#Review – Gunn (Bayou Springs Alien Mail Order Brides #2) by Kenzie Cox

Gunn (Bayou Springs Alien Mail Order Brides, #2; Intergalactic Dating Agency, #18)

Seeking Available Brides in Bayou Springs, Louisiana. Your last stop before blast off!

Tired of couch-potato humans and bad coffee dates? Sick of being single, but can’t find the right man? Before you cash it all in and relocate to another galaxy, let us help you find a man full of adventure, passion, and romance. Intergalactic Dating Agency—where the men are hot, sexy, and ready to make you feel out of this world.




I received this book from the author for an honest review.

AHH Another nice and yummy read for me!!  This is a fast, quick but fun read for anyone who likes a little alien love.

Gunn was a lot of fun to read in his brother’s book so I was excited to finally get his story.  He had his heart broken 8 years ago and lost his fist love.   He is kicking himself over letting her go without a fight but at the same time is too much a coward to go and get her.  Now 8 years later it’s too late.  When Kennedy strolls back into the family bar, all bets are off.  He is dying to find out why she broke his heart and what happened.

Kennedy is still in love with Gunn and has regretted what she did but she needed to do it.  When her life is in danger, she must hide out back at home. However, the going home reunion party was harsh to say the least but when we find out the whys and what they must do together, it makes the action of the story start to flow.

I love these stories because they never disappoint.

Kenzie Cox is the pen name of New York Times bestselling author Deanna Chase.

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