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#WOTR24 #Sports #friendstolovers #audio – Aiden, San Francisco Shockwaves Book 2 by Samantha Lind

It took just one look and I knew she was meant to be mine.

Her body language told me she was onboard, but my job had her slamming on the brakes. She was convinced professional athletes had a puck bunny in every city, but that was far from the truth.

I agreed to be her friend for now……but how do I make her see we’d be better as lovers than just friends?



Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this audiobook.

I love Samantha’s books.  They are a great look at sports characters, but they are also “real life” and the just glamorous looks at the life of a sports figure.

This is book 2 in the series, but you don’t necessarily need to read book 1, when the couple meet, to follow the story.

Tori goes with her bestie to hang out with her boyfriend Ryker when she meets Aiden.  She is enamored with him, but he is a sports player…and player in many versions, she is sure.  Tori is good for flirting but not committing to a player.

Aiden things Tori is amazing. He is wanting so much more with her and is going to do all he can to prove he isn’t the manwhore she things he is.  Friends is the way to prove he is a good guy and the guy for her.

I loved the story.  I think they are both so relatable with their flaws and faults.  Tori was a bit stubborn because of her past but Aiden is right there to be the man he knows she needs.

I really loved this story and had it listened to for almost a day.

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Samantha Lind is a USA TODAY Bestselling contemporary romance author. Having spent the first 27 years of her life in Alaska, she now calls the mid-West home, where she lives with her husband and two sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, watching hockey (Go Knights Go!), and listening to country music. You can connect with Samantha on her website,


#WOTR24 #Audiobooks #SerialKillers #Paranormal #FatedMates #Shifters #FootballPlayer #BestFriendsSibling #Hockey #Pirates #ForcedMarriage #BDSM – Twinsie Angie top 5…errr 6 books from January – June 2024, Butcher & Blackbird by Brynne Weaver, Devoted by AJ Renee, Shadows of Timber Creek by SJ Chaynie, Ryker by Samantha Lind, Scallywag by Sophie Stern, and Corrupted Innocents by Measha Stone

Attending authors for WOTR24 -AJ Renee, Measha Stone, Sophie Stern, SJ Chaynie, and Samantha Lind


Butcher & Blackbird by Brynne Weaver This book has massive trigger warnings so check them before reading.

Synopsis –

Every serial killer needs a friend.
Every game must have a winner.

When a chance encounter sparks an unlikely bond between rival murderers Sloane and Rowan, the two find something elusive—the friendship of a like-minded, pitch-black soul. From small town West Virginia to upscale California, from downtown Boston to rural Texas, the two hunters collide in an annual game of blood and suffering, one that pits them against the most dangerous monsters in the country. But as their friendship develops into something more, the restless ghosts left in their wake are only a few steps behind, ready to claim more than just their newfound love. Can Rowan and Sloane dig themselves out of a game of graves? Or have they finally met their match?

Butcher & Blackbird is the first book in the Ruinous Love Dark Romance trilogy of interconnected stand-alone dark romantic comedies. This dual POV novel ends on a HEA.

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My Review –

I purchased the audiobook.
The narration was amazing. I haven’t listened to a story by either narrator but thought the killed it 8see what I did there* with the story.
My friend Kate messaged me and was like “GIRL you need this book.” I opened Goodreads to get the blurb and was SOLD….serial killers who kill other serial killers and fall in love…DUH This is a no-brainer.8 I looked up the triggers and was like WTF list was that. I laughed even. But when I downloaded the book and they read the list of triggers I laughed so hard. Like crazy hard. I knew I was going to be in for an epic ride when the story began.
So Blackird/Sloane is caught when Butcher/Rowan finds her. They have a bit of a chat and decide t have to “friendly” competition every year. And this is how the delicious story begins.
Sloane is a neurotic mess and Rowan is a bit of one too. They two of them grow to be friends and even kinda wanna be with the other…granted Rowan admits this right away in the beginning but Sloane was a little thick to get the point.
The chemistry was a slow simmer until the pot was boiling. I was dying much like they were for “more” to happen…when I does KABOOM. Hold on to your butts because this rocket is full throttle. They two are soon exploring each other and what could be.
Of course we have some drama and a mega plot twist but the story made my heart so happy. I also am looking forward to book 2 with Lachlan and Lark. These two are going to be a riot. I feel like the banter will be just as amazing and Rowan and Sloane.
I didn’t think the story was super dark until about chapter 21 and I got a little squeamish BUT I have read way worse. I will say I don’t know that I can eat Cookies and Cream ice cream again…IYKYK!!


