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Krystle Able

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

Krystle Able.
I’m a multi-genre author who lives in Bloomington Illinois.
This signing is near and dear to my heart because it benefits the SPICE program of Marcfirst. We were able to receive speech therapy, developmental therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, for our son who has level 3 autism through the SPICE program beginning when he was 12 months old. We would be completely lost without the early intervention program and SPICE.

Where is your favorite place to write and what food must be present?

I like to write at home in my office. There’s not a food I need present, but I do need caffeine. I love iced tea (unsweet), green tea, and coffee in any form.

What are you favorite things about attending signings?

Meeting readers and authors. I fan girl so hard over so many authors, it’s still unbelievable to me that I am attending signings with some of the people I look up to most!

What author would you love to meet (Who is your unicorn author)?

Tarryn Fisher, Colleen Hoover, Caroline Kepnes. I can’t pick just one.

What author would you love to write with?

I’m currently co-writing with RL Weeks and have a co-write planned with Yolanda Allard for 2021, both in the paranormal and fantasy genres that I am super excited about.

What is your favorite memory so far as an author?

Attending Writers on the River as a signing author for the first time

What are your social links?

instagram @krystleable

What are your buy links? (You can list individual or links to your Amazon/ibooks/Koko/etc Author Home Page.)


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