#WOTR19 – #Review – Uppercase (The F*cked Series Book 1) by R.K. Gleason


Uppercase (The F*cked Series Book 1)


There have been countless theories about how to survive a zombie outbreak. All of them based on impossibilities and conjecture turned into fantasies and science fiction. No one truly needed to prepare themselves, because no one believed it could ever really happen…

But now, Dave and Pam Richter are trapped in the impossible.

Forced to race against the spread of a rabid plague from a source no one suspected, and those ordered to contain and destroy it.

Playing dead has taken on a chilling new meaning.




If you are tired of the same old zombie apoc story then this is the book for you!  Soooooo much better! R.K. Gleason is a newer author for me but I am hooked. He has a way with dropping the F Bomb a lot, using a bunch of hilarious banter in a story, adding a ton of gore…AND IT WORKS!!!! And when I seen this book….well I dove in head first! What do you do when you get in an UPPERCASE situation? Well the world as we know it is going to hell in a handbasket. By chapter two I was laughing so hard at the banter between Dave and Pam. These are the two main characters and we get to know them pretty well at the beginning. They are a freaking riot! There is an outbreak and everyone is trying to get a grasp on what is going on. Dave decides they need to get the hell out of dodge and he and Pam start gathering their adult kids so that they can get out of the state before the military comes in and closes them off. We know how we all are these days with technology and how easily we can get swayed from the bigger picture. But the way Dave and Pam get everyone together just works. We get to follow them on their trek and the craziness that gets in their way. This does end in a cliffhanger but rest assured….there will be more!!!! I am anxiously awaiting the next in this series. UPPERCASE is a fast read that you will not put down. YOU NEED TO READ THIS NOW!!!!




R.K. Gleason

I was born high in the Andes and raised by a band of wandering gypsies. At the ripe old age of 7, I struck out on my own, dabbling in the arts of alchemy and personal financing. Neither of the trades paid off. At 13 I became the personal juggler for Stephen King, but alas, that didn’t last long either. Since then, I’ve wandered aimlessly through life and this planet, stopping along the way to help people and smite the wicked.

A little while ago I decided to try my hand at writing. I published The True Death series independently for The True Death and The Vengeful Death but was recently picked up and published by Love N Books.

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