Devoted by AJ Renee

Synopsis –

No matter how much you try, you can’t outrun the past.

Opening old wounds is the last thing Ignacio Lupita wants to do. He’d literally and figuratively shed his blood, sweat, and tears to pull himself out of the darkness and open an auto shop in Boston. At last, business is picking up, so he’s working with a local pack to keep his life moving forward.

Pepper Michaels is living her best life in Vermont. One of her best friends has returned after three years in captivity, she’s working on her teaching degree, substitute teaching, and life on Malite land has been carefree to say the least. She thought she couldn’t be happier, but then she spotted him, her mate.

When the past is thrust before Ignacio, Pepper witnesses a side of him she can’t ignore. She knows she only gets one chance at a mate, but she hadn’t expected she’d need to be so careful around hers. Meanwhile, someone or something has been lurking on pack grounds. Can Ignacio confront enough of his demons before everything closes in?

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My Review –

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.
I am a GIANT fan of this series. I think I fall in love with each character and pairing to be honest.
We briefly met Ignacio when he took Carrie on a date last book…woops good things Lance didn’t kill him. LOL But this book we learn it is because he smelled his mate and thought it was her. Needless to say, he was wrong. He left the pack with a very grumpy wolf who demanded they find and claim their mate.
Pepper was stunned when she felt the mark on her hip and even more shocked when she realized it was the man who asked Carrie out. She loves her friend and lets her go knowing nothing would come of it. However, Pepper was going crazy not knowing who her mate WAS and when he would return.
To say the chemistry exploded when they finally got face to face is an understatement. These two were all about the sex and then the “get to know ya”. That may have caused issues when they didn’t know each other except between the sheets. Ignacio’s tragic past comes back and causes issues with Peter’s pack.
I loved the way the story turned, and we see so much past trauma and hurt. Ignacio learns the truth about what he THOUGHT he knew. He also must fix the bonds with his new mate due to his reactions to everything because they didn’t really know one another. The story takes another twist when we find out someone is after Ignacio. Pepper is bound and determined to find her mate with the help of our other pack friends.
Seriously I loved this book. I had planned on getting a few chapters in but didn’t stop reading until it was done. I was captivated by the story, the packs growing, the family ties between the 2 packs, and the love story of Pepper and Ignacio.


Shadows of Timber Creek by S.J. Chaynie


Seven years.
Seven years ago, I did the right thing. I broke her heart. I had always planned to come back. Planned to make things right. But time wasn’t on my side anymore. She was engaged. Another man’s ring was on her finger, and it was time to fight for what I’d always known was meant to be mine. Our history was painted with regret and unspoken truths, but now, I finally have the chance to close the distance between us. To show my best friend’s little sister she’s always been my end game. But something comes lurking out of the shadows. Something neither of us saw coming.
Book 3 of the Timber Creek Series. Series will contain interconnected standalones.
Please read reader note for TW.

