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A glance. A touch. A word. And then it begins…

When an alpha falls in love, it’s not just about the fire. It’s the spark. The moment he’s pushed to his limits by the person who will transform his life and his heart forever. He just doesn’t know it yet…

The push. The pull. The possibilities…

The hottest heroes. Their greatest challenge. Nothing they’ve ever conquered will equal the ultimate quest of all–or the excitement of that journey. Nobody knows this better than twelve of your favorite romance fiction stars, bringing you their ultimate alpha males in short stories meant to make you smile, swoon, and celebrate the best part about falling in love…

The seduction.

Once Upon An Alpha along with 4 Paws for Ability, and these several bestselling authors, bring you this page turning, limited edition, anthology that’s sure to keep you up well past your bed time and craving your own Alpha of Seduction.

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 I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader’s Copy of this book

Do you wanna read some hot stories with the money going to a great charity ?  If so, buckle up baby because it going a be a bumpy ride, they are Alphas after all.

Now, these are all pretty short novellas, but they do pack a punch.  While some of these author are some of my favorites, some were brand spanking new to me and maybe they have a new fan.

Theardbare by Victoria Blue

Who doesn’t loves second chance romances; I mean come on you get reunited with your one true love, it’s awesome.

Jane is back at her childhood home for her father’s funeral.  Her parents were her foster parents and decided to adopt her.  Her mother was controlling and overbearing and she marred her perfect husband just to get away from her and because he was just the type of man her mother approved of.

Daniel was a boy that her parents fostered, they fell in love and her parents ruined that and made him leave.

This was a lovely second chance story. I wanted to smack Jane upside her head and say “Get with the program!”  Luckily she has some awesome friends in her corner.

Always and Forever by M. Clarke

Maxwell Knight has taken over the CEO position at his father’s company Knight Fashion.  Crystal is a new hire in customer relations at the company.  On Max’s first day they literally run into each other in the hall.

Let me just say where this story started was NOT where I thought it was going to end. I love when you think you.  Know what’s going to happen and the author totally flips the script on you. 

Little Tease by Avery Flynn

Cyn had been in love with her brother’s best friend for years and she’s only been going through the motions in her relationships because she knew she was never gonna get him.  Hunter was everything she wasn’t, smart, successful, and uptight.  

Cyn is by no means dumb, she just lives down to everyone’s expectations of her.  Hunter knows that Cyn is off limits, not only is she is best friend’s little sister the girl is a hot mess.

One midnight boat ride and a storm changes everything for the pair.  

I always love little sister/brother’s bff romances, they are so much fun!! The danger of what will happen when the brother finds out, how long can feelings be fought???!!!! Sometimes hot messes are the best kind of messes and being uptight is nearly as bad as you think.

Lost Seduction by Anissa Garcia

What’s a woman to do when her boyfriend leaves her because she hasn’t given up her V-card yet?  Why hire someone to take it and be drunk when said person arrives!!! Lol

Emerie is helping is friend Lily at a HR retreat and the man she invited into her hotel room to get her card punch, that she thought she hired, she finds out is her bestie’s boss and not  a hired professional.

Sebastian is taken with Emerie and has been since he saw a picture of her in Lily’s office.  This was such a funny a cute little story.  Emerie and Sebastian, after all the funny and v-card nonsense are very much two people who belong together.

Seducing Sophia by Jenna Jacob

Ok, this was one story I was sooooo looking forward to just because Jacob is one of my favorite Authors and has one of my alt time favorite series so reading her was like welcoming a old friend.

In this novella Jacob introduces to a whole new group of characters by way of a pit stop at my favorite place Club Genesis.

Licks of Leather is a chart topping rock group and Sophia is their assistant on this tour.  Burk Jennings is the lead singer of the man and a total man whore. Sophia knows if he ever turned his powers of Seduction on her she would have a heck of a time turning him down, but she’s not a blonde or skinny so she’s not his type.

