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Villanelle has spent the last ten years on Broadway struggling to catch her big break. When she runs into her college roommate, Audrey–One of New York’s most talked about socialites, Villanelle is offered a unique way to put her acting skills to the test and make more money than she could dream of on stage.

The friends devise a scheme for Villanelle to seduce Audrey’s no-good husband in order to nullify their prenup. When the plan goes off without a hitch, Villanelle finds herself caught up in a jet-setting lifestyle helping rich women all over the country divorce their cheating husbands.

When her newest assignment takes Villanelle back to her hometown, she discovers the man she’s been hired to seduce is her high school sweetheart, Sawyer. Will Villanelle be able to complete her mission without exposing herself, and the women who’ve hired her, as a homewrecker for hire?

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Villanelle had a pretty good life going for her she was on broadway with her best friend and her hookup. One thing Villanelle didnt do was relationships she didnt want a boyfriend, husband or kids just a good lay was that too much to ask? The night before the opening night of show she went out with her friends and ran into her former Juilliard roommate Audrey that she has bad blood with because she slept with her boyfriend. Well Audrey had a deal to cut with Villanelle which was sleep her her husband and get proof that he cheated so she can get out of their prenup and get 300,000 well in this case money walks. After 2 years of conducting a business of seducing other woman’s husbands, Audrey got V a job that was a major score that was offering V 5 million dollars. Little did V know it would take her back to her hometown and back into her past that she tried to forget. Is for better or worse and sickness and health really til death do you part when you have the money to hire someone to cheat with your spouse for you and get the proof you need to screw them over?This book was so good there are a few twist and turns that keep you on your toes and feeling for the characters.

Review by Twinsie Dee

Krystle Able grew up and still lives in Central Illinois with her husband, three children and dog. Krystle knew she wanted to be a writer when she won a book making contest in summer daycare when she was 9 years old. After 10+ years in retail management, Krystle took the plunge into writing full time in 2015 and also works as a freelance web content writer.

Krystle enjoys being a multi-genre author with releases planned in the romance, thriller, contemporary fiction, and paranormal genres.

Always a reader first, Krystle’s favorite hobbies include supporting and cultivating relationships in the indie publishing and small press publishing world, and talking about literature. She is currently finishing her BA in English Literature at University of Illinois Springfield.

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