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My Review –

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.
Oh boy. Greyson Roy you are one naughty and swoon worthy man. Look I am coming out of the gates with my favorite lines….”You are everything” followed by “Sit on my face NOW Rosie!!” Yes girls the same man who made me swoon also made my knees a little bit weak.
I gotta say Easton is still my main man but damn did Grey give him a run for his money.
This book is EVERYTHING you want with a Best Friend’s sibling and a little bit enemy to lover. The chemistry and sexual tension between Tilly/Rosie and Grey are OFF THE CHARTS!! Holy Moly. These two are meant to be together and yes there are legit reasons why Grey does the shady when he leaves 7 years ago…but he makes it up to her in so many ways as we discover through the novel. Every single time we learned of the ways Greyson “took care of Rosie” made my heartbeat faster. For real this book….swooooooooon. Tilly, as any heartbroken woman does…hides behind another man. LOL The story of her and Blaine is a wild ride.
The twists and turns of this story are great. I really had no clue who the bad guy was and was shocked when it all played out at the end. The end of the story gives us a glimpse into the next books and LAWD is it going to be good!! Whit is in trouble in a lot of ways.
I do want to say this is the 6th book I have read by this author. I love how her writing style is developing and her writing is just getting so much better. The first books were GREAT. I loved them but I feel like she is more confident. Her story telling had improved with each book. Her flow is much better. She is blowing me away with each additional story she is writing.


Ryker by Samantha Lind

Synopsis –

After years of trying to get back home to be closer to my daughter, I finally secured a spot on the newly expanded San Francisco Shockwaves.

Juggling being the newly appointed Captain of the team and taking on full-time fatherhood to a teenager sends my life into chaos.

I quickly find myself needing someone who can pick up the pieces and keep my life in order as I certainly can’t do it alone.

I just never thought my savior would be the sexy woman next door- the one I can’t keep my mind or eyes off every chance I get.

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My Review –

I purchased this audiobook.
I want to start by saying that the narration was great. I enjoyed both James and Aria’s Voiced during the story. They both did a great job voicing the characters for the story.
I am a huge fan of Samantha’s stories. She does a great job writing characters that are relatable to me. This story is another one that I enjoyed as well.
Ryker and his daughter are looking for a place after she decided to live with him when he meets his super kind neighbor Avery. Avery is excited to meet the new neighbor and shocked at how sexy he is.
Fast forward to Ryker and Avery spending time together regarding his daughter and Avery helping him with her. I enjoyed Rykers daughter Ellie trying to push her dad and Avery together. She seemed a little more mature than a 15-year-old but still I loved her persistence.
Avery and Ryker have normal relationship issues and thankfully there wasn’t any OWD because I can’t stand that. LOL I loved the story and how Avery and Ryker were so supportive of each other. They are what an older couple in life would be concerned with….finances, kids, and time.
I enjoyed the start of the series and look forward to another story from the characters and the new players from the expansion team.


Scallywag by Sophie Stern


ou won’t catch him spending the night.

The Dread Pirate Stone takes no survivors. He’s ruthless. Fearless.

He’s unstoppable, especially now that he’s so close to finding the Cat’s Eye – an emerald so big it will buy him a thousand ships. Or, in his case, pay off his debt to the man who’s been holding his sister hostage. Stone will do anything to get that damn rock. He’ll fight. He’ll pillage. He’ll even kill if he has to.

Nothing can stand in his way, but then he finds a stowaway on his ship.

Eleanor knows she’s nobody to write home about. She’s plain. Homely. A little boring. There’s nothing very special about her. She was training to be a teacher before she witnessed the murder of the town mayor. Now she’s on the run and the only person who can keep her safe is one the entire world has labeled a villain.

Oh yes, she’s heard all about the Dread Pirate Stone, but the stories have missed a couple of important details. The legends don’t talk about how stunning his deep green eyes are. They don’t talk about his long, wavy locks. The stories all missed the part about his steely abs or the fact that just one look from him is enough to make her knees quiver.

Nobody warned her about that.

Nobody would warn her that she might start to care about the man who could throw her out to sea – but doesn’t.

Soon their worlds are colliding in ways Eleanor never thought possible…

And she doesn’t know if she’s going to make it out alive.