Man oh man!!!!!!! New friends, old friends, people trying to keep their true desires hidden Jacob brings it all in this little novella. Oh, OH, OH, and she’s introduced us to her new series!!!!!!  It’s a tasty little amuse bouche and I can’t wait for a full meal of these rockers.

Just a Little Mischief by Isabella LaPearl

Brian is a hard man, a professional soldier that has returned to a home that never really cared about him because he was the second son. He’s a man so hard he doesn’t do softness or relationships that he doesn’t pay for.  

Georgia is the oldest of triplets, she’s the responsible one, the less adventurous of the three.

I really hope that we get more of Georgia and Brian down the road!!  Talk about your cliff hangers, man meets girl in a bar, girl gives him someone else’s name, she sneaks out on him after a night of hotness including giving up her V-card, then sneaks out on him while he’’s asleep!!!!

This was awesome!!!!

Picked Up by Mickey Miller

Dagny is having a rough week( it’s only Tuesday) and decides she need a drink so she heads to a bar since she doesn’t have to race home to her daughter.

While she’s there she meets Sam, a handsome man in a suit that looks like he’d be trouble.  They start talking and telling each other about their ex’s.

Everyone needs a little human kindness and if that kindness comes in a hot suited up package even better.  They decide to spend one night together since he will be going back home tomorrow and she has to get back to her daughter.  

Another tricky ending story!!! I loved it!! I definitely will be picking more up from this author.

The Secret Note by Lauren Rowe

Let’s face it crossing a Hemsworth off my to be done list is never gonna happen  however, I can live vicariously through our next heroine Kaylee.

Kaylee is out camping with her college age brother and his school friends, one who is a student from Australia, giving him a secret note she invites Ben into her tent for the night.

Kaylee is the Alpha in this story, not only is she secretly inviting a dude into her tent; he’s Australian, younger that her, and a virgin!!!  

Poor boy gets his mind BLOWN!!!!

7 Yrs later Kaylee gets her mind blown when Ben calls her up and wants to see her!!!

OMG!! This story could totally be a movie and if Chris Hemsworth was in it I’d pay to go see it!!  

Hard As Stone by K.M. Scott

Ethan Stone is the only son of worldwide hotel owner Tristen Stone and artist Nina Stone.  Although he doesn’t work for his father’s company he is expected to fall in line and find a “normal” girl to settle down with instead of bed hopping with the models he photographs.

Summer works for Belle Magazine and is “normal” in every since of the word.  When Ethan meets Summer on a photo shoot he knows he’s found the girl to get his family off his back for a while.

Why is it that men who think they can use a girl to trick his family never realize that it always backfires on them and they end up falling for said girl.  Men really can be silly when it comes to matters of the heart.

Red and White by Sierra Simone

OMG!!!  This one is hot from the get go!!!  Two lovely ladies, Scarlett and Snow, get away for Winter Break.  They two have been slowly coming together through out the semester and now is time for something to happen.

When a big bear looking man comes booming and passing out on them in their cabin, in the middle of a snow storm what can the girls do but help him out.

Liam is the bearded brooding man of every girl’s dream and when he wake up to find himself in a cabin with not one, but two visions of loveliness he can’t believe he’s not dreaming.

Talk about your hot stories, this one might very well be the hottest of the Anthology.  I mean you can’t help but be hot with a threesome!! Think I found another new author, lol!!!

Authors Contributing to Alphas of Seduction:

Victoria Blue – Threadbare

Author Mary Ting/M. Clarke – Always and Forever

Avery Flynn – Little Tease

Anissa Garcia – Lost Seduction

Jenna Jacob – Seducing Sophia

Isabella LaPearl – Just A Little Mischief

Mickey Miller – Picked Up

Lauren Rowe – The Secret Note

KM Scott – Hard As Stone

Sierra Simone – Red and White

For more information about this nonprofit organization: http://4pawsforability.org/

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