranormal romance series. If you like fated mates, steamy scenes, and strong heroes, then you’ll love Bella Drake’s pulse-pounding new series.

BuyProtected by the Panther take a chance on love today!


Review by Twinsie Melinda

This is the fifth book and about Kit the only female member of the FBI Swat team. Talk about one bada$$ panther.
Kit wants to take down the Viper gang for what they did to her best friend. Now is her chance she is assigned to protect one of the gang members that is going to testify against the leader. Upon entering the safe house she realizes the criminal she is to protect is her fated mate.
Liam never had a family always going from group home to foster home. He thought he found a family with the Vipers until he could no longer deal with what they were doing. He now finds himself in protective custody with more questions than answers.
This was my favorite book in the series so far. So many secrets were uncovered and man I didn’t see some of them coming. I loved Kit and Liam’s story but I have been waiting for Flints story since the first book. I’m so ready to learn more about him.


#Review #Paranormal #SWAT – Prized by the Polar Bear (SWAT Shifters, Book 4) By: Bella Drake

He thinks she’s perfection. She thinks he’s a dangerous criminal. Can he prove there’s more to him than meets the eye?
FBI SWAT agent Miles Sloane has his polar bear shifter side in careful check. Or he did, until he met his fated mate. Now he’s throwing her over his shoulder, and the word ‘kidnap’ is being bandied about.

Soraya Whitiker has calculated every step of her life. Nothing happens that she doesn’t plan. Successful business? Check. Beautiful home? Check. Until she gets kidnapped by an intoxicating stranger. Sonya knows she should be terrified, but all she can think of is how hot her captor is.

Alone with his mate at least, Sloane is certain he can convince her that their love is meant to be. The only problem? Her jaded heart has heard every story going, and they’re all more believable than his.

Can Sloane overcome all odds to make her his own, or will he lose his mate forever?


Review by Twinsie Melinda

Oh my Sloane, he does not disappoint really he finds his fated mate picks her up and carries her our of the bar away from her date because she is his. Yes that is right the FBI SWAT member kidnaps his mate. I love this big Polar Bear. Now that he has her he has to explain who and what they are to each other without her running for the hills.

Ray is the daughter of a wealthy business man. When Ray is kidnapped she knows her dad will send the best of the vest to find her but can she survive the swamp and crazy man. Imagine her surprise when she realizes Sloane is not crazy and telling her the truth. No matter what trouble Ray finds herself in Ice is there to help her.

I absolutely love Ice and his family they are fun and enjoy tormenting one another. Ray makes a great addition to their family.


#Review – A Ship of Bones and Teeth by Karina Halle

A standalone adult dark fantasy pirate romance re-telling of The Little Mermaid from the New York Times Bestselling Author of River of Shadows and Blood Orange.

Princess Maren is a woman with a secret.

Ten years ago she sold her soul to the sea witch Edonia, giving up a life underwater in exchange for the love of Prince Aerik on land. But after a decade of abuse and misery inflicted by the cruel prince, Maren wants nothing more than to leave him and her royal role behind and find Edonia to reverse the spell.

An opportunity for escape presents itself when the prince and princess are traveling overseas and are taken hostage by a band of notorious pirates, led by the fearsome Captain Ramsay “Bones” Battista. Maren has heard the sordid stories about the infamous pirate–not only is his ship supposedly haunted and crewed by the damned, but that no prisoners ever survive.

Fortunately for Maren, she learns that the captain also has a score to settle with the sea witch. With any luck, Maren may be able to get her old life back, even if it’s being held in the captain’s wicked hands.

But Ramsay gets more than he bargained for when he learns who–and what–Maren is, and that her appetite for revenge, freedom, and bloodlust rivals his.

Meanwhile Maren finds herself falling for the pirate’s dark nature, even as she discovers that Ramsay has a secret more deadly than her own.

When it comes to the high seas, not all monsters lurk beneath the surface.