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My Review –

I purchased this book.
I have to admit I love a good Sophie book. I love the worlds and the characters. When I grabbed this book, it was to read on vacation. I needed a shorter read for the drive. It was the perfect book!
The book starts right away with major drama. The dream pirate Smith is attaching her family boat. Eleanor escaped with the cook. He saved her and took her home to raise as his own with his wife. They loved Eleanor with all they had. When things go bad, Eleanor is on the run. She joins a pirate ship to escape and hide.
Pirate Stone is taken by the beautiful and PURE woman. He can’t say no to her and makes a very nice bargain for himself. Eleanor agrees as she has zero other opportunities. The first night with the two was a nice and delicious treat for more night ahead.
Stone is looking for his sister who was kidnapped by Pirate Smith. When he finds a witch to help him, parts of Eleanor’s past sneak up on her and I was like WHOOOOO! The twist of the book had my mouth wide open because you think you have part of it figured out and then NOPE you don’t!!
The story was a great read, and I would totally read more from them or even the crew members.


Corrupted Innocence by Measha Stone


He wouldn’t take my money. He wanted my innocence instead.

When Nikolai Romanov came looking for my brother, I emptied my savings hoping I could pay off his debt. But it wasn’t even close to enough, so Nikolai Romanov decided to take me instead.

I didn’t expect a Russian mafia boss like him to be gentle with me… and he wasn’t.

Not when he spanked me for daring to wear panties under the dress he chose for me, and certainly not when he stripped me out of that same dress and made me scream in his bed.

He told me I would be his for a month, but the way he looks at me says I’m his forever…

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My Review – 

I bought this audiobook.
OHH This book!! I have read one other book from Measha and it was hella dark so I felt this one was a light dark?? Is that a thing? LOL
Charlie’s DB brother, Oliver, ran into some trouble. That trouble was in the name of Nikolai. I gotta admit. I loved Nikolai when he was refusing to take Charlie’s money and well when he made the “deal”, I was a little excited for what would happen.
Nikolai and Charlie are both amazing characters. They both love their family and will do anything for them. I also loved how Charlie pushes Nikolai’s limits and sometimes it was a good result and other times it wasn’t so nice…or maybe it was?? LOL
As the story progressed seeing them two develop feelings and then of course have miscommunications. But I loved how possessive Nikolai was with her. I can’t wait to read more from the series.
The narration was great for the 2 characters. I enjoyed the life they brought to the characters and story.

#Review – Late To The Game by Brian Anthony Ziroli

High School football is as important as religion in states like Texas, Alabama, and Georgia. Not in a little town on the North Carolina shore. No, there it’s more important than religion. A story that takes place in 1985 and is told by its star quarterback, Johnny Pelligrino, this is the best chance for the West Pennington Pirates to win that elusive state championship. What can stop them?

Where do we begin?

Johnny is trying to deal with the pressures and struggles of high school, his first love, an overbearing father, and the entire town depending on him and the Pirates to win the school’s first state championship. He could not have imagined what he’d experience in this senior year. One night, at the County Fair, something happens to one of the
seniors, and a friend of Johnny’s. What happened? Who did it? How does Johnny get so involved? How will this impact their season? Johnny will eventually find out that his head coach holds many old secrets, let alone being the most powerful figure in the entire community. Who can Johnny trust? His friends? His coaches? His family? Anyone?

A story that is filled with drama, love, lost relationships, and twists and turns along this very important season in West Pennington history. How will it end?



Review by Twinsie Kelly

First things first, high school in the 80’s! What a different time it was. It will definitely remind you how different things are today. Johnny, the star quarterback in small town North Carolina and a lot is riding on him taking the team to the championship. It’s his senior year with lots of classes, girls, and lots of pressure trying to lead the team and be who everyone expects him to be. It’s a LOT of pressure. Things are going good, really good. Things go from great to bad in about 3 seconds flat. Johnny walks away but it eats at him. One thing leads to another and an unexpected party brings out the truth. With the turmoil and the guilt eating at Johnny, he finds out that some people, even the ones you really trust, are not trustworthy at all. Tons of secrets are coming out and he really struggles with what and how he should handle things. He was learning at a young age that you really could not trust anyone and to be careful who you hold out as heroes. When everyone is telling you to “do the right thing” but they are not taking their own advice, how do you really know what the right thing is?

