InD’Tale Magazine EXCLUSIVE Articles – F. Paul Wilson: The Legendary Icon of Thrillers! and All About Audiobooks: A Year of InD’Ear Ann M. Richardson

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How does one describe a legend? Well, if it is F. Paul Wilson, it would be gracious, engaging and often humorous, with a dry wit that keeps you on your toes.  His story is inspiring. He is a family doctor who writes award-winning novels on the side, a professed science geek who finds interest and questions even in the most mundane (or far-fetched) places.

And, even with all the accolades and accomplishments he maintains a warm and down-to-earth kindness with anyone lucky enough to meet him!  Read on, and we think you will agree.

Read the entire interview in the September 2016 issue of InD’Tale magazine. HERE

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For over a year now, InD’ear has brought you detailed information all about audiobooks. We’ve covered why it’s important to include audiobooks in your marketing plans, explained the process of working with both ACX and boutique publishers, as well as letting you in on what it’s like to be an audiobook narrator.  The reason to revisit this column’s history is to build a little excitement for the first ever workshop on audiobooks to be presented at this year’s InD’scribe conference, October 6-9, at the Burbank Marriott Hotel in California. I will answer questions from authors, and want to stress that folks who read or listen are especially welcome!

Read the entire article in the September 2016 issue of InD’Tale magazine. Here 

Listen to the article HERE

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