Content Warning: Though this is a fantasy, it is also a dark romance with potential triggers. A full list can be found inside the book or on the pinned cover reveal post on IG (authorhalle)


Review by Twinsie Kelly

Wickedly devilish! Being caught between the devil you know and the devil you don’t, can be a terrifying place. Especially when you exist in a space between worlds with nowhere to belong to.

I needed this story! It is a standalone adult dark fantasy pirate romance re-telling of The Little Mermaid, but I have to say that A Ship of Bones and Teeth is SO. MUCH. BETTER! I mean, Syrens and Pirates? Sign me up!

Be prepared when you open this book because it will consume you. For days, all I could think about were Maren and Bones. What was going to happen next? How would they overcome? Will they really turn on each other? Who else will die? And let’s not forget… OMG, how hawt was that?

Maren and Bones are completely different people, but once together, they are intensely drawn together. It’s one of those intense feelings that actually scares you. However, these two really helped each other throughout the story without really realizing it. This has a bit of everything from friendships, sex, kinks, feuds, betrayal, beauty, death, abuse…you name it, it has it! It will even make you smile and laugh!

There are a tremendous number of twists and turns in this retelling, unlike any other I have read. There is nothing that I can say that will prepare you for the consuming obsessive monster you will become until you reach the end of the story. An absolute must read!

Remember: “There are no mistakes. Just choices that took us on a different path.”

Author Logo

Karina Halle is a screenwriter, a former music & travel journalist, and the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, & USA Today bestselling author of River of Shadows, The Royals Next Door, and Black Sunshine, as well as 70 other wild and romantic reads, ranging from light & sexy rom coms to horror/paranormal romance and dark fantasy. Needless to say, whatever genre you’re into, she’s probably written a romance for it. When she’s not traveling, she and her husband split their time between a possibly haunted 120 year-old house in Victoria, BC, and their condo in Los Angeles. She seems a bit boring in her bio but I assure you she’s a big ol’ goof in real life. For more information, visit www.authorkarinahalle.com.

#WOTR23 #Review – To Teleport, or Not to Teleport?: Magic and Mayhem Universe by A.J. Renee

The drama that follows the colorful, supernatural citizens of my town is enough to glue anyone to the couch for a binge sesh.

I used to pride myself in the fact that the most exciting thing affecting my small-town life was my students’ shenanigans. But then my childhood crush returns, setting off a barrage of complex emotions in my witchy heart.

My quirky power of sniffing out secrets starts making my visions go crazy. Being preventable isn’t exactly one of their features, and they’re all targeting him. As if that isn’t stressful enough, my dormant teleporting powers decide it’s time to activate.

My cousin can’t bake her chocolate croissants and sweets fast enough to help me cope with the pitfalls waiting to hit my inner circle. Or how the boy who’d left me has become hotter than the fires of hell.


Review by Twinsie Kelly

Oh my stars! Goofy cute but purrrrfectly hawt! These types of stories are the kind that everyone needs, especially if you are trying to get out of a reading slump! This is definitely a dramedy that has everything! There are parts that are the corny type of funny that make you laugh out loud, then you move on to the hawtness that our panther shifter brings to the table, and all wrapped up with some murder mystery. Aileen is our female MC witch with a lot of quirks whose senses start to go even more haywire once her childhood friend, Grayson, returns just as abruptly has he left. Visions start coming and going, she is teleporting to places she doesn’t understand, but one thing that this has in common is Grayson returning to town. Mix in some mischief and murder to round everything off and you won’t be able to put it down. There were literal times that I laughed out loud and then had to turn around and fan myself, LOL! This story was absolutely fun and crazy, but most of all, it kept me entertained! Bravo, AJ!

Author Logo

AJ Renee is a military wife and mother of three. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with her Master of Science in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

She loves to read and write steamy romance with a happily ever after. When not working, you can find her playing World of Warcraft, board games, or outdoors for a run or hike.

#Review #Paranormal #SWAT – Held by the Hawk (SWAT Shifter, Book #3 By: Bella Drake

He was raised to hate the lion pride. She was raised to hate the hawk flock. When the mate bond unites them, their families threaten to tear everything apart.