I have to tell you that Late to the Game was like going back in time. It was very refreshing to go back to the 80s and hang out. The author does a great job at the world building and giving the characters some depth. While there are some very heavy parts of the story, there is a lot of wit and banter that will have you laugh out loud (or LOL as we say nowadays)! It is a great coming of age story that will throw a few curveballs your way (I know this is baseball, not football, but I couldn’t think of a better way to say it), but it keeps you on your toes right to the very end. Then BAM! PLOT TWIST!

Give it a try, you won’t regret it, even if you are late to the game!

#WOTR24 #Review – Conner: A Hockey Romance (Glendale Magic Book 1) by Mary Warren

Sasha Maloof was a successful plus-size influencer, but she left it all behind after an incident with a stalker. She finds a new job managing social media for a hockey team. It might just be the fresh start she was looking for, the only problem is the infuriating team captain. But she can’t hide from her past forever.

Conner McPhee is captain of the Glendale Magic. He has devoted his whole life to hockey and is focused on finally bringing home the cup. That focus is tested when the Magic hire a new social media manager who is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen … and a distraction he didn’t need. But when her safety is at stake, he can’t help but be her knight in shining hockey pads.

Despite their rocky start, Sasha learns Conner is someone she can depend on and he learns there is more to life than hockey.



Review by Twinsie Kelly

Very sweet story about overcoming the past and moving forward. Sasha moves to a new place to get a new start. Just about all of us can relate to that. Well, her new start is being the social media manager for the Magic hockey team. **wags eyebrows** As Conner is passing her in the hall, the chemistry starts to crackle. They are instantly attracted to each other. As things progress further in the story, Conner fights the attraction because he had a bad relationship in the past and is now ALL HOCKEY, ALL OF THE TIME. The only problem is that he keeps acting like a complete d**k whenever he is around Sasha. It almost starts off as if they become instant enemies. Sasha has had some setbacks with people thinking she “plays” on the internet so she is trying her hardest to show everyone exactly what she can do and that she is contributing. Finally, they both stop for five seconds and realize that the other isn’t really so bad. This, my friends, is when the chemistry start heating up. They stop hiding all of their emotions and feelings to start exploring this path with each other. But then, BAM, things really turn when Sasha’s stalker starts popping back up from her past. She is done hiding and Conner helps her overcome. The chemistry between them is undeniable. Without giving away the story, this happens and that happens, and some more things happen, LOL! I will tell you that there is an HEA and it definitely is swoon worthy. <3

I did struggle at times because there were times where the struggle between Conner and Sasha felt like it was repetitive and drawn out.  At times it was a bit frustrating. Overall, the story has its thrilling moments, but is adorable with some especially spicy sexy time.

Mary Warren profile image

Mary Warren lives in Illinois with her family. When she’s not writing stories of fat women, she’s reading them and advocating for better fat representation. Mary founded Fat Girls in Fiction, pointing out positive fat representation for femmes and non-binary people in books. This project became a community and is something she is immensely proud of and happy to be working on.

#BookPromo – Sweater Weather: FU Fire Hockey (FU HOCKEY Book 3) by Mandi Beck

Sweater Weather [ swet-er weth-er]
Noun: A slang term meaning hockey season used exclusively by the Fulton University hockey team and their fans.

Saffron Briggs—Fulton University’s newest pitcher—hates me. I shouldn’t like that fact, but I do. Maybe too much. She claims I’m not her type, which is ridiculous. There’s a reason they call me Levi “Sexy” Sexton…I’m everyone’s type. And thanks to my dad, who just happens to be her softball coach, I’ll get my chance to thaw out the ice queen. I’m her new tutor, so she has no choice but to spend time with me. It may be Sweater Weather, but I’ll make time to show her what a god I am. On and off the ice.

