#DoubleReview #ReleaseDay #BDSM – Under His Protection (Brie’s Submission Book 14) by Red Phoenix @redphoenix69

Under His Protection (Brie's Submission Book 14)

Misunderstood Hero
Faelan is a passionate Master with a hidden past that holds him hostage.

Having his heart recently broken, he accepts the challenge of keeping Brie safe and vows to protect her by

But when a curvy little sub catches his eye at the Haven, he is forced to choose loyalty over love.

His allegiance lies with his friends at The Center, and the time has come to prepare their rescue of Rytsar Durov—one of their own.

“I have selected a rather self-indulgent request tonight. You see, there is a sub in the audience I’ve had my eye on for a while. Tonight, I will be playing out her fantasy…”

He pulled out the note and read it, making a few changes in the wording. “This sub would like to be tied up so she is completely vulnerable to my favorite instruments.” He saw Kylie perk up. Staring directly at her, he continued, “She also stated ‘I want to know his Dominant touch and not be able to do anything about it.”

Kylie stared at him with a stunned expression as the other subs in the crowd looked at her with envy.

“Would you step forward and join me?” Faelan asked, holding out his hand to her.

Kylie’s eyes widened, but she didn’t make a move.

Faelan cocked his head and smiled, waiting patiently.

Kylie approached him, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. He kept his gaze on her, making sure they didn’t lose eye contact. When she was close enough, he took her hand to pull her to him.

The moment their skin touched she audibly gasped.

Leaning in, he asked in a low whisper, “Do you really want to scene with me tonight or should I let you go?”


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I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Lawd this book!  I mean I flipping had tears!!  GAH!!!

This book we get the back story on everything that Mary *GROWL* and Faelan went through during their relationship from the moment of Brie and Sir’s collaring to their own collaring.  We see Faelan trying to break through to Mary but in the end Mary ruined any chance of happiness.  Gosh did I feel bad for Todd.  I never thought I would feel for him.  I mean he was such an issue for Brie and Sir initially and so hurtful but as we see him grow and mature into the Dom we know he can be…yeah my heart aches for him.

Once we relive the old relationship we jump right back in to Rytsar protecting Brie from Lilly.  Faelan becomes the person who will carry out the plans because as we know, Rytsar is gone.  We see so much of Brie and Faelan this book and their bond is full of trust and mutual respect.  Faelan knows that Brie is where and with whom she was destined for but his heart is closed off to love after losing her and Mary.

When Marquise Grey takes Faelan in he helps his realize that his past is holding him back.  But when a curvy sub at the Haven catches his eye, everything starts to click for him and he realizes that he must face his past….omg that last chapter………..shivers!

As the book is ending, our favorite cast of Masters and Mistresses are sent on a rescue mission to find and save our long-lost friend before tine runs out.

As per any of the books in the series, we get to reconnect with our old favorites and continue to see them all thrive and grow as a family.  I love the heart that Red brings to the story.  She has the ability to make us think about what makes us really happy and to go grab life by the gusto.

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

WOW the emotions I went through in this book. To see how much Faelan has matured and grown over the years is heartwarming.  This is Faelan’s story and why he is the man he became.

The beginning of this starts dark and had me nervous what was going to happen. This takes us back to when Faelan was recovering from surgery. We get to see Faelan and Mary’s relationship. Like some relationships we get the good, bad and ugly. Faelan has grown no longer thinking of himself he shows loyalty dedication and love toward his family and friends. The way the Training Center dominant come together no questions asked when one of their own needs help is amazing.

Between the needle play, flogging scene, and knife play the Doms know who to satisfy the subbies. One of my favorite scenes was Mary and Faelans date and the gift he gave her being a fan of this movie myself I would have loved to receive this gift. The composure Faelan has when it comes to Mary’s wrath is incredible. He is so calm and patient even when she is being a cruel raving lunatic. My heart brock so many times for Faelan from his past that haunts him to his relationships.

It was great seeing everyone in this one but holy moly what a way to end a book. The last chapter was heart stopping and shocking. However my Rytsar is next and I cannot wait for his book but I have a feeling it will be full of angst and heartache.

A few of my favorites:

“Don’t you dare put me on a pedestal. I promise it will come crashing down on you.” “Mary, I see your flaws and…I get them. You don’t need to hide anything from me. I accept and love you for who you are.”

The smallest one in the group piped up. “So does that mean you’re her prince?” Mary took over. “He’s actually a big fluffy wolf, but was turned into a man to protect me.” The little girl walked up to Faelan and started petting him. “Nice puppy.”….“Mommy, he’s not a prince, he’s a dog.” “Wolf, actually,” Mary chimed in.

“Yes. When I love someone, I love them completely.” She traced her finger over his lips. “You aren’t like all the other boys, are you?” “No. My loyalty is fierce.” He grinned when he added, “Like a wolf.”

“Your love suffocates me.” “Only because it’s real and you can’t handle it.”

She had everything going for her, the looks, the smarts, the talent, and the drive. But she lacked one critical element. She didn’t believe her own worth, and no amount of love from him would ever change that.

Heck, the two of them had been extremely compatible sexually as Dom/sub; he just hadn’t realized it took more than that to keep her as a sub. It had been a hard, but valuable lesson.

“Damn. It takes just one turtle to ruin an experience of a lifetime.”

Red Phoenix has received numerous awards for her original BDSM romances. When she’s not writing, you can find her online interacting with fans. “I heart my fans!” ~Red


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