FBI agent Ramon Delgado is fiercely protective of his extended family. A hawk shifter, and eldest son of the flock’s leader, it’s not just his nature but his duty. When he discovers a young cousin has gatecrashed a party at the lion’s den, he can only hope to get him out before blood is spilled. The very last thing he expects to find when he enters the fray is his beautiful fated mate.

Lion shifter Seraphina Brown is fed up with her lazy brother causing trouble. When a few young hawks gatecrash her sister’s birthday, she’s intent on throwing them out before her brother discovers what they are. But when an FBI agent shows up to defuse the situation and arrests him, she has bigger problems. How is she supposed to explain to her family that her fated mate is a hawk?

Torn between family feud and their one chance at love, she faces even more danger when her belligerent brother takes it upon himself to remove the handsome hawk once and for all. With her life on the line, Seraphina must choose between family pride and a love that fate ordained.

Can love triumph over prejudice or will this romance break more than hearts?

Held by the Hawk is the sizzling third book in the SWAT Shifters paranormal romance series. If you like fated mates, steamy scenes, and strong heroes, then you’ll love Bella Drake’s pulse-pounding new series.

BuyHeld by the Hawk to choose love today!


Review by Twinsie Melinda

I purchased this book.

I am enjoying this shapeshifter SWAT team. I love that when they find their mates these big tough alphas are brought to their knees. What do you get when a Hawk and a Lion are fated mates and family enemies? One intense mating and a not so happy family.

Hawk found his mate when he went to collect his cousins who stupidly crashed a lion shifters party. Both Saffy and Hawk were surprised to find their fated mate was from a rival shifter family. Hawk and Saffy could not be happier that they found each other. If only the families felt the same way.

Even though I had the feeling of a Romeo and Juliet vibe it didn’t end the same thankfully. I am enjoying these short reads and getting to know the shifters on the SWAT team. I am intrigued to read ICE the Polar Bear next.


#Review #Paranormal #SWAT – Guarded by the Grizzley (SWAT Shifters Book #2) By: Bella Drake

He’d do anything for her. She’s trapped in a loveless marriage. When duty and destiny are pitted against each other, will desire lead to disaster?

Bear shifter Nash Barnes is a relentless agent of justice. Sworn to his FBI SWAT team, nothing comes between him and protecting his community. Until he meets Aria. But when he discovers his fated mate is already married to another man, his distress puts his teammates’ lives at risk.

Aria Morgan is desperately unhappy. Trapped in a marriage of convenience to a mean, abusive cartel member, she’s long since given up on love. But when a handsome stranger defends her from her aggressive husband, she can’t quite convince herself to send him away.

When Nash offers to kick her husband out of her house, she’s torn. She longs to finally be free of him and explore the explosive chemistry brewing between her and the sexy agent, but taking her shot at love could cost Aria her life.

With a target on her back, there’s nothing Nash won’t do to protect his true mate.

Guarded by the Grizzly is the seductive second book in the SWAT Shifters paranormal romance series. If you like fated mates, steamy scenes, and strong heroes, then you’ll love Bella Drake’s pulse-pounding new series.

Buy Guarded by the Grizzly to fight for love today!


Review by Twinsie Melinda

I purchased this book.

After reading Wanted by the Wolf I downloaded the second book I had to know more about Nash and the others. Nash the Grizzley is brought to his knees when he smells his mate in Maya’s Bakery. Nash is crushed when Maya tells him his mate is married.

Aria married a man not out of love but as an arrangement. When Nash realizes her husband is abusive and a downright awful husband, he decides there is no holding him back from her. The chemistry between Nash and Aria was instantaneous. Nash was ready to remove Aria’s husband from her life after he knew how awful he was to her. No one would harm or treat his mate poorly.

I enjoyed seeing how these two work things out and how her husband plays a part in this book. I cannot wait to read Hawk next. I’ve already downloaded Hawk and ready to read.