Levi Sexton—captain of the FU hockey team and my new tutor—drives me crazy. The man has zero boundaries. He doesn’t care that I have a boyfriend, that I’m friends with his sisters or that I don’t like him. And I don’t. Not even a little. Not when he’s winking at me from the ice or when he’s telling me how good I look in his hockey sweater and especially not when he’s kissing me, which he absolutely should not be doing.
And definitely not when I find myself kissing him back.
I’m pretty sure Sweater Weather isn’t supposed to be this hot.

#WOTR23 #Audio #GrumpySunshine #Sports – The Proposing Kind, the Brew Ha Ha book 4 by Bria Quinlan, narration by Brittany Goodwin

The Proposing Kind: Brew Ha Ha, Book 4

Hailey Tate is living the good life: A new book contract, great friends, the man of her—oh, who is she kidding, she never would have dreamed up pro-ball player, Connor Ryan. But somehow, they work.

So when Connor may or may not have proposed, it’s left up to Hailey and her Brew Crew girls figure it all out. Ridiculousness, shenanigans, arguments, and reconciliations ensue…because, Quirky Girl Power!

But at the end of it all, is Hailey ready to marry America’s Most Eligible Athlete or is time to call a delay on that particular play?


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this audiobook.

LOL This book is a mix of confusion and hilariousness.  When the chapter starts with Connor wondering if he should propose to Hailey…oh yeah he has this convo with HAILEY.  It sends our girl into a freakout.

Hailey is worried about marrying Connor.  She fears it is too soon.  Slowly as this book happens, she realizes there is no reason why she should fear marriage to Connor.  He is her everything.

This book we see Connor is a bit distracted and we the readers can kinda figure out what is going on but we wonder how this will all play out.   The final chapters had me in stitches because Connor and Hailey are a riot.

I absolutely love this crew and especially Hailey and Connor.  They are my heart couple.  But I admit I am giving Gavin side eye much like Hailey.  Dang Connor so telling us…I mean Hailiey we can’t have his brother and him.  LOL

This novel is an absolute must for a fan of the series.  This made me so happy but I really want to see so many more books from the series.  Gavin needs love.  Abby needs love.  Dane even needs to get his butt kicked by love too.

Bria Quinlan is an award-nominated bestselling author of eight Romantic Comedies and YA Issue Books (that she swears are funny…really. They are.) Her books make you snort Diet Coke out your nose or tear up and curse her name.


#WOTR23 #RomCom #GrumpySunshine #Player #GirlNextDoor #Baseball #Ebook #Audio – The Catching Kind, The Brew Ha Ha book 4 by Brian Quinlan, narration by Brittany Goodwin

The Catching Kind (Brew Ha Ha #3) by [Bria Quinlan, Caitie Quinn]

Hailey Tate thought she was worth more than a straight flush.

Apparently not.

When camera-shy author Hailey Tate’s agent loses a bet and brokers a deal, it leaves Hailey in the last place she wants to be: backed into the corner of Publicity and Paparazzi. Now, thanks to her girl-next-door image and role as pretend girlfriend to a womanizing shortstop, she’s getting the attention she always managed to avoid.

Connor Ryan is not only America’s Sexiest Athlete, he’s also the current Bad Boy of Baseball. But when he goes a base too far, management wants to bench him…permanently. One thing he never counted on? Falling for his sweet, fake girlfriend. He’s the guy who can catch anything and now she’s next on his list

Goodreads –

Review by Twinsie Angie

I was given this audiobook by the author for an honest review.

STAHP!!  I can’t believe I am in love with this series.  This girl likes smut and all the naughty bits and yet, I can’t stop reading!!!!  I am 110% invested in this crazy crew of misfits.

