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Safe Haven

Love has no limits…

At eighteen, I suffered a heartbreaking loss and began exploring my submissive side to escape the pain with kinky pleasure.

A chance meeting sets me on an exciting new path as a student of the Submissive Training Center. There I find Captain, a distinguished Dom I’ve totally fallen for—my safe haven.

But I have a problem.
Captain won’t collar me.


People know me as Captain.

I’ve accepted my title as a war hero, but I’m still overwhelmed by guilt…until I meet her. Candy is like no other submissive I’ve ever met. In her eyes, I see the man I used to be.

She is everything I want, but I can never be what her young heart needs.

Therefore, I must protect her—at all costs.

*A sexy tale about the saving power of love from USA Today Bestselling Author Red Phoenix


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

GAH!!!  Candy and Captain’s Books!!  Seriously these two and their dynamic has me wondering how they came to be.  I mean YES their age difference was a big question for me but knowing them I knew there was a definitely underlying love so to see the beginning = melted heart!!

SO I absolutely love how this story is told.  We are seeing both Captain and Candy’s lives that lead them to the night of Candy’s auction.  We see the struggles and situations that make them who they are today.  We see the pain in loving someone and the pain in being hurt by love.   We SEE what makes them the perfect fit.

Candy is everything Captain needs.  She is the youthful and a carefree soul to help heal his battered mind, Body, and soul.  Captain is the perfect nurturer for Candy.  He is the person who will guide her heart and teach her to trust in herself again.

Seriously I could not put this book down.  I DEVOURED it in the quickest time.  I was so enthralled in THEM.  I was so dedicated to finding out how they came to be and what shaped them to be the people they are today.

I loved the Candy/Captain dynamic when I was reading about them in the main story. Their side characters were amazing for other characters in the story IE Mary.  But to get a book….scratch that….2 books all geared to them…..GAH!!  I am so excited!!!

I received this book for an honest review.

Oh my it’s Candy and Captain and the dynamic between these two was the amazing. Candy knows immediately that Captain is the one for her but Captain keeps pushing her away because of their age and he feels he is not good enough for her.

I enjoyed reading Captains back story even thought he went through so much it made him the mad he is. To see the soft sweet protective side he had even at a young age. He cared and held his mom and brother so close to his heart and through it all they were always there. I hope more of his past comes out in the second book.

When reading Candy’s story it had me choking up and then to find out about how she got her name. Then to see what she endured before meeting Brie broke my heart. When Candy falls she knows immediately and falls so hard.

I could not set this down even though I was at a convention and my BFF kept giving me a hard time for reading. I am so ready to see what is in store for us in the next book. Candy and Captain have stole my heart.

A few of my favorites.

“I must be dreaming. A handsome man in uniform is asking me to leave work on a date? Pinch me now.”

It seems I will never know the love of family or a good woman. The only people I can trust are my own men—they are my family now.

“What color for the collar?” “Pink. I’ll also need a gold chain leash with a black leather handle.” “Not pink to match the collar?” I chuckle. “The collar is for her to wear. The leash is for me to use—so, no pink.”

USA Today Bestselling Author

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“I believe, based on personal experience, that love conquers all. It is a running theme in all of my writing. ” ~Red


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