As always, the narration by Brittany was amazing.  She does crazy woman well.  LOL Like I feel like her reactions are totally mine.

Hailey has been a quiet side character until this book,  I even massaged Bria with an idea on who her HEA was with based on what I was reading.  I was wrong and was a little crushed and then….I met Connor Ryan.

Connor is just meh when we meet him.  Total player and we hope he doesn’t touch us so we don’t get whatever STD he has at the time.  Yeah, guys he is nasty.  Hailey is non to thrilled to be near him and then she finds out she has to spend quality time being his fake girlfriend!  Poor Hailey.

This story is a great ride. We see them not stand each other and then come to an agreement to be friends.  Well once the pressure is off, we see feelings start to happen.  We see jealousy and confusion.  But we slowly see LOVE blooming.

I absolutely loved Haileys freak outs and her friend’s reactions. Well not so much Dane’s but yeah.  I just love that man whore.  LOL  He has some crazy ideas and I was laughing so hard I snorted.  But Connor and Hailey are my favorite couple.  They really get to know the real person and understand how the other works.  They realize they both have so much in common even with him being a ball player and her an author.    My favorite scene that made me SWOON so hard was Hailey’s boo release party…guys for real!!!  Connor is my favorite, and I can’t wait for the next book because it’s also Hailey and Connor!!

Bria Quinlan is an award-nominated bestselling author of eight Romantic Comedies and YA Issue Books (that she swears are funny…really. They are.) Her books make you snort Diet Coke out your nose or tear up and curse her name.


#WOTR23 #Audio #reread – Just Say Yes book 1 Indianapolis Eagles by Samantha Lind

Just Say Yes (Indianapolis Eagles Series #1)

What will it take for her to Just Say Yes?

Scott Taylor has the perfect life. He gets to fulfill his dream playing professional hockey, has a loving family, and a tight group of friends. But the one thing missing in his life is a partner to come home to. He knows exactly who he wants to fill that position– the only woman he has ever loved. The one who got away, who constantly consumes his every thought. What it would take to get her to Just Say Yes to a second chance?

Becca Phillips is an independent woman who has made her career as an ER nurse a priority in her life. She has a loving family and a best friend by her side, but she can’t seem to get over her first love, Scott. Insecurities led her to break up with him years ago when he started climbing the ranks in professional hockey and, for eight years, Becca has avoided Scott when he returns home each summer. Can she overcome her fears and allow love back into her life? All she has to do is Just Say Yes to the one and only man she has ever loved.


Audio Book

Kindle Book

Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased the audio book of this novel.

I love reading or listening to a “new to me” author. When I saw this author will be attending my favorite author event and she wrote about sports characters, I had to grab a book.

This is a great 2nd chance love story. Who doesn’t love a 2nd chance story???? I am a sucker for it for sure.

Becca and Scott were love at first sight kinda kids. But as life threw curves balls and Becca’s insecurity got the best of he,r she leaves the love of her life. Now 8 years later Becca realizes she is missing the man of her dreams. She decides to not avoid seeing Scott when he visits this summer. She is prayig he too will want to try and rekindle things.

Scott has it all. He has homes, money, and is important on his hockey team rocking the captain title. The one thing he doesn’t have is Becca. She is the one who got away. He is determined to get her back and make her see she is the right woman for him, and he is the right man for her.

The story is a sweet but sexy story of the two reconnecting and figuring out if they are the one for the other. I loved seeing Becca and Scott opening their eyes and making room in their heart for the other. I also love the side story of Becca and Scott’s best friends who too have seem to have found a love connection whether they want to admit it or not.

The story has some insta-love elements but since these two date for high school and college it is easy to see them slip back into their relationship routines. One of my favorite things about the characters are their abilities to want to best for the other half. Scott is out to show Becca how important she is and Becca is all about supporting Scott in his time of trial during his hockey season. They both really do compliment the other and their history is shown really well.

The audio voices in the book were amazing. I loved listening to the differing voices for Scott and Becca. I hope when the rest of the books are done, they continue with the two people because they did a great job bringing the characters to life for me.

Samantha Lind is a contemporary romance author. Having spent the first 27 years of her life in Alaska, she now calls Iowa home where she lives with her husband and two sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, watching hockey (Go Knights Go!), and listening to country music. You can connect with Samantha on her website,

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#NewRelease #BookPromo – The Act of Trusting (Braxton U Book 1) by Lexi Bissen

There was a sadness in her clear, gray eyes that I could see she tried to hide. A fight with her inner demons she didn’t want to show anyone…

Camden Collins
Life was going well for me. I was on the right track: captain of the soccer team, grades were passing, and I had the respect of my team. Girls threw themselves at me. It was every twenty-year-old’s dream.
Then I saw her…
One look at her, and it all changed. Something about her drew me in. A sense of protectiveness to guard this small, sad girl. In her eyes, I could see the fight she had within herself…and I wanted to be there for her. To protect her and be someone to lean on while she fought whatever it was. Nothing else seemed to matter but the dark-haired, beautiful girl I couldn’t stay away from.

Blaire Wentworth
I wasn’t the same girl I was four years ago. My life was stolen from me one night and I’d never have the chance to get old me back. Now I was just existing, not living. I went through the motions of my everyday routine, staying quiet and keeping to myself. Trusting and letting people in was a constant struggle.
Until he showed up…
I’d never seen someone like him before. Not once had I described a guy as beautiful, but that’s what he was. He struck something in me, and I didn’t know how to handle that. I was chasing nightmares no one knew about. Ones I kept to myself for a reason. Could I let this new person into my life that I had kept closed off from many for far too long? What if I let my guard down and he ended up destroying me?
And that became my greatest fear…

#NewRelease #Review #BookPromo – Hidden Scars (An MM Hockey Romance) by Andi Jaxon

Charles Preston Carmichael is the most infuriating man I’ve ever met.

I want to sock the golden boy of college hockey right in the mouth.

He enjoys telling me everything I’m messing up. Publicly.

And since he’s my roommate for the next year, I can’t avoid him.

Yet there’s something about him that makes me watch him.

Something dark.

A secret I want to uncover.

When he returns from a weekend away, broken and haunted, I can’t keep my distance anymore.

He needs someone and I’ll be damned if it’s not me.

Soon my life no longer revolves around hockey, but the nightmares he’s living with.

Desperately I want to save him but I can’t, not yet. The timing has to be just right.

Can I watch him destroy himself as he tries to hold tight to the things that matter or will I be the final hit in the destruction of his life?
Hidden scars is an MM enemies to lovers, hockey romance, with a jealous f*ck buddy, and plenty of heat.
Trigger warnings can be found on my website at

I thought Roman in Bully King was broken, haunted and outright mean. Boy was I ever wrong. Preston is worse. Much much worse. First, I just want to say that if you have triggers, PLEASE read this book with caution. I believe Andi has trigger warnings for this book on her website but I’m not 100% on that.

I can read anything and I don’t have triggers at all but the prologue to this book made even me feel very uncomfortable.

I’m a huge fan of Andi Jaxon’s MM books. I thought Bully King was my favourite and then this one came along and it’s definitely pushed BK out of the #1 spot for me.

This story is dark mixed with a sliver of light. It’s grumpy/sunshine and that’s not an exaggeration. Jeremy is the sunshine that Preston needs. Andi wrote Preston perfectly and what happens to him is beyond tragic. His dad needs to be shot and peed on.

As far as I know, this story is a standalone but there are some side characters that I would love to see stories for. A little MFM action could take place between a set of twins and a lady. Hint hint, Andi. Hint hint.

I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait for more from Andi. This story is the perfect amount of steam and plot. One doesn’t over rule the other either.

If you’re a fan of MM books, I highly recommend